Salvation (An Arranged Marriage ll) - Episode 40

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"Should we get your hair cut?" I ask him, stroking my hand through his hair as he settles his head on my lap, his eyes on the TV.

He's shirtless and wearing just a jean that is slung so low in his hip that I can see the vee below his waist.

"Humm?" He hums distractedly.

"You hair, should we get it cut?" I ask.

I know he started growing out his hair because he didn't care to cut it at thsy time we were estranged.

It's not as if it isn't fine, it is, it makes him look sexy as hell and I love holding on to it everytime we make love but I recently begin to feel as if it bothers him.

Recently he pulls at the end and is annoyed whenever it gets into his eyes.

"I thought you liked it this way" He says, stretching his hand towards the popcorn bowl beside him, grabbing some kernels and holding it up to my mouth before eating some himself. 

"I do, it's just.. You look too s*xy for your own damn good" I say, bending and kissing his head.

This is a feat, seeing as my three month old pregnant belly is making itself known by being unnaturally large for it's age.

"You telling me to cut off my hair because my s*xiness affects you?" He asks incredulously, his head turning to look at me. 

"Something like that" He snorts before going back to his movie.

"I'm serious, you don't know the amount of fight I have with myself everyday" I say and he turns to me fully, lifting himself off my lap and turning to look at me.

"What fight do you have with yourself?"

"Uh. For one, the doctor has placed a ban on all s*xual activity between us, I have to hold back myself from literally jumping on you and ravishing you everytime you brush your hair back looking like a s*xy beast" I say and he snorts.

"You lustful woman" He says and I sigh, I admit I'm indeed lustful.

Have you met my husband? How am I to keep my hands to myself when he looks like a god?

"It's frustrating you know" I say, sincerely this time.

"What is?" He asks, pulling me into his arms, my back to his chest, his hands around my middle resting on my stomach he kisses my shoulder

"The fact that I can't have my wicked way with you the way I like anymore" I say and he bends, placing a kiss on that place below my ear, my eyes fall close.


"It's just for a while baby, you will be back to your way in a while" He says and I sigh, falling deeper into his body.

His nose move on the shell of my ear, kissing it and then nipping lightly on it.

My eyes blink open when I feel a familiar hardness at my back.

"Caspian.." I begin..

"The doctor never said no s*xual activities Ani, he said no s*x" He says and I frown.

My brain is muddled, his lips are doing something to my neck and I can't remember how we got to this position.

"I'm sorry..."

That breaks through my haze.

"You are?"



"For not noticing that my s*xiness is a temptation to you" He says and I roll my eyes.

For all the arrogant things in this world.

"Shut up".

"But...It isn't only you Ani, you don't know how much, how frustrating it is to see your body going through all these changes and not being able to do anything about it, nor being able to explore the things that now makes you tick, the things I have to do to get you to mo*n my name or come on my tongue, it's frustrating when ever I want to wake you up at the early hours of the morning with my body on yours but suddenly remembering that I can't ".

Oh, so it wasn't only hard for me. 

" Why didn't you say anything? "

" Your wellbeing is more important than my body's need "

" Actually no, your wellbeing is a priority to me too "I say and he nods.

" So babe..., what do you want first? My hands or my mouth? "When he says things like this, things so blatant, with no sugarcoating or beating about it reminds me of the first time we met, it's hard to blush about it.. Not when my body responds and needs what he is suggesting.

How did we get from me manipulating him into cutting his hair to this point?


"Can I get both?" I ask in a mild, slightly trembling voice.

He nips again on my shoulder before maneuvering me and laying me atop the bed.

He doesn't take off the sundress I'm wearing, neither does he take off any of his own clothes.

He looks expectant, pensive, like he has to begin what he has to do now and taking off clothes will be too much of an inconvenience.

I tap on his shoulder before he goes any further and his head lifts.

"Let me take care of you when you finish taking care of me" I say, expecting him to shut me down, he shakes his head, kissing the inside of my thigh.

"It's only fair Anadia" He says and I smile, the first brush of his tongue is heaven.

That is hands down the sexiest thing I've ever seen.

"Kiss " I say, my voice low, my body lethargic.

He sits up, bringing his lips to mine, slowly kissing me.

I let him pull me into his arms and later when he's done kissing me I repay the favor with one of mine and I did it so spectacularly well because he says so.




I decided to write a scene about the struggles they must have been going through keeping their hands to themselves because I'm sure they are going through it.

It can't all be roses and chocolates.

So I hope you enjoyed this episode.

It never gets easier writing a bed scene, most times I delete and begin and delete and begin.

But I hope I did well.

Sorry if it's offend some sensitive people, and I'm sorry I did not apologize in those previous bed scenes but I'm not that sorry lol.

So, we are in November, guess who's birthday is in November? You are correct, me. It's on Wednesday, wish me well.

Thank you for reading.

I love you.


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