Salvation (An Arranged Marriage ll) - Episode 42

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I dab at the cut on  his lip, flinching on his behalf when he refuses to make an expression.

I feel like sobbing but it could also be the hormones.

"Why did you have to do that?"

"Not now Anadia"

"We will talk about it now Kane, Maurice is a fine man, why would you fight with him? Over Linda.. I'm sure Linda knows she can make her own choices"

"Linda does not have to be fucking my driver Anadia"

"Don't be crude Caspian..
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. And I know you aren't that shallow to think about stuff like social standing and shit" I say, throwing the bloodied cotton wool on the counter beside me.

"Not now Anadia..." He says, beginning to rise from his seat, I put pressure on his shoulder and he seats back down.

"Woman... Listen... I. Know what you did, it's not cool.. Keeping things from me, how would you feel if I kept shit from you? I make decisions on my family's behalf and they are always right" 

"No.. Not all of them" I say quietly and his eyes slides to me and I know we are both thinking the same thing. 

How he kept things from me in the beginning of our relationship. 



"Linda's not a child and coming to blows with her lover is petty and childish" 


Read " The God And His Bride " by the same author ( Bebe Ernest )

. Tell him that" a voice says from behind me and Caspian's eyes leave mine to hold his sisters. 


"Let me talk" She says..

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. Her voice quiet as ice. 

Kane gently pulls me away from his view, his back rising ever so slowly and I know deep down that whatever is about to go down is going to be ugly. 

"Kane.. For so long, I've been your little sister, since I could remember, when mum passed I was left with you, when dad left, I was left wit you, never once have I regretted having you as my brother until today" Kane's eyes flash. 


"You will let me speak.." She interrupts.. 

"How dare you?" She asks and I blink at the venom in her voice. 

"How dare you think to make decisions for me? Who do you think you are? What gives you that right? I am a grown woman with a network that could buy a country, when you up and left after Cabe died I took care of myself.. You were not fucking there so how dare you try to treat me like a child? Telling me who to be and not to be with? "

" Linda... " Kane starts again and ta clear he's at the end of his rope. 

" Think wisely Kane.. The next set of words you will utter will determine if I continue to respect you as my brother or if I finally decide that I am one brother short, again "

I tug on Kane's shirt...silently urging him to make this right, he can't let Linda go. 


" You will break up whatever you have going on with.. Him"Kane says and my heart breaks instantly because I know that was the wrong thing to say. 


Linda laughs but there's no mirth in the sound. 

" Yeah, I thought so... "She turns to me. 

" It's a shame I won't be here to see you give birth to my niece or nephew.. A real shame ". 

" please Linda...We can talk about this.. "

" Never mind that Ani " she says, turning away

" If you leave.. Do not bother coming back" Kane says..

"You don't have to tell me twice, I know where I belong" She says before exiting the room 

I turn eyes to Kane but his are vacant and I know he's far gone from the room. 

"Please Kane fix this" I whisper buy there's no response. 

A car starts somewhere and I know it's Linda and Maurice leaving. 

She's not even taking any of her things 

A sound comes from the door and Cash is there, leaning against it. 

"Where you just standing there?" I ask incredulously. 

"Was I supposed to contribute?" He asks.

"Don't tell me you agree to this madness too" 

He does not respond but his eyes shift to Kane. 

"You could have handled that better, you are not blind, you knew this was gonna happen sooner or later, you were aware" 

"I did not see you doing anything to stop her or to help me either" 

"Maybe because you are her big brother and I expect you to fix things" 

"Well, I'm tired of fixing things Cash, maybe you should try to fix things sometimes, yeah?" He says before standing up and bounding pass me. 

"Come to bed when you are done Ani" He throws out and I wince. 

This is not good, this is not good at all. 









Hello, Again. 

Okay I might be stalling (insert nervous laugh) 

I'm sorry. 

I'm sorry a million times. 

Do you need an explanation? Should I make my excuses? 

Okay I will. 

I've been busy. 

God have I been busy, I didn't even have time for myself. 

To make things worse my wiring app deleted all my pre edited files, it was frustrating! 

The thought of writing all those chapters over again made me so mad and I gave up. 

I seriously had thoughts if never updating again. 

I'm really sorry again 

That I took a long break with no explanation. 

I git your messages, I could not reply cos I felt guilty but they found a place in my heart and helped. 

You do not know how much a nice word helps sometimes and how much a careless word hurts. 

I got some of those careless words alot but I'm all good now, I had a thought of posting an update and saying I'm never writing on here again because those careless words gave me a serious case of writers block but I'm glad the kind words were there to help me heal. 

You all are awesome and I hope this year brings you joy and light. 

Please forgive me once again. 

Always and forever your Bebe. 

N-Power 2020 Registration (Batch C) - How you can apply

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