Salvation (An Arranged Marriage ll) - Episode 41

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I roll over in bed, knowing fully well I should try to be quiet but my back is hurting and I'm three months and two weeks pregnant and it's two in the morning.

Screw quiet (The no cursing thing isn't going well)

"What is it?" His sleepy voice asks as his eyes open

"My back hurts" He sits up, we sleep with the light on so it isn't hard for him to see me and my distressed face. 

"Need me to massage it?" 

"No" I say grouchily. 

"Need me to do anything?" 

"Just leave me alone" I say, I don't know what is wrong with me but I know I'm angry and I want to sleep and I also don't want to be angry at him. 

"See that you need some Ice cream babe" He says and I pout, he knows me well. 

"I'm just so tired of being tired all the time Kane" 

"I love you baby, for helping bring my baby to the world and I'm sorry he's making you go through all this" He says, kissing my stomach. 

OK, that was too sweet. 

"My stomach is just getting bigger and its getting harder to walk straight" 

"Need me to carry you down stairs to get that ice-cream?" 

"You can't, I'm fat now" I wail, where that came from I have no idea. 

"You are far from fat baby, and I'm very capable of carrying you" 

"Does that mean you agree that I'm fat now?" 

"I just said you aren't fat baby" 

"Are you sure? My ass is bigger" 

"I love the fact that your ass is bigger babe, trust me." 

"My bo*bs too and my leg and my hands and my stomach and my face... I look like a whale!" I wail again,suddenly very sure I look like a whale. 

"Come on, let's get that ice cream in you first" He says and I know that if he could have rolled his eyes he would. 

He picks me up effortlessly which goes a long way to easing my mind but it could also be the fact that Kane is naturally strong which makes me go back to thinking I look like a whale! 

I'm still smarting when we get down stairs, he sets me on my feet and I lean against him. 

"I take offence to you calling my wife a whale Ani, she's the most beautiful woman I've met and I love her, pregnancy suits you very well baby, if you don't believe that then I'm sure my body's reaction will convince you" He says and I don't even have to ask what he means because I know and I feel it against me. 

He kisses me thoroughly before turning me around towards the kitchen, I lead us there and as soon as I open the door I instantly regret telling him I needed ice-cream 

Because before me, sitting on the counter top is Linda and between her leg is Maurice, he's kissing her and her legs are wrapped around his torso. 

It's a clinch and it's beautiful, it's obvious Maurice cares about her from the way his one of his hand is cradling her head and the other one is resting atop her one of her boob. 

This is a lovers clinch and its no business of mine and Kane's seeing it, they aren't even aware we are entered. 

Now I've got to take Kane out before he sees, I turn around pushing at his chest and he frowns. 

"What is it?" He asks when is successfully push him back. 


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. I... I don't need ice-cream anymore I need.. Uh..." I stop when a masculine chuckle comes from the other room followed by a feminine grumble. 

It sounded like Maurice saying something about her liking his ass as much as he likes hers and her refuting it.. 

I heard it, Kane must have too. 

His eyes darkens and they lift to the door. 


"Out of my way Anadia" 

"Let's just go back to the room" I begin... 

Curse my need for babying this night. 

He gently maneuvers his body around mine before opening the door, the voices stops and I hear Linda give a low curse. 

"What the fuck Linda?" 

"Kane.. I. Can explain.." 

"What the f*ck? My staff?" He asks and it's looking like he's about to blow. 

"Kane... Man..." Maurice starts. 

"Not a word from you" Kane says and I wince, that was rude. 

 "Don't talk to him that way" Linda says and I know that's not going to help issues 

"Kane... Baby..

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. Let's just go upstairs.." 

"How long has this been going on?" When no reply comes he turns to me, fury in his eyes. 

"You knew.. Anadia.. You f*cking knew about this.." 

"Kane... Please calm down" That seems to piss him off because he gives a loud curse and turns to Linda.. 

"Go to your room" He orders. 

"No" Linda replies. 

"So help me God Linda, I'm at the end of my rope, you will go to your f*cking room!" 

"I won't! You are not the boss of me! I am a grown woman" Kane takes a step forward and Maurice does thing were he shoves Linda behind him and faces off with Kane. 

Uh oh. 

Kane's face darkens. 

"Cool off man" Maurice says, every bit as macho as Kane. 

"You enter my house and set eyes on my sister?" Kane asks with deathly calm. 


"I told you, I told you not to f*cking do that" He continues with the same calm. 

"Let's go out and talk, you and me, man to man" 

"That's not gonna happen" Kane says. 

"I want to do this the right way for Linda man, so last chance, let's go out and talk" 

And I know he should.. He should listen to what Maurice has to say but it's obvious he doesn't believe the same thing because his voice replies. 

"Not happening" Kane says and Maurice nods. 

"Your loss man, see me and your sister, we are close, we are more than close, we are engaged that's what we are, I wanted to do this the right way and get your blessing because you are a good man and I respect you but f*ck that, you acting like an as*hole is not going to fly. 

Uh. Oh. 

"What. Did. You. Say.?" 

"As*hole man, you are acting like an as*hole, scaring your wife, scaring my girl, not good" 

Kane takes a step forward and I make a little noise in my throat. 

I don't know who throws the first punch but I know fighting ensues. 

Uh. Oh. 



Thank you for reading. 

I've never given birth so I don't know how pregnant women feel but I do know that feeling of bloating must be inconvenient, that's what the first part of this chapter was trying to convene. 

The second part is because I'm spontaneous and I like looking for trouble. Lmao. 

Have a good night. 


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  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    Kisses dear,let Kane sha not catch me wit u,but that guy need to calm down. Abi he doesn't know that Ishan lo pa Bruce lee
  • Njoku Chinenye picture
    Njoku Chinenye
    This Kane sef!!what is his problem At least he's not sleeping with her for free
  • Josephine Wanzila picture
    Josephine Wanzila
    Good stuff! Where do you live I bring Charger? This fight must not take a week to end, they might kill each other hahahah
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    It's good to stand up for your girl Maurice, but you should know Kane won't just agree to this kind of relationship, you should prove yourself that you're worthy of his sis. Nice one bebe
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    I knew Maurice spending the night at Linds was gonna create chaos...they should've been more careful but anyway let's see who gets his ass kicked!
  • Eunice Ache picture
  • Blessing Opeyemi picture
    Blessing Opeyemi
    Please I don't want Anadia losing the baby again. Please. Thanks for this episode.
  • Angela David picture
  • Amma picture
    it's getting hawt!! lolx
  • Carol Jones picture
    Carol Jones
    What happened to this enchanting book?have been checking and rechecking for long.pliz dear do something
  • Abena Asima picture
    Abena Asima
    I hope all is well with Bebe is been long
  • Kind picture
    Good story. Waiting for other episodes
  • Young Royalty picture
    Young Royalty
    Caspain take am easy nau...ah ah,do you want to marry your sister?And u better control dat una fight make e no go reach ani or linda side,and thumbs up maurice!
  • Peace Winner picture
    Peace Winner
    ???? ???f ???¢? ??? ?? ? ??? ? ??? ??? ?????? g???g???
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