Salvation (An Arranged Marriage ll) - Episode 44

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I pace around my mother's grave, my body refusing to rest, my mind is muddled.

What am I to do? How am I supposed to handle this?.

It's been so long I've felt like this, so long I've felt like there's nothing I can od it salvage a situation.

My sister left the house

My sister fucking left the shelter I've suffered and worked hard all thses years to keep her head.

It's like deja vu, I can remember very clearly those years ago when my father had his way with almost all the female staffs, the trauma it put our mother through, the sleeplessness nights Cabe had, having to pay off yet another supposedly abused worker. 

I can remember my promise to my brother, never ever to allow any of our family fall for a staff. 

Where has that left me now? With my sister and my f*cking driver 

Damn that Maurice 

I sigh, my head suddenly throbbing. 

My mind slips to anadia and I wonder If she's alright, all this must seem really surreal to her 

Linda too, she must hate me now.. What the hell. 

I loosen my tie, wondering what the hell I have to do. 

One thing is certain though, my sister can not end up with Maurice 

It would be literally me spitting on my bothers grave.. 

My eyes slides to Cabe and a pang of guilt hits my chest. 

I'm sorry, brother. 




I slide my scarve around my neck, making sure my sunglasses are on right..

I'm sure it will be fine, I will be out and back before Kane returns, no one has to know, I just have to give the numerous guards around me the slip

I pat my protruding belly, it's just six months and it's feeling like four years.

I hope I don't carry this baby for four years, I scoff at my ridiculous thoughts.

I slip out the door, climbing down the stairs and out the door, which is surprisingly easy.
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. Then I realize Maurice isn't around, the security around here must be pretty lax these days.

A text makes my phone vibrates and it's Maurice telling me he's at the end of the road.


That's pretty close.

I pat my stomach again before beginning the trek down the road.

I don't see any car or human movement except a lone car seating with no driver a little ways off and I make a note to tell Kane to construct more houses around this parts.

The house on the hill is too secluded for my liking.

I suddenly get the feeling that I'm being watched, I turn around, adjusting the scarve around my neck but I get distracted when my stomach gives a heavy kick.

I could be overacting, as if to confirm my thoughts my stomach gives another kick. 

"Calm down Baby, I know I'm overreacting." I say, patting my stomach.

I begin my trek again and Maurice comes into view, I lift my hand to wave and he does so back.

He looks good in his leather jacket and jeans.

He's still a little ways away and I use the time to study him.

There's nothing physically wrong with him, his build his face.

I know for a fact that he's diligent, I can't see why Kane can't accept him.

He looks up when I'm a little closer and a frown covers his face, he stands straight away from the car and I wonder what's wrong.

His mouth forms words but I can't hear them.

"What?" I yell, since I'm still far from him.

I make out the words he's trying ti say as he runs towards me, urgency in his every movement.

The sound of a revving car sounds from behind me, the sound is close very close.

Before I can turn to ascertain my body is pulled away from what would have been a car climbing over me.

The sound of a gunshot ensues and my face looks up in alarm.

My body is pressed into Maurice's and his mouth is slightly agape, his face contorted in pain.

The car speeds off as fast as it showed up.

"Are you Okay Mrs King?" Maurice's gruff voice asks and I nod, My brain not yet processing why just happened.

I heard a gunshot, a gun went off.

Something warm meets my hand and I look down to see a shade of crimson covering my hand.


I look up again to see Maurice breathing hard


"I need you to get inside my car Mrs King, I need you to call me an ambulance but before that call your husband".

"You are hurt.."

"I will be fine" he says before proceeding to crouch, his body shaking, more blood pouring from his wound.

My body begins to shake as i finally understand that something is wrong.


"Do as I say ma'am" He says, his voice cracking.

Oh my God.

A man has been shot In front of me.

I dial 911 with shaky hands, telling them where to find us before flinging the phone away and clutching at Maurice.



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. Stop talking" I sob, realizing I'm crying.

"Mrs King, it's not safe here.."

"Maurice, I'm not leaving you.. Maurice..please... Stop talking... Please, stay with me.". I sob when his eyes begins to close.


A sound of an oncoming vehicle jostles me and I pray it's the ambulance but its Kane's car

Will he be able to see us? We are in the sides of the road.

The car speeds past and I scream.


It brakes before reversing.

The windows come down and the scared eyes of my husband's meets mine..

"Kane.. Mauri.. Maurice has been shot" I whisper..



Thank you for reading.

An update in the evening, hopefully.

Have a wonderful day 

. .

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  • Eunice Ache picture
    Eunice Ache
    I hope Kane won't blame Maurice for this!
  • Young Royalty picture
    Young Royalty
    Bebe darling you will kill me with suspense...gosh!,maurice please don't die...thanks for these.
  • Cynthiah Bismarck picture
    Cynthiah Bismarck
    Please Dnt Take Long Again,,,anyway Thanks Dearest
  • Priscy Daisy picture
    Priscy Daisy
    Bebe, I love how your mind works. Nice one dear
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Nice one bebe, Maurice please fight for life, you can't put Linda into trauma
  • Young Royalty picture
    Young Royalty
    Bebe,when are you going to upload,am worried,are you even okay?
  • Pamela cube picture
    Pamela cube
    That was close...Kane can't blame Maurice this was all Ana's idea after all!
  • Rita Ighosieta picture
    Rita Ighosieta
    Bebe hope all is well with you. Upload next episodes, the suspense is killing.
  • Rita Ighosieta picture
    Rita Ighosieta
    Bebe hope all is well with you. Upload next episodes, the suspense is killing.
  • Emash picture
    Bebe! Pls coman finish the story dear. Receive ideas and strength.oya lol
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