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Lexi’s POV

“Hey Lexi, good morning” Emily entered the library with a huge smile on her face, she bent over to give her father a kiss before turning back to give me her full attention.

“How many cups of coffee has he consumed this morning?” she asked with a furrowed eyebrow trying to act serious and angry.

“Not too many, he’s just on his second cup and I think that’s really an improvement on his coffee consuming resolution” I replied while picking up the books from his table, they were set of new books that just arrived at the library that morning and I had to arrange them at their appropriate sections.

“Why are you talking about me as if I’m not here?” Dumbledore asked and I smiled
“Ooh really!, my dad is here. I didn’t notice” Emily said with sarcasm dripping from her voice and she dragged me away from her father’s angry glare to the other side of the library.

“How have you been Em, how was your trip to Greece?” she had just returned from one of her expensive trip and I can't help but envy her, she get to live my type of dream. I love to travel but that will all be when im able to afford them but for now, i'll stick to living my dream in books.

“It was fine, just the normal impromptu trips that I never get the chance to prepare for and I’ll end up getting back before I even get used to the place. Its kinda tiring and boring’ she replied with a weak smile on her face.

‘At least you get to enjoy it sometimes’ I placed one of the books in the shelf in front of me, making a mental note to read it when I have a free time

“Enjoyment is really out of it, I get to travel when Damon says so and return when he wants me to” “i'm not trying to snoop into your relationship or anything but I think you should let him know you're not comfortable with those trips or you get him to go along with you, that way it will be more fun, you know’

‘You won’t understand easily Lexi, enough of my business, let's talk about yours” At that point I realized that she was trying to avoid the topic, I didn’t have a choice than to let her.
She walked up to the table where she had placed her bag earlier and brought out a paper and stretched it to me.
“What’s this?’ I asked

“it’s an employment form that you get to fill and submit at a company so they’ll be able to call you up for an interview and if you’re lucky enough, they’ll employ you” she explained “Ookay, now I get it but I never knew some companies do this”
“it’s new trend and it's only multi million companies that do this’

“Alright, why are you giving this to me?” I turned the paper to the other side to see it and try to read the contents at the other side.
“I want you to fill the form so I’ll be able to give it to Damon and he’ll help you get a job or maybe employ you since it’s their company’ I looked at her with surprise 
“Wait,  you want me to work in your husband's company, that’s totally absurd. Not just absurd but also ridiculous. That’s almost impossible” I complained and stretched the paper back to her.

“What’s the big deal about working in that company?, this is the one time chance you have to change your life. You can’t let go of that chance” she argued.
“I understand what you’re saying, I know you’re trying to help me here but I’m okay working here. I’m not complaining” 
“If you understand what I’m saying, then take the form and fill it. I just want to help someone to achieve their dreams” 
“There are many people out there that you can give a job too. Just look around you, there are many people you can help. Not just me, I don’t deserve such too” I moved away from her after placing the paper on the table.

“If you take this chance, then your job here will be done and the position you’re filling will be vacant and there!, in a way you’re helping someone too” I dropped my hands as a form of submission and exhaustion.
“You’re not going to drop this issue easily, will you?” I asked and she nodded slowly while giving me the puppy look.
“Here, have it and fill the form slowly and sweetly. I’ll be at the front desk In Case there’s any person” She said

I pulled the chair out and sat on it while my hand supported my chin as I look over at the documents over and over again thinking if I should fill the form or not.
I took out a pen from my bag after making a final decision of filling the form and removed a passport photograph from my purse to attach to the file. 
As enticing and charming this job offer is, my doubts are still there. Not only due to the fact that this form of a thing is strange, I mean when did this so called trend started or is it possible that Emily could be lying?. I pushed that thought to the back of my mind and focused on the issue on ground. Then, the whispers and murmurs about that company is enough for me to be worried about this step I’m about to take. 
This should end up being a failure, I prayed.
While writing my bio data, I heard mumbling near the door and soon the voices were clear enough to be heard.
“I need to talk to her” one familiar voice said
“You need to use your head, Paul. You can’t just butt into this issue like that. You can’t understand” the other voice countered. 
Before I could get up from my seat to go and check out who it was, Paul Anderson, the last of the Anderson brothers was already behind me. 
Out of fear, I jumped back a little.
“You scared me” I exclaimed and then I notice it was not only him standing there, another man with a big scar on the face was there too.

“Who are you exactly, Lexi?” Paul asked with his eyes focused on me
“I don’t understand your question” I replied
“I mean, who were you five years ago?” The fear that crept into my heart immediately I heard that question was immeasurable. 

“I still don’t understand” I replied 
“You will understand one day and that day is the day you’ll get to know how dangerous I am”

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