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The alarm clock behind my bed starts its terrible beeping and for the sixth time in a row, I threw it against the wall. I grudgingly stood up from the bed to pick up the broken pieces of the alarm clock while making a mental note to get a new one from the market down the street. 

Before going into the bathroom, I checked my appearance in the mirror and discovered that a whole pile of shit was more beautiful than me at this moment. My crystal blue hair was all over the place making me assume I had just appeared out of the walking dead movie. People always stare at my hair anytime I pass by, most of them think I tinted that hair blue and it isn’t natural, I had to stop explaining to them because nobody really care if it’s true or not. 

I got into the pit hole bathroom where I could easily stretch my two hands and it still won’t be enough to accommodate the length of both hands. It’s more than small. I didn’t have a choice than to rent the rat invested apartment as it was the only thing available for a cheap price- I mean, one I could afford. 

It was located at the far end of the city near where heavy industries were located, a major dumpsite of the whole California. At least, it’s better than sleeping on the streets, the home agent had told me. 

For years, I’ve wondered why an apartment like this will even have an agent, guess the strangest things happen in the strangest places. 

After taking a long, hot shower, I carried my jobless behind to the table I had managed to fit in the left side of the room to check if I had any messages on my mails on my laptop. 

Twelve hours before now, I was fully employed at a restaurant in the centre of the city, one that pays enough to cover the expenses I have. But guess I’ll be jobless and homeless before this year runs out if I’m not able to get another job.
I quit, I repeat I quit, I had told the manager in a furious and violent voice. I just couldn’t take the customers are always right bullshit no more. The male customers keep being nasty and all touchy with the ladies working at the restaurant and we don’t dare complain about it.

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when a customer had hit my butt and even winked at me, I swear to God, I hit him so hard I could see my palm imprint on the bastard’s face and after that, the good for nothing manager told me to apologize to the customer, yeah, I said it once, I quitted the job. It’s better to sleep on the street and eat crump of bread than work in a place where my dignity and pride would be dragged on the bare floor all day long. 

After checking my email even to the spam folder, I realized I was still jobless. The companies I had sent my curriculum vitae aka CV to weeks back still didn’t respond. Even though I’m used to rejection notes and letters by now, I don’t think I’ll be able to handle one at this crucial moment. 
Affirming it will be too dangerous for me to sit at home and do nothing, I made my way out of the apartment and dragged myself into the city to check if I would get a part time job or luckily enough for me, a full time job. 

Since I couldn’t afford a cab to the centre of the city, I had to trek to the bus stop to get a bus that will drop me off at somewhere reasonable. 
While I was roaming the city for more than an hour, I finally came across a library that had a vacancy board outside for a library attendant, even if I was not with my cv, I had to go in to try my luck. 

‘Hi’ a beautiful woman standing behind a desk greeted me immediately I entered into the library; she must be the receptionist here.
‘Hi’ I responded. ‘Are you looking for a book?, I could recommend some amazing books to you” I had to stop her before she go any further.

‘Actually, I saw the vacancy board outside so I was wondering if it was still available or if the post has been occupied’ I saw the woman was checking me out to see if I was competent enough to get the job. The white silk dress the woman wore is so beautiful I could hardly take my eyes off it. It was as if the clothes were made just for her and that made me feels so bad in my worn out jeans and faded tee shirt. 

‘What’s your level of education?” she inquired while moving back to her desk
‘I graduated last year from Queens University here in new York with a fair enough grade in library and information sciences’ I replied
‘Wow, you don’t look much like what you are’ she was bewildered and she didn’t bother covering up the surprise on her face.
‘But I’m grateful I don’t look like what I’ve been through’ I countered back and I earned a smile for that.

After asking me for my name and every other personal information available, she decided to take me round the library to see things for myself and I also got to know her name is Emily.

‘The library belongs to my father and he only comes here four times in a week while I have to fill in for the remaining days. You’ll see him here by tomorrow and you should bring in your cv so he can get to know more about you. Since you read about library in the university, I guess all these will be easy for you. Right?’ I nodded
‘You can actually start today but that will be if you want to’ 
‘I’ll definitely love to because I really don’t have nothing to do’ I walked over to the science fiction section and took out a book, smelled it and was totally amazed by the beauty of the place. I love books and it has been that way since forever.

‘What about the salary’ I asked for the most important thing out of curiousity.
‘That will be fifty dollars per day based on my own decision but its not yet final. Dad will make the final one by tomorrow’ I quickly calculated the  total amount in a month and when I realize it will help in a way, said a little thank you to my creator.

The door of the library was opened by three men dressed in black expensive suit looking as if they were on their way to the royal wedding, their height varied but if you don’t look closely you’ll think they’re all the same height. The first one that came in had a boyish grin and from my analysis, he’s a player. The second one looked fierce while the last one was beautiful and stone cold. His blue eyes held no emotions in them. 

‘You guys are late’ Emily ……..
‘We got held up in traffic, who is this?” the fierce one asked while looking at me.
‘This is Lexi and we just hired her to help us with the library today’ she explained
‘I’m Paul and it’s nice to meet you” the one with the boyish grin just affirmed it by himself that he’s a player
‘Lexi’ I replied curtly
‘Where is the document I asked you to bring here’ the fierce one asked Emily as I disappeared from the scene to avoid interrupting any private discussion. 

After thirty minutes, the men left as if they were never here leaving behind the cologne of their perfumes in my hold.
‘That was my husband’ Emily said with a grin
‘You mean Paul?” I asked out of surprise
‘No, the one who asked for the document. He’s Damon and the last one is Xavier. Why am I introducing them to you when you know them already’ she declared

‘You mean you don’t know who they are?” she quickly used her palm to cover her mouth out of surprise. ‘You mean you don’t know the Anderson brothers’ 
Wait!, What!, I just saw the California Greek gods and I didn’t recognize them. 

20 Scholarships for African Students 2021-2022 (Apply Now)

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