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I was basking in the sun and I was still smiling, on the basis of two reasons, one dependent on the other-I have a job and I still have a roof over my head. 

Saturdayafternoon, I had a job, by Sunday evening I was jobless and this Wednesday morning, I have another job. I continued smiling as Matt Redman’s ten thousand reasons rang into my ear through the earpiece plugged into my old android phone. 

I was clueless to everything all around me, but I was grateful for everything I have so far. I entered into the bus going to the centre of the city with a determination to attain my dreams, even with the intensity of the sun, nothing can ever stop me from being livid and free this morning. 

‘Good morning, Mr. Levine’ I sounded like an old frog as I entered into the library and smiled at the old Mr. Levine who always reminded me of Mr. Dumbledore from harry porter with his extremely long white beards sitting in his office and drinking a cup of hot coffee.
If only coffee kills, Dumbledore would be gone by now. He drinks coffee up to three times daily and no matter how much me and Emily try to caution him, he’ll never listen and still bury himself in his coffee ritual all day.

Mr. Levine is actually really nice; I had thought he was going to be like those weird old men when Emily told me about him. But immediately I saw him, I realized he’s such an amazing person. 

You never get bored of his stories about how he moved from towns to towns seeking for adventure before he met Emily’s mom and get her pregnant to avoid her running away with another man. That man surely was a gangster at some point in his life.

‘Good morning Lexi, you look good’ I looked at my stoned washed jeans that I had used for over three years now and the white top I had gotten from the cheapest store in the world. I just smiled at the thought that Dumbledore was only trying to be nice. 

If only he is aware of the fact that I call him Dumbledore, if only he knew.
‘Thank you, Mr. Levine and you also look good as always’ 
‘How was your night, Lexi. Hope you had a good one because mine was filled with back pains and waist pains too’ he complained

“Maybe if you reduced the number of coffees you consume in a day, you won’t have to complain about this every time’ I advised

‘Since when did coffee start causing back pains. Emily nags about this at home all the time and now you. Go get some work to do and leave this old man alone with his coffee’

‘Yes commander’ I left him in his office to get started by first arranging the books back to their sections and hanging the open sign by the door.

‘Welcome’ I greeted before looking at the first customer of the day and realized it was Paul, one of the Anderson’s brothers, the one I analyzed to be a player. 

‘Good morning sir, how may I help you?’ I greeted again out of excessive politeness and I always get to do that when I’m crushing on someone. 
‘Can you remind me of your name, I’m not really good with names?”

‘It’s Lexi’ he started moving toward me and my heart beat tripled almost letting my secret out of the bag.
‘Can you recommend a book?, one for someone who just came out of prison’ I was surprised and I had to quickly cover it up and moved to a shelf to look around. When I saw the book written by J.K Salinger the catcher in the eye’ I realize that was the best I could recommend for him right now.

‘Thank you’ he collected it and dropped it on the table behind us, I was facing him with my back to the door.
‘Tell me about yourself Lexi, I want to get to know you more than the library attendant who works for my sis in law father’ his Italian accent got me drooling all over the place and I dint even wait for him to finish before I open my un-cautioned mouth to talk

‘I’m Alexander Norman, almost everyone call me Lexi, I grew up in new York and I moved to California after graduating high school to pursue a dream that was nothing less than shit, a part of my life I wish disappeared. I retraced my steps and went on to queens university, working and studying and I graduated last year, worked at a restaurant till last week and here I am’  I said smiling.

‘wow, so no one helped you throughout your stay at the university?” he asked and I had to tell him about one sponser who nelped me with scholarship throughout my stay and that made it easy for me.
‘tell me about yourself, including the prison part’ I said boldly as I realized I was getting more free with paul.

‘The book is actually for an old friend of mine who was just realized from prison after five years yesterday. Here am I in all humility of mine’ I giggled at that. ‘if only you don’t live under the rock you would know a lot about the Andersons brothers’

‘Actually I do know about you guys, but its just only the name thing, I mean the Anderson surname and you guys being the king of boys here in california’ I moved towards a chair gesturing for him to follow me to take a seat.
‘If you take an exam about us, I bet youll fail’
‘You can say that again’

"So i'm Paul Anderson, the youngest and the prettiest of the Andersons brothers. I grew up in italy and I moved here five years ago to join my brothers for the formation of the companies and I graduated from Harvard with a good grade at business administration, single till last night and I guess in two hours time, I'll be in a relationship. Lucky me,right?’  he asked  grinning
‘Yeah, lucky you. I bet you're lucky with all types of girls and….’ I didn’t get to finish my words when another customer came in and I stood up to attend to the customer.

Only to be ignored and as I was trying to recover from the shock, I heard a thunder strike behind me and when I looked back, Paul was holding his cheek with his  right hand. Trying to stiffen the laugh that was already growing inside me, I moved away a bit from them to give them their privacy but not without getting the full gist. This library has been so boring for me that I need some good entertainment.

‘How did you get here?, I thought I told you it's over between us’ Paul tone was getting high than normal meaning the play boy is getting angry
‘I think I'm too dumb to understand that, you used me the way you wanted and now you thimk you can dump me the way you want’ she said with her tone meeting up with paul’s. I guess dumbledoor  will soon come out of his office. 
‘You played the game yourself, I thought you were the really nice girl you portrayed yourself to be, not knowing your true identity, you stripper’
‘What's bad in being a stripper?, im gonna drag your ass down in this town Roberto, a’ma show you I'm a real new York giirl’ she didn't just threaten One of the Anderson brothers right.

‘I think you should face reality and move on with life, I did already and I know you saw her when you entered. She's far better than you’ wait! What! Is he using me to make his girl jealous or to make a clingy ex girlfriend, let go. I don’t like being dragged into stuffs like this.

‘You think she's all goody two shoes, you'll be surprised to know that lady over there is far more dangerous than you think’
‘what do you mean?” paul asked
‘why don’t you ask your brothers’ she replied and went out of the library almost instantly after she winked at me.

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  • Racheal Rakel Namz picture
    Racheal Rakel Namz
    Most times when am reading ur books I feel like I need to read the full book so that it's upto me to decide where to stop for the day.they are really good don't feel like stoping to read
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    Favour Abhatue
    Nice one dear. Welcome back
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    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Great start dear, welcome back and ?Happy? ?Valentine's? ?Day?
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    Next episode pleeeaaassseee. I love you Penangel
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    Wooow,,,what's does she mean?Is she trying to implicate her
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