Imperfection is a story of two souls joined together through an arranged marriage. 

A marriage that was supposed to yield both forgiveness and strength. 

A marriage that hold a lot of strings to their past. 

One that helped them find their roots. 

It's a story of two couples, —two wounded souls who healed just right together. 

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    • Imperfection - Introduction

    • IMPERFECTION, PENANGEL. COPYRIGHT/MAY 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.   DEDICATION This book is dedicated to everyone whose...
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    • Imperfection - Episode 1

    • STATUS: SUPER FRENZY “What on earth is this called from where you come from, “Pancake or Cake pan”. Greg roared at the top of his voice, it was ...
      • Views (14,779)
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    • Imperfection - Episode 2

    • Greg's POV FRENZY I walked into the kitchen to see Pearl writing something furiously on a paper and crossing it out. I'm not sure of what she was writin...
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      • Comments (15)
    • Imperfection - Episode 3

    • FRENZY Pearl's Pov   I was at work that Thursday afternoon, a week after our marriage, when my daddy called me to come see him at his office ...
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    • Imperfection - Episode 4

    • STATUS: CRANKY GREG’S POV “We need to make new rules for things to be in order, i mean right order” I said looking around for a pen and a book...
      • Views (11,521)
      • Comments (10)
    • Imperfection - Episode 5

    • STATUS: FRENZY Pearl's POV I stopped gazing and looking at the tall building right in front of me, thinking if I should go in or not. The name Anderson Hosp...
      • Views (11,214)
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    • Imperfection - Episode 6

    • SUPER CRANKY GREG'S POV I took a deep breath as I watch the silence linger around us for more than thirty minutes, I was not talking and so also was the two...
      • Views (11,350)
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    • Imperfection - Episode 7

    • ENEMY AT HER BASE STATUS: FRENZY AND COOL Pearl's POV “Pearl, meet Natasha, my Girlfriend” Greg spewed the rubbish he called words out...
      • Views (11,101)
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    • Imperfection - Episode 8

    • FRENKY Pearl's POV “Declare a war on her, let her know her place for the first time in your lives” She repeated as I tried to comprehend whateve...
      • Views (11,571)
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    • Imperfection - Episode 9

    • FRENZY The show took place at Landmark Event Centre which emitted Natasha’s pink light in an umbrella-like shape on the night of the show. With over 1,500 attendees...
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    • Imperfection - Episode 10

    • FRENZY Pearl's POV I entered into the elevator and pressed the button of the 4th floor. A meeting has been called for all  senior officers of the compa...
      • Views (11,526)
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    • Imperfection - Episode 11

    • SUPER CRANKY Pearl's POV Peach walked me back to my office as I tried to regain my sanity. The whole scenario kept on playing in my head over and over again...
      • Views (11,647)
      • Comments (14)
    • Imperfection - Episode 12

    • FRENZY GREG'S POV It was a dark stormy night, I sat at the balcony of my room watching the aftermath of the heavy rain. I looked up to the sky waiting if Go...
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    • Imperfection - Episode 13

    • GRUMPY “Your father!, see the way he's driving like a goat. Anuofia” I screamed at the top of my voice as I drove pass the bus that almost hit me from beh...
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    • Imperfection - Episode 14

    • HER PAST I CRANKY After my call to Pearl, I received a phone call from one of my father's client telling me he couldn't reach him and that the matter wa...
      • Views (11,185)
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    • Imperfection - Episode 15

    • Frenzy Damilola Frederick, the one hell of a nightmare that I'll never forget in my life, I don't know why my past keep hunting me like this. I want everything to...
      • Views (11,189)
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    • Imperfection - Episode 16

    • CRANKY Pearl's POV Friday morning started with more than a headache, I thought the drama with Natasha and Frederick ended already not knowing it was just th...
      • Views (11,243)
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    • Imperfection - Episode 17

    • CRANKY  “Dami, what are you doing here?” I asked out of fear with my eyes fixed on the knife that he was holding  “I'm h...
      • Views (11,707)
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    • Imperfection - Episode 18

    • FRENZY Pearl's POV I tried getting acquainted with my surroundings as it was dark and the only sound I could hear was just like that of water dropping into ...
      • Views (11,731)
      • Comments (20)
    • Imperfection - Episode 19

    • GREG'S POV “It is not this type of chance that I wanted, dad. You made me live in guilt for years. I hated myself and you knew the truth” After Pe...
      • Views (11,398)
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    • Imperfection - Episode 20

    • HAPPY EVER AFTER It's been two months since I got discharged from the hospital. Greg never asked me any question about what happened and he has been avoiding me ever ...
      • Views (11,394)
      • Comments (12)
    • Imperfection - Episode 21

    • I stood up from where I had sat down as I watched my mother walk up to us before holding both my hands.  "We're all in this together, I clearly understand t...
      • Views (12,703)
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