His Majesty

Richard and Vanessa are both two sides of a coin.

 Name it anything, they're opposite. But one thing brought them together, a string called fake date and another strengthened it, a spring called surrogacy while another displayed it, a bond called love. Be enticed by their love story.

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    • His Majesty - Episode 1

    • His majesty Richard dropped the phone and slammed it on the wall out of annoyance. His mother had managed to get on his nerves this time around and he was too afraid to a...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 2

    • Vanessa's’ POV Bucket list “Girlfriend, what's next on our bucket list?” I'm seated in the restaurant directly opposite my office ...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 3

    • This chapter is dedicated to Mojisola, Mavis and Amina. Thank you for being the sweetest   Richard’s POV The Advise “You kn...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 4

    • Vanessa’S POV They tell me everybody’s fifty minutes in a different time zone. And since I had it at the moment, you're the one I wanna shine my...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 5

    • Okay!!! Let's go!!   Stunning! That was the first word that came to my mind when the door was opened. Who is this sun goddess! that...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 6

    • Vanessa's POV “Love is not a word in my son's dictionary, so don't give me that part my dear one” his mom said while keeping the angry look on her...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 7

    • Dedicated to everyone reading this, thank you.   Pearl's POV My mom once told me she was seventeen when she met my father who was just a year...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 8

    • Pearl's POV “Good morning” I greeted her royal highness immediately I was taken to the room where she was. I woke up this morning with a negativ...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 9

    • I stood up from my bed grudgingly and looked into the mirror as I took in my weird morning appearance. Face look swollen, hair all over the place and the worst part if it...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 10

    • Richard's POV I had gone to the club to see a friend on the Friday night, the club was really lit and I could say my friend did himself real good, the lights were ama...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 11

    • CHAPTER 11 Song for the chapter: Westlife ft Mariah Carey///// Against all odds Vanessa's POV “Congratulations Mr Amaan, it's positive&r...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 12

    • RICHARD’S POV Barging into my mom’s office without knocking or giving her a prior notice about my arrival at her office, I charged towards the man standing in...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 13

    • CHAPTER 13 Pearl's POV “Good morning Nancy, Drake, Kelvin, Liza and finally good morning Michael” I greeted everyone as I entered into the resta...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 14

    • CHAPTER 14 Pearl's POV “That was one hell of a stunt you pulled yesterday, I guess I over underestimated you. You're more crazy than you look Vane...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 15

    • CHAPTER 15 Vanessa's POV “Let me help you with your seat belt, I know you're too local to handle something like this” Richard mocked with an...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 16

    • Vanessa's POV I woke up to hear my phone ringing,not bothering to look at the screen, I picked up the call “Good morning Essa, how was your night?&rdq...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 17

    • CHAPTER 17 VANESSA’S POV “I was seven when I started noticing my mom’s absence; she is out of the house before I wake up and I’m asleep ...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 18

    • ‘I didn’t do it, someone should please believe me, it was just a mere coincidence that I was there at that particular time. I was even at that spot because she called m...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 19

    • Episode 19 ‘No I didn’t do it’ I tried explaining but everyone attention was back to the queen whose head was already bleeding and unconscious. ...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 20

    • HIS MAJESTY'S POSSESSION EP 01   THREE YEARS LATER “Secretary, bring me the file of the Daystar group of companies with immed...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 21

    • HIS MAJESTY'S POSSESSION CHAPTER 02   RICHARD'S POV My brain keeps telling me to go back home as I drive to Ladrade Restaurant ...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 22

    • RICHARD'S POV Song for this chapter: Kim Yeon Jin// words of my heart/// I'm not a robot ost ///////// “Scarlet?” I repeated after...
      • Views (1,782)
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    • His Majesty - Episode 23

    • Richard's POV “I insist Vanessa, get into the car and let me drop you at your apartment so we'll talk about all this” I opened the door of t...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 24

    • Richard's POV “The next step to take now is sue her, Richard. You need to take the custody of your child, you can't sit here all day and mop over the loss o...
      • Views (1,785)
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    • His Majesty - Episode 25

    • RICHARD'S POV Without thinking twice or thinking about what the outcome will be, I stood up from my seat and ran outside to meet up with Vanessa. Taking hol...
      • Views (1,772)
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    • His Majesty - Episode 26

    • Vanessa's POV It's been seven days since I last saw Richard, a week of the absent of his trouble and visitations and one part of me is really grateful for this....
      • Views (1,625)
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    • His Majesty - Episode 27

    • Vanessa's POV RECAP “Where's Richard?” I asked “He came back to town five days back and hadn't moved an inch from his ho...
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    • His Majesty - Episode 28

    • VANESSA'S POV My heart froze at the scene that unfolded before me, I was surprised and amazed at how soft Richard could become because of his daughter. &ldq...
      • Views (176)
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