Naked Flower - Episode 3


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Xavier's POV

I stormed into the office building while throwing out orders and assignments to my secretaries including firing my personal assistant who had decided to pull up a strip show at my apartment last night

I walked into the conference hall to proceed with the meeting that was supposed to hold before 8 this morning and was shifted to my own taste, I don’t take orders from nobody, you can't just sit and tell me the time I should hold my own meeting, when I'm the boss of the company.
‘let the meeting begin’ I announced immediately I enetered into the conference hall with my brother, Damon in tow.

‘We lost the last contract to the Fida-se group of companies again sir’ my secretary relayed the message to us all.

‘For how long will we continue doing this, this is like the third contract this year and if we continue this way, I don’t think this company will be up to anything in the next two years. We’ve had enough loss during the past year and all we need right now is profit and not another loss’ one of the board members complained and I looked at them all to see the confusion on their faces.

Fida-se group of companies belong to my father, the Arab king who at all points in our life is my enemy. To put in a better way, we loathe each other like shit, I even love my shit more than him. 

I grew up in his palace like a slave not like a prince, I was everywhere yet invisible. When my step siblings were attending private royal schools, I attended a public school that was thousand miles away from home, when they treated them like royalty , I was just another kid who lived in the palace. 

Five years back, my mother pulled all available strings and made sure I was united with my brothers to form this company and ever since my father had been one hell of a troble. It first started out as nothing serious but now, we just won't sit behind and watch it all go away.
‘We’ll do something about this, you all can go home. We'll hold another meeting before this month runs out’ I instructed and walked out of the board meeting.

Damon came into my office with the same old look of disappointment on his face, he was more than ready for war.

‘Where's all these leading to, Xavier’ he sat even before I asked him to, don’t blame him for his lack of manners, he grew up on the streets.
‘I don’t know too, I'm as confused as you are’ I replied.

'we just can't attack him like that, we'll be risking everything we protected with our lives" l replied
‘What's the way out here?, maybe we should use someone totally different for him this time?”he suggested.

‘I already did that and it's just to wait and see the outcome’ he smirked 
‘Call every member of the circle to meet at the Royal gland within the next two hours, I've got an announcemet to make" 

‘Xavier, the senator just called, he lost the election to his opponent’ Paul said as I entered into the basement at the Royal gland. The royal gland is where the Circle meets.

Even though it’s few persons who knows about the circle, they still won't dare speak about it to anyone. We were there, but yet we were not.
Where is he?’ I asked

‘He’s on his way’ I pulled a chair and sat on it waiting for the arrival of Damon and the senator. The iron clad door leading into the basement was forcefully opened by the angry senator with Damon behind him.

‘You people promised to make me the new senator for my base but nothing happened. My opponent ends up winning this election. I swear to God, I’ll make all your lives a living hell!’ he has not finished his sentences when Damon moved closer to him and attacked him on his neck pushing him real hard against the wall. 

‘Don’t you dare try to threaten us. Those who did never lived to tell the story"
I walked up to them and gently tap Damon on his shoulder, he let go of the man as he got the memo. ‘Senator, you don’t really know the game we’re playing, do you?’ he looked at me questionably, I returned his look with an evil smirk.

‘Come in!’ my voice resounded against the walls of the room as I looked at the senator waiting for his expression when he saw the surprise I had for him.

 ‘Hello everyone’ the shock on his face was just as I predicted; horror. His other opponent was the man I ordered to join us. I walk up to the man and asked him. ‘Your dues?’ he pushed an envelope towards me and I gave it to Paul who was at my back to open it. 
‘What’s in it?’ I raised an eyebrow. ‘It’s a document containing the information about the spy you asked for and what the Arabian king will be up to from now to April'

‘Good job, man. You can go now but remember, once you’re in the circle…’
‘You’ll never leave the circle’ The remaining onlookers finished the statement. The man nods and walks out of the basement. 

‘If you’re so high and mighty, why don’t you get it done yourself? You’re just as useless as I am, even your mother will be regretting having you right now’ The senator spat in my face.

‘You just made the gravest and greatest mistake of your life and you're so going to regret, Bring her in’ for the second time that day, I saw horror visible on his face.

‘Daddy’ the girl they brought in said
I looked at him straight in the eye and commanded ‘FINISH HER OFF’ in a loud voice and what followed was the loud sound of gunshots. I walked towards the man and used my gun to lift his face from the ground where he had buried himself with tears. ‘Nobody messes with the snake, I repeat, Nobody’ 

I stand up and undid the button of my Armani suit. ‘In case you want out, tell me now so we can finish off your assignment with no struggle’. He didn’t reply for a long time so I took his answer for a no and walked off to the other room where the remaining members of the inner circle were already waiting.

The circle is of three spheres: the inner circle which contains the most powerful members of the circle, the middle circle that contains those who are close to the ones in the inner circle. They include our right hand and left hand men, the assassins, the snipers, and the golden spies.  

The last ones which are the outer circle are those who work for the Anderson group of companies, even though they are not aware of this but once they are, they are eliminated..
The circle was founded with the aim of protecting our pride and dignity but with time when more powerful people joined the cult, we realized we needed more than that. By morning we’re the Andersons corporation who has gain the fame and attention of the business world but by night you’ll understand the reason behind our success. No company in this whole world has dared to go against the Andersons, cause if they do, its blood for blood.

‘The only announcement i have is a good news, if the document I have here works out in our favor, then we'll be doing the Arab King's enemies a huge favour'
‘Lets pray it works out, That man is one hell of a danger' 
‘When do we strike?’ Damon asked as that was the only thing he had interest in.

‘Patience is all we need and we’ll need that for three months, three months from now, I’ll alert the middle circle on when they should strike and this time, we are bringing his head home’ the meeting was concluded and I made my way back to the office.

One of my secretaries, Fadel came into my office.‘Sir, we found her’ he informed me immediately he entered my office.

‘Who did you find?’ I asked anxiously praying my instincts were right about it
 ‘The one we’ve been looking for. The only key that holds the circle existence, the same one that if she dies, the circle dies too.’ Damon affirmed Fadel’s claim.



Thank you everyone for the messages, I can't really reply to your messages because I'm using a friend's phone. 

Always remember, ONCE YOU'RE IN THE CIRCLE....... You know the rest. 

Thank you

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  • Confy-Dencie picture
    And who could she be?????hmmm
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    Racheal Rakel Namz
    Now I didn't see this coming the brothers being this dangerous....nice write up gal
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    Favour Abhatue
    Nice writeup dear.
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    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    "you will never leave the circle" lol
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    Oluwakemi Oluwatoyin
    Gosh!! U will never leave d circle" so they ar dangerous like dis Nexxxxt pls
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    love it!!! welcome Angel
  • Penangel picture
    Hi everyone, I’m really sorry for the late update. I’ve been trying to post the new chapter since last week but I just don’t understand what is going on with the website. If I’m not able to then I guess that’ll be the end of my journey on Ebonystory here I’m really sorry for any inconvenience this could have caused. I’ll try my best to resolve the issue if not, then it’s all good. Do have a lovely week.
  • Amma picture
    pls try and resolve the issue...this can't be the end of the road for us...pleeease
  • Amma picture
    pls try and resolve the issue...this can't be the end of the road for us...pleeease
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