Beautiful Faults

Beautiful faults is a story of two people who are brought together by fate. 

A story of two lost souls seeking for self forgiveness 

Two souls that are both scared of moving on and leaving their pasts behind them. 

Its a story of the wretched yet beautiful souls


“””Have you ever tried moving on?

Have you ever tried letting go?

If yes, then you’ll understand how difficult it is

How difficult it is chasing forgiveness like it’s the last bus of the night?”””””

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    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 1

    • Harry’s POV The darkness was moving closer; crawling, running or flying, I couldn’t say, all I know was it didn’t stop coming after me no matter ho...
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    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 2

    • ‘’’No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the tempta...
      • Views (2,792)
      • Comments (8)
    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 3

    • Harry’s POV “I still insist on getting you a nurse brother. No matter what you say, you're getting a nurse” Veronica, who happens to be my nightmare of...
      • Views (2,503)
      • Comments (4)
    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 4

    • June's POV   Today is the first day I'll be working as a nurse for my friend's brother. Harry is not a total stranger as I knew him back from high sc...
      • Views (2,858)
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    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 5

    • JUNE’s POV “You need to go out more, Harry. You just cant keep hiding inside forever, the weather is so nice and you can’t afford to waste such a good day ...
      • Views (2,559)
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    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 6

    • This chapter is dedicated to @Emash for sharing her story with us. I’m super glad that you and your baby are fine. Thank you sis.   June’s Pov...
      • Views (2,505)
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    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 7

    • HARRY’S POV The atmosphere that morning was as bright as the sun and as I stood up to draw the curtains so some lights could come in, Ava pulled me back t...
      • Views (2,562)
      • Comments (11)
    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 8

    • Sorry for the late update everyone, kindly bear with a girl who had to keep coping with Lagos life.(a life she just found herself in) June’s Pov &ldq...
      • Views (2,358)
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    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 9

    • Harry’s Pov “Where did you run off to” June had walked out after my mom came into the room to convince me about going on that trip to the city. She had&...
      • Views (2,255)
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    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 10

    • Kindly read the chapter carefully, thank you. June’s Pov As the bus maneuvered out of the town and towards the city, I could feel my heart beating so...
      • Views (3,158)
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    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 11

    • Veronica’s Pov The trip to John Hopkins was nerve wrecking and I was one hell of a nervous person. I kept on asking myself the ‘what if’ quest...
      • Views (1,910)
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    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 12

    • (This chapter happened before Veronica’s Engagement.... thanks) June’s Pov I got back into town later that same day and it was a little past three when I ...
      • Views (1,769)
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    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 13

    • June’s POV Trying to ignore as much as possible Harry’s odd beheviour, which he has never exhibited since I started working here, I moved from where h...
      • Views (1,923)
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    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 14

    • Hi everyone, I’m so sorry that I couldn’t reply all your amazing and beautiful comments, it totally made my day and I’m grateful for all the views. Thank you....
      • Views (2,018)
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    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 15

    • (YELLOW CUPBOARD) Harry’s POV  The moment my mother came into the room and called me by my full name, I knew something big was coming. “Tha...
      • Views (1,861)
      • Comments (6)
    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 16

    • June’s POV “Good Morning Sunshine” I turned my head to where the voice was coming from and I realized it was Harry playing Chess and I was awe at the si...
      • Views (1,924)
      • Comments (5)
    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 17

    • June’s Pov After I finally registered what just happened and how deep I was getting myself into something deeper than an ocean, I quickly jumped off the sink and unfor...
      • Views (2,434)
      • Comments (2)
    • Beautiful Faults - Episode 18

    • June’s POV Dear Jinglebell, I laughed a little before I could continue reading the letter that Justine had sent from the past and my heart leaped because I w...
      • Views (3,081)
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