My Mistake - Episode 7

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"What?!" Aysha whispered in shock, tears already running down hee cheeks "what do we do now?"

"Shhh, calm down okay" Fadeel said adjusting her pink vest "You are gonna hide in the bathroom and wait there. You shouldn't make any noise Aysha, please."

"Fadeel, what is taking you so long?" His Mum shouted from outside still knocking the door.

"A minute please Mom, just showered now and am trying to put some clothes on" he yelled back before pushing Aysha into the bathroom and going in too. He quickly poured some water on his body before coming out ans quickly putting a new boxer and vest on.

"What brings you here this night Mom? You should've just called." He said as soon as he opened the door.

His mom walked around the room, looking at his closet and even under his bed . "What's wrong Mom?"

"I got a mysterious text message from an unknown number claiming you brought a lady home to your room."

"What? Subhannallah___and you believed that Mom? Seriously?"

"Just wanted to make sure son. Are you sure you didn't bring anyone home?"

"If course i didn't mom. I didn't even go out this night

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. Come on Mom___i thought you trust me."

"Of course i do" she pulled him towards the bed and sat him down before sitting beside him "Had it been you have a wife no one would've accused you of something like that."

"Not again Mom" Fadeel sighed__burying his face in his hand.

"When will you get married?"

"When i find the right girl. I still haven't found her."

Aysha's heart broke at those words, what does he mean that he hasn't found her yet?

"I want a decent wife, one am sure that from her outer appearance has always been decent. You know Mom, ladies of nowadays are not as decent as i want them___i want someone aa Innocent as i am__you know that's gonna take time right?"

Aysha's heart broke again for the second time. She can't believe what she just heard.

"Don't you think Aysha is decent enough?"

Fadeel's eyes bulged out of his sockets___what the hell is his mom talking about? How sure is he Aysha will be chaste after marriage when she keeps throwing herself at him? He's very sure that it'll only take a couple of time before she gives him her virginity. No, he dosneto want someone like Aysha as a wife and a mother to his kids___he want someone innocent___someone decent.

"Mom, it's late please. We shouldn't talk about something like this right now___as you can see am very sleepy."

"We'll continue tomorrow okay? I really think Aysha is the best candidate."

"I doubt it mom."

Aysha fell on the floor clutching her chest as she cried. What has she done to herself? She didn't notice the kettle by the side of the tub__and as she lay back, she pushed the kettle into the tub which made a loud sound.


"Is someone in there son?" His mom stood up making her way towards the bathroom.

"No Mom, maybe something just fell." Fadeel quickly said as she followed her "don't worry let me check."

"Let's check it together." She added still making her way to the bathroom.

"Moommm! My stomach" Fa'izah yelled from th door as soon as she opened it.

Their mom rushed towards her and Fadeel let out a breath he didn't even know he was holding.

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. That was close!

"What happened? Are you okay?"

"My stomach aches Mom, please let's go to your room."

"No, Fadeel pick up your car keys let's go to the hospital."

"Its not that worse mom, i can manage. Let's just go."

"Okay" she helped Fa'izah up, and as they made their way to the dkkrw, Fa'izah turned and mouthed to her brother.

"I know she's in there." And left.

He helped Aysha out, his face angry. "What the hell was that?! We were almost caught for goodness sake."

Aysha looked away, putting on her hijaab, she tried to leave the room but he held her back "what happened?"

"You never loved me" she blurted out.

"Of course i do."

"Don't lie to my face Yaya Fadeel, i heard every single thing you Told Mama."

"Oh come on" he turned her face to look at him as he cupped her face in his hands "I just told Mom all that so she won't suspect anything. Of course i love you__and I'll soon Make it known to them."

"Really?" She asked finally relaxing in his hold.

"Yes Baby. Don't worry__am all yours okay?" he kissed her, and she kissed him back totally forgotten what happened and believing his lies.

"I love you Yaya Fadeel."

"I know Baby. Now go before it's too late okay?"

"Okay. Goodnight."

She left, making sure she didn't bump into anyone. Her phone buzzed and she checked to see a message from Fa'izah.

_"Am so disappointed in YOU!"_

She shook her head and kept walking without replying the text. Fa'izah don't know what it feels like to fall in love__that's why she's judging her. 

Her mom was the only person sitting in the living room when she entered. And as soon as she entered___her mom stood up and gave her a resounding slap.

"What happened?" Aysha asked in shook.

"Where were you Aysha? Where were you?" Her mom yelled angrily.

"I went to see Fa'izah__i to."

Her mom slapped her again before yanking her Hijaab away from her body "You dare lie to me? Where did you go dressed like this Aysha? This will be the last time i ask."

"I went to see Fa____"

"You stupid girl" she pushed her on the couch behind her before picking up her phone and shoving it to Aysha's face.

"Who is this? I said who is this?!"

It was a picture of her and Fadeel, where he hugged hee outside their gate before they went to his room. But only her face was visible in the picture while Fadeel's back was the only part that appeared.

How did this happen? 

Now she knows___she's in  deep mess!
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