My Mistake - Episode 10

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Eid celebration hide me yesterday o. Lol, hope say una go come chop rice. Eid Mibaraq to those celebrating.

Saturday downed, bright and brisk. Fadeel was clad in a blue caftaan, adjusting his cap__he slide into his black cover shoe before stepping out of his room. 

He inhaled deeply and looked around before brushing his hand on his face. It is now or never___he mused . He walked over to his father's living room and gathered in thoughts before going in.

"As salaamu alaikoom, Good morning Dad."

Alhaji Adamu didn't even spare him a glance. He was still angry from what he did two days back.

"I am so sorry Dad. I know i was rude__but believe me it was a mistake. It came as a shock to me. I didn't expect it and was so confused. Please Dad, i am so sorry. I'll marry Aysha if that is what you want, but please stop being angry."

Alhaji Adamu inhaled a deep breath before looking up from reading the news paper and keeping it on the table beside him.

"I was very disappointed with you Fadeel. I thought that blubbly and nice son i brought up changed. But i guess it was just a little misunderstanding right?"

"Yes yes Dad. Just a misunderstanding, i am very sorry Dad___please forgive me."

"Its okay son

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. We've already fixed the day. Two months from the day we've spoken___now we have only a month and two weeks remaining. You okay with that?"

What?! That soon? Lord! Why did he listen to Amirah's bullshits and agree to do this?

"Y...e...yes Dad. Its okay. May Allah spare our lives to witness that day."

"Amin. May Allah bless you."


They sat across each other as Aysha's head was ducked down. She couldn't look up nor meet Fadeel's eyes. She played with her hands as tears kept rolling down hee cheeks. Why is he this way?

"I'm not marrying you because i love you__neither am i marrying you because i want to__No, am doing this because I'm forced to. I don't love you and i never really did, it was lust all this while and nothing more. I wonder how you did it__but even after sending those pictures and making dad force me into all this___i still don't love you.

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. I don't even know what you're thinking to think I'll even love you!"

Aysha was beyond hurt. What is all this? Why can't he just love her in as much as she loves him___no__even less than she does is okay for her___she didn't need it that much.

"Why Yaya Fadeel? Why can't you also love me as much as i love you?"

"Because i can't. We aren't even compatible__you're too local for my liking___like just plain simple and stupid. Imagine just the way you threw yourself at me. Don't you know something called self respect?"

"Too simple?" She asked wiping her tears with the back of her hand "I can change. I can be as hot as you like___i can be everything you want me to be. Just love me."

"Anything?" He asked, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Anything" she replied without thinking

"Then let's meet on our wedding night and see. Have a nice day Aysha."


The weeks went by, and Aysha was happy that her dream is finally coming true___even after the unexpected visit from Fadeel and the hurtful words he uttered, Aysha was still happy she's marrying him.

Fa'izah has been trying to be part of the wedding plans from Aysha's side, but Aysha has already entrusted everything to Amirah. Fa'izah couldn't understand why the sudden change from her friend___no matter how she tries, Aysha always shut her off. Wouldn't meet nor talk to her.

And now, two days to the wedding, she decided to let go of Aysha and face the wedding from her brothers side. She has a very bad feeling about all this__but couldn't point out to the reason why.

Something terrible will surely happen__be it now or somewhat in the future__but she felt it.

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