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“That was Nnenna Duru, I didn’t think she would try to be involved in this o, this is so weird”, I said to the others as we sat down at a nearby table.
“Wow, so you told her what you intend to use her pregnancy to do in the entire plan ba?” Ezinne asked and I nodded. I don’t even know why she asked, they all heard that part of the conversation.
“How did she take it?” Dozie asked.
“She was calm, in fact, she even said she looks forward to working with me and she also thinks that Irene is mentally unstable”, I smiled . I like Nnenna already.
“Well, now she knows what’s up, it is left for her to make a move. I hope you are not feeling bad sha, Irene, Afam and her should decide what to do with their relationship, our own is to end an engagement and go back to school, shikena!” Dara said and I smiled.
I totally agreed with her, Nnenna did not sound like a little girl in need of coddling, she sounded self-assured and I guess as the shock wore off I began to see the good in her calling, hearing her voice had made me realize she was capable of taking care of herself, she could face of Irene on her own, backed very well by her family, I still had to worry about doing my Final Year project and graduating with an excellent grade.
“Yes, Dara is right, see let us be going home. I want to sleep well, I have a full body check-up scheduled for tomorrow and I want to be well rested before I reach there, I honestly won’t be surprised if grandma manages to bring Mrs Chibueze along, I sha want all this to be over soon”, I said and we stood up and began walking out.
As we waited for a bus, Ezinne gave Dozie the latest updates on some people at their school while Dara pulled me to the side and began to give me the gist she had for me.
“Ehen, on the matter of baby mama drama, shebi you know Ope?” she asked

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. I gave her a weird look then specifically asked: “Which one?”
“The one who they said is Mr Jackson’s side chick”, she sounded so impatient as if I should have a hard drive of these people in my head.
“Oh, that one that never shows up for classes? I know her na, who doesn’t? What about her?”
“Well, she was foolish enough to get pregnant for Mr Jackson, at least they say she said it is his baby, he is denying it up and down and his wife is ready to scatter ground. Have you met the woman? She is huge like this, honestly speaking I don’t know how he will go and cheat on that one, abi is he not afraid of beating? So, Miriam told me the woman came to school to look for Ope o, she brought police sef, saying she wants to arrest the husband snatcher. Me I sha cannot wait and resume, let us see whether they will kill Ope”, she explained and I could not stop laughing at her dramatic demonstrations.
“Come o!” Dozie shouted and we hurried over to the board the bus, during the ride which was quiet I wondered how panicky Afam would be feeling, I hoped that Irene would not hurt Nnenna and her baby because that girl was loco. We alighted and just in time my mom called.
“I have dropped the house key with Dara’s mom, Mrs Chibueze just called us and I don’t think it is advisable if you come with us, go with them Dara, they would drop you all at home.

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. Stay in your room, your grandma is very angry, your father does not even care again, your aunts won’t shut up; well least Dubem is still calm. I hope you kids have not done anything wrong o. Later o”, she hung u before I could reply.
Well, we are officially going with you Dara, Afam’s mom just called my parents and my grandma is livid, maybe things would happen much faster than we thought”, I said.
“That is good na, let me call my mom and tell her we are waiting at the park, I don’t have ₦50 for shuttle”, she mumbled to herself as she crossed the road to one of the park benches, dialling her mum’s number while we followed suit.
“Mummy, we are at the park o”
“Yes the one just before the gate”
“Okay, we are waiting”
“They are coming. I need sleep o”, she muttered as she leaned against my shoulder. We all sat there in silence waiting for the vehicle to pick us up and thankfully that happened fast sef.
“Eeyaih, all the excitement has made them tired, oya let us go home ehn”, Dara’s mom said when they got to us. We piled into the car and began to journey home, however long that would take. I dozed off immediately and was woken up when we reached my house.
“Take the house key. Meso, your mother said I should remind you to stay in your room, there is no saying how angry your grandma would be when she returns, let us keep you safe from her mean words. Oya all of you go and sleep in your house”, Mrs Shittu said and I nodded and smiled. I did not need any encouragement to stay in my room, I needed the sleep and I wanted to avoid grandma. My siblings also needed the sleep, we said bye to them and entered our compound.
Dozie opened the door; we got in, locked the door and removed the key as we always did when we were the only ones at home so my parents could open the door when they got back.
Now, to continue that amazing sleep.

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  • Ode Nimi picture
    Ode Nimi
    Why do I feel something bad is about to happen
  • emmyve picture
    ew,, that should happen fast now,,, for now it's a thumbs up ???????
  • Icheke Chinaza picture
    Icheke Chinaza
    Things have been goinh to perfectly, i feel fear for my dear Meso?
  • Icheke Chinaza picture
    Icheke Chinaza
    Things have been goinh to perfectly, i feel fear for my dear Meso😥
  • Njoku chinenye picture
    Njoku chinenye
    wowwww next
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