Mmesoma's Dilemma - Episode 22

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“Irene is one hell of a crazy bitch, remember that time she made such a scene because she was not giving the treatment she believed she deserved at that function some years back?” Dozie asked and we all groaned. Of course we remembered the event, she nearly ruined it for everyone else because the hosts had wanted to kick is out.

We were now alone, Yomi had left to deal with something urgent while we had to figure out a way to solve our problems. We did so with food though, we ordered one box of pizza with sausage and mushroom toppings and different ice cream flavors.

“Well we have already established that she is the ice queen herself, the big question now is, how do we deal with her? You heard him, except she dies, there is literally no way she would allow Nnenna marry Afam and I was hoping we would use that to end this whole nightmare”, Ezinne lamented.

“See ehn, no matter what happens we can still use this entire thing to our advantage . Irene, Nnenna and Afam would figure out their problems on their own, our own is to use their problems to solve ours”, Dara said and we all looked at her questionably.

“Dara, we would step on the wrong toes you know? It would end one problem and start several others. Plus Irene is really scary and the Duru’s would not stand to see Nnenna be humiliated and Afam too, the poor boy would not know what to do with his life”, I explained.

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. Dara ceased her eating to glare at me, even Dozie and Ezinne stopped eating to assess me well.

“Meso, which one is all this sentimentality? You think they care about us? They all just want to win and we would make it easier for them by informing all of them of the issue at hand”, Ezinne said.

“True, let us call up Afam and let him know Nnenna is pregnant, my mom could help us get the news to Mrs. Duru, she knows how to handle the grapevine and Meso you would have to tell your grandma about Nnenna’s pregnancy, but don’t involve her family name, let us see how she reacts. Believe me, before the end of this week, the engagement would be broken”, Dara explained and my siblings nodded, they totally approved and I actually saw a lot of sense in her words but it still did not feel right. Or was I just scared of Irene?

“Dara is so right, we can still use this whole pregnancy affair and even their love triangle drama to our advantage sef. And Meso you really should stop worrying about what happens next amongst them, they should sort out their drama themselves, what is our own business and please Afam is not a poor boy, shebi he knew what he was doing when he was getting all loved up everywhere. Biko, their wahala is theirs to solve”, Ezinne said and I just had to agree.

“Meso, I get what you are saying but we need to get grandma off our back, we cannot afford to be all chill and understanding of their issues at a time like this else you would become Mrs. Adam Chibueze and Irene will still  kill you anyway. We just have to get grandma to approve the end of the engagement”, Dozie explained and I agreed.

They all did have such valid points anyway.

“Okay then, who are we informing first?” I asked resigning myself to this rather dramatic fate.

 “Well, Afam Chibueze still does not know he is about to become a father”, Dara said with a smirk.

“Well, who is going to make the call?” I asked taking a scoop of ice-cream.

“Well, aren’t you his betrothed?” Dara asked.

Blood of Jesus! Is this brain freeze feel or is my best friend trying to put me in an awkward situation?

“Dara, I don’t want to tell him his babe is pregnant for him! Why don’t you do it, it was your idea after all”, I argued and she sighed, rolling her eyes for effect.

 “Meso, don’t be such a baby, you telling them gives it the desired effect, even if they don’t believe you, they may even see it as another stunt to avoid the weeding but when it starts to go round then they would know what’s up. However, if I tell them it would only look like I am fishing for attention and even if everything comes to the limelight, which it will, then they would say I did it and I am just a jealous enemy of progress”, she explained.

“Meso, she’s right, you are in the best position to do this, this is literally your call to make”, Dozier said and Ezinne nodded in agreement as she continued eating through the pizza slices, clearly not intending to remain for anyone.

This would be really weird.

“Okay then, give me the phone, what could possibly go wrong”, she handed me my phone where an unknown number had already being dialed in.

“You are sure this is Afam’s number?” I asked.

“Yes it is, I got this number from Tobe”, Dara explained.

“Interesting. So what did you tell him to make him give you the number?” I asked, surprised she had been able to pull that off.

“I told him that we needed it to sabotage the wedding plans, he was only too happy to give me the number”, she explained.

Why am I not surprised?

“Okay o, here hoes nothing”, I said as I made the call.

He didn’t pick at first and I was about to give up when he picked.

Jesus, this is so weird.

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