Mmesoma's Dilemma - Episode 24

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“Daramola, are you okay? Don’t you know I am in a meeting, why all the calls, why can’t you kukuma text what you have to say abi have you gotten yourself and the others into trouble again? This child you won’t kill me, what foolish things have you done again ehn?”

My siblings and I tried not to laugh while listening to Dara’s mom complain about her, she had a point though, every time Dara called relentlessly like this she had gotten into trouble, usually dragging us into it with her. The woman had gotten the two most stubborn children in the world, no winder she did not want to have more children.

“Mummy, all this one you are speaking is English, see ehn drop everything you are doing, the matter at hand is very hot and you just have to hear this o”, Dara said and her mom didn’t say anything at first but the noise around her was reducing so we knew she was going where there are fewer people.

“Oya talk and it had better be worth it”, she said after a while.

“Okay, so you know the Duru’s na, remember that daughter that have that plenty people have never seen but everyone talks about?” Dara asked.

“Yes na, the one they said is a rumour ba?”

“Yes, she is real o and in fact ehn, she is pregnant”, Dara said in a whisper.

Thank God we were at a corner table; anyone could have been listening to us or wondering why we were so huddled together . I looked up occasionally to ensure no one was paying unnecessary attention to us because this Lagos is filled with people that thrive on amebo.

Dara went on to tell her mom how Afam was responsible for Nnenna’s pregnancy then she mentioned the Irene factor and how Yomi had told us everything.

“Ah! I am so sure Sopuru knows nothing about this o, don’t you think she should be made aware that such is being done to her daughter?” Mrs

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. Shittu asked and we smiled at each other.

“Yes o, and I was thinking maybe you should tell her, I believe it would end that stupid engagement faster than we can get daddy to wake up when you cook amala”, Dara said and we just had to laugh.

“Okay o, don’t worry, I will not just let her know, I would also ensure they come over, we need to clear this case so you all can start preparing for school, now I want to return back to my meeting, all the interesting things will happen and pass”, she said and hung up.

“I wonder what could be so interesting about those meetings, I have attended several and I nearly died of boredom at them”, Dozie mused.

“Well, you were not paying attention, all the hot gist happens at those meetings. Throw a couple of women who barely tolerate each other into a room for at least an hour and watch the drama go down”, Dara explained with a grin. The girl thrived on drama; she was indeed her mother’s daughter.

“What next?” I asked, looking around.

“Well, I think we should go home and tell grandma of this new development, of course she will not believe us but we have done our part, we won’t tell her we were placing calls sha, just let her know that Afam has a baby mama in a girl called Nnenna, I don’t think we should tell her the surname sef, let us see her reaction when she realizes it’s the Duru’s daughter, who knows we might get lucky and she would have a heart attack”, Ezinne said, grinning mischievously.

“Ah! You are wicked sha, but good point o, let us all get going, they are still at church but in less than a hour all the meetings would end and I actually don’t want to be jumping bus”, Dara responded.

“Let us take Uber then, my mom gave us money na”, I added.

“Ah! No o, let us share the money instead and hitch a free ride with our parents and if you want to avoid the Arsenal you can come in our car, there is plenty of space and Meso, I have gist for you o”, she said as she put her things together. We all did same and prepared to leave the place.

As we left the place to get a bus back to church, my phone began to ring, it was a call from an unknown number.

“Hello”, I said when I picked.

“Hi Mmesoma, It is Nnenna and now that you know of me, let us work together to end this drama”, the caller said and I stopped walking. The others realized something was up and hurried back to where I was standing in the middle of the aisle. Dara guided me to a nearby table.

I was speechless; I had not expected her to be directly involved in this.

“Please say something, Afam gave me your number, he is afraid of what Irene would do and though I would love to ignore her, so am I, she is mentally unstable if you ask me, but that is beside the point. I called to know how exactly you would use my pregnancy to get out of your impending marriage, I have heard of your grandma from him and she does not give up easily, so what is the plan?” she asked.

Finally I found my voice and responded.

“Well, I intended to use your family name; you are not any pregnant girl, you are a Duru”,

“Interesting, so I am a pawn in this grand game”,

“Well, aren’t we all, it is all about perspective”, I said.

“Good one, I look forward to working with you”, she said and hung up.

Okay, what just happened?

. .

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