Mmesoma's Dilemma - Episode 26

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“Mmesoma open the door, there is wahala and you are still sleeping?!”

I could hear Ezinne screaming and I just wanted to die, this was legit the worst dream in the world. Something was buzzing against me, and combined with Ezinne’s screaming, someone else was banging on a door and screaming even louder.

Just kill me. Do I have to offer special sacrifices to the gods of sleep before I can get any sleep in this house?

I dragged myself out of bed to the sad realization that this was no bad and noisy dream, but was in fact my reality and Ezinne was not only screaming she was also banging against my room door, right now she was saying something along the lines of Afam Chibueze.

Wait, what?!

I hurried to the door and opened it, she fell into the room and I had to catch her.

“Woman, you sleep like a corpse! I have been banging on this door since and calling you . See ehn, there is wahala o, mummy, daddy, the entire Arsenal and the Chibueze’s are here and that screaming voice you here is Mrs. Chibueze threatening to kill you”, she explained, panting while doing so. Dozie jogged upstairs, he was seriously frowning.

“Finally she is awake, See ehn, I do not want to be the one to open that door o, because the way she has been ranting and raving like a mad woman, one cannot know what she will do to whoever opens the door”, he said.

“I am not even going to go downstairs o, Meso, you have to open the door, I am so sure she is here to see you sef.

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. See ehn, when you open it like this, just jump, don’t wait for her to slap you first o, just jump behind a chair or start running upstairs like you did the first time they came here, you hear? Don’t die young o”, Ezinne advised and I groaned audibly.

“So, you people are leaving me alone to go and suffer”, I muttered to them as I walked downstairs

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. As I got closer to the front door she became very audible and blood of Jesus, I will so run when I open that door or she would kill me.

I opened the door very fast and ran behind a large chair, she tried to get to me but I had age and agility on my side, she however had anger and a thirst for my blood on hers. What did I do now?

“Patience, you are in my house now, please stop attacking my child o, this thing is not funny, how is it her fault that people are talking about your son’s actions, is he not the one who got someone pregnant? Is he not the one with the mad ex-girlfriend? Why is she being attacked? Biko, respect yourself here o, just respect yourself”, my mother said, surprising everyone. I went to stand behind her and then my wonderful immediate younger siblings came downstairs to stand with us.

“Mummy, I am very sure this is not Mmesoma’s fault in any way o, why don’t you attack Afam instead”, Tobe said.

“What did I do sef?” I asked, finally feeling courageous but also ready to run if necessary.

“Interesting, she is even asking me what she did. Uju, your daughter is trying me o, she is trying me”, the woman was on a roll tough.

“Patience, you heard her, tell her the crime she committed na, let us hear whether it was my daughter that affected your son’s reputation. I don’t know how it is her fault that your son chooses to be useless, biko don’t drag her into this one”, my mom retorted and punctuated her statement with a hiss.

This whole time, the Arsenal has just been standing there looking speechless, even my father was not saying anything, he definitely did not expect my mother to go all badass on Mrs. Chibueze considering how she is always telling us to be respectful and all.

“Uju, is that so? Okay, Mmesoma, you have been spreading rumours about how my son is getting girls pregnant and making them get abortions ba? In fact you even added that there is one who is currently pregnant for him. You thought I would never hear about it ba? You thought you would destroy my family’s reputation ba?” she was asking me questions I could not keep up with.

Clearly someone had informed her of the Nnenna situation and what I am guessing are some of the things Irene might have done to keep Afam but who is telling her that I am spreading them about? I was even unaware of the abortion part sef.

“Ah! I did not do that o, biko; check your source, whoever is telling you this is a liar! I am not a gossip and I did not spread rumours regarding Afam or pregnant girls and abortions. And why are you attacking me sef? I am not spreading the rumours o, but people say that in every rumour there is a semblance of truth, why don’t you ask your precious son, Adam whether or not he knows about any of those things?” I retorted. She gasped in shock and my mother was smiling so hard I was sure her face would split in two.

Take that old witch!

“Well, you have heard her, please you people should leave”, m mom ordered.

“No o, my source is here, this matter will end today!” Mrs. Chibueze insisted and I sighed.

“Bring her then”, my father said, sounding amused.

I wanted to laugh too but my laughter died in my throat when Irene walked in, even Afam gasped, clearly we all never expected it.

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