Mmesoma's Dilemma - Episode 10

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“Uju, Paul, we need to talk”, Aunty Kainene said as she stood up.

My father led all 4 of them to the gazebo, and my siblings and I, minus a sleeping Dubem, watched through the window as they sat in the gazebo.

Are they planning my execution?

“I cannot believe you told grandma that!” Ezinne said grinning, Dozie was smiling too.

“Now, we have a good idea what she will do and I know that right now you are unbothered about getting disowned because it is impossible, but your semester would be messed up if you resume late”, she added.


“Any ideas on what we should do next?” Dozie asked, keeping his eyes on the staircase just in case Grandma decided to make an appearance.

“I honestly don’t know, right now I need sleep, I feel so drained and I cannot think well”, I said with a sigh.

“My own is, who called them here, I because when I told mummy and daddy they were here, they looked very shock and they were not acting”, Ezinne said as she carried Dubem and we walked upstairs to our rooms. We passed the room grandma was staying in and hurried past it, I was thankful that our rooms were far from hers.

I don’t know when I slept off, but I was woken up by someone knocking on my door.

“Meso open for me . I just want to talk”


I sat up immediately

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. This did not feel right, my mom wanted to talk not kill me she was sounding so calm. What had changed?

Then I remembered that the Arsenal was in town and clearly I and she were on the same team now, I am so sure aunty Kainene would have told mom that I am so stubborn and disobedient because I am my mother’s daughter.

Which is actually the truth, stubbornness runs in our veins.

I open for her, she comes in and I immediately close the door behind us.

“Obim, I know you are very surprised to see but neither your father nor I called them. This engagement has been decided before you two were born, your grandmother and his made this union and believe me she would do anything to see it happen, so please stop being stubborn and just agree”, she said.


I looked at her in surprise, she was holding my hand and looking into my eyes, she reminded me of a woman without many choices. She had to make sure I agree or she and I would face my grandma’s wrath which, from experience, I knew would not end well.

“Wow! This is so wow! So they cannot even consider us first, whether or not we will even love each other, whether we can tolerate each other, they did not even know how things will work out or which family would produce which child.

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. They were just busy making plans ba?”

I was angry and really trying to keep my voice low, my mother was no longer looking at me.

“Obim, I do not want wahala at all, so just agree to the marriage, please. He is an amazing catch for any girl; I would want him if I were your age, what is your problem sef? What has suddenly come over you? When did you get so stubborn, ehn?” she asked.

Her questions were just flying over my head; my own was that this whole matter was much bigger than I thought.

“Also, I think you should stop trying, you and I know that it is only if he breaks the engagement that it would end, you do not have a say, neither do I, plus I think he is an ideal choice for a in-law, he will take good care of you”, she said, smiling as if Afam was the best thing to happen to me.

“Mummy, I am not disputing that he is a catch o, I am just saying that I do not want to marry him. Ahan! It is not fair na, I have not even graduated, I don’t even know what I want to do with my life and my wedding preparations are already being finalized. You people are wicked sha”, I retorted.

She sighed, let go of me and stood up.

“Ada, you heard your grandma, you know how she likes to give small-small messages on what she would do to anyone who disobeys her. She has let you know that if you reject this proposal then she would ensure you are cut off from this family and I know that does not bother you, but please it bothers me, I do not intend to cut off ties with my first child. Ada, please think about me and your father, biko, we really just want all this drama to end”, she said and left my room quietly.

Leaving me to think of my life and how once again a boy whose surname was Chibueze was turning my life upside down.

My phone buzzed, reminding me of Whatsapp. I closed my door before checking my messages. Dara had been flooding the group chat and our private chat with messages. She had not called though; she knew I would not take my phone to where my grandma was.

I opened our private chat first.

Dara: The Arsenal has truly arrived! Babe, do NOT let them see your fear o.

Dara: I saw a guy at the mall today. Total hottie!

Dara: Girl, why are you still offline, is the inquisition going on there? Have they killed you already?

Dara: Are we going to see in church tomorrow? I am going for second mass so I can have an excuse to stay back later.

Me: B, calm down, I am still alive! See you in second mass then. You must sha gist me about this hot boy.

Dara: Alleluia! She lives!

Yes baby, I live, for now.

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  • Uanhoro Precious picture
    Uanhoro Precious
    Oh dis one dat hrr parents are even helpless na wa o. Arranged even before she was born kwa, lol so she already had a 'wonderful' husband wen she was busy dating the little brother.
  • Ode Nimi picture
    Ode Nimi
    I don't get how she can be cut off without her parents permission?? Or is it like a shunning thing?
  • Titilola picture
    This plan has to work fast
  • Dolapo Olajugba picture
    Dolapo Olajugba
    It is just getting hotter and hotter,the Arsenal thou
  • Casper Jnr picture
  • Mercy Ezigbo picture
    Mercy Ezigbo
    I hate ppl who play "god", who does the grandma think she is anyway?
  • Mercy Ezigbo picture
    Mercy Ezigbo
    I hate ppl who play "god", who does the grandma think she is anyway?
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