Love Crystal - Episode 46

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" The only thing we can offer ourselves now, is forgiveness and nothing more. "
Jessi said to them. 

Gabi shook his head wistfully and stood up. 

" What are we gonna do now? "
Desmond asked Gabi. 

" We let time tell us. "
And Gabi walked away


Everyone sat with sad faces, a nurse walked up to them

" She's awake now, you can now see her . "
She said and walked away. 

Everyone stood up and headed for queen's room but Gabi sat where he was. 

" You won't come see her? "
Lucious asked. 

" No, go ahead"
He nodded. 


" My baby.. You are awake. "
Doris sat beside her. 

" How are you feeling honey"
Mrs Helen asked. 

" You don't seem cheerful. "
Mr Davis said. 

" Mom, where's Gabriel? Where's Gabi? "
Tears building up in her eyes as she talked. 

" Wait, he's out side, why are you crying? "
Coln asked. 

" I remember everything Mom.. Where's my Gabriel? Please I want to see him! "

" Wow!! "
Exclaimed Mr Davis and Mrs Helen in unison... 

" Get him please! "
Doris said and Cynthia rushed out. 


Cynthia leaned on a pillar beside Gabi. 

" You know, you really don't have to be here

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. "

She said and Gabi turned. 

" Hey... Sis.. "

" Yea, you shouldn't be here. "

" Why? "

" Cause Queen is inside requesting to see her Gabriel. "

Gabi turned sharply 

" What do you mean by ' her Gabriel ' ? "

" Just exactly what you are thinking bro! She's gotten back her memory. "

Cynthia laughed and Gabi jumped up and rushed to queen's room. 


Gabi swung the door open and rushed to Queen.. 

" My love..  You... You..  You.. Re... member me right? "
Gabi stammered. 

" Yes... I do "
Queen nodded, opened her arms and Gabi hugged her. 

" I think they deserve privacy. "
Desmond suggested and walked out and so did everyone else. 

" My passion... I'm sorry, I didn't remember anything, I'm sorry I was... "

" Shsssss... It's not your fault. If only I didn't embarrass you that day, you wouldn't have ran away. I'm sorry instead."

Gabi hugged her. They stayed together for a while until they started hearing voices outside. 

" What's that, who's that? "
Queen asked Gabi who equally had no idea. 

"I don't know... "

The door swung open, it's Cynthia.. 

" Bro! "

" Yes, what's going on? "

" There's a lady outside who wants to see you. She said her name is Phina Anderson. "

" How did she get her? "
Gabi asked in shock. 

" That's not the issue, she came with a friend requesting to see you. Mom said no that you are busy but she stubbornly insisted and started raising her voice. "

" Ask mom to send her out! "
Gabi retorted. 

" Yea, she did but she said she's pregnant for you! Bro you have to come out and see this. "

Cynthia closed the door and Gabi turned to Queen.. 

" Go..  Go to her.. "
Queen said downcasted 

" Honey... "

" I said go to her. "

Gabi walked outside. On seeing him, his mother called. 

" Do you know this lady? "
Helen asked. 

Gabi remained silent and Ruth smiled. 

" Something cut your tongue? "
Ruth asked sarcastically. 

" Gabriel! "
Helen yelled at Gabi. 

" Yes mom, I know her. "
Gabi answered. 

" She said she is pregnant, do have any idea? "

" Yes Mom, I do "

" Who is responsible? "

" I am Mom. "

" What! Bro! How... "
Desmond exclaimed disappointedly. 

" Oh my God... "
Helen almost fell but Williams supported her. Gabi rushed to hold her. 

" Don't touch me! " Helen yelled " you have disgraced and disappointed me. "

Helen walked out crying. 

" I didn't expect this from you Gabriel "
Davis said and walked out on him too. 

" I honestly thought you were different but... Pss "
Lucious shook his head wistfully. 

" Phina, how could you? "
Gabi turned to Phina. 

" Don't you dare talk to... "
Phina was interrupted by Desmond. 

" Excuse me lady, can I have a word with you? "
He turned to Gabi, 

" You have to go see Queen now "

Gabi stood for a while before walking away. 

" What do you want? "
Ruth asked. 

" Nothing at all from you. "
He said to Ruth and turned to Phina. 

" I'm sorry you had to pass through this stress, can we take a walk together? "
Phina looked at her friend.

" Yea but she's coming with us. "
Pointing at Ruth. 

" Okay.. "
Desmond shrugged. 

They walked for a while without saying a word to each other. 

" We won't walk for the whole of today, you know? "
Phina said and Desmond smiled.. 

" Yea, that's true. "

" So....? "

" Queen, Gabi's fiancee just remembered him today"
Desmond said and Phina stopped. 

" What do you mean? "

" She's had amnesia for years now and you know when? Just on the very day he wanted to propose. "

" oh! That's bad."
Ruth said. 

" He suffered so much waiting for her to notice him and just today, she got back her memory but with a shocking revelation that her fiance got a girl pregnant. "

Both ladies remained quiet. 

" Gabriel is like a brother to me and trust me, he's hurting right. Just at the point where he thought that he's seen light, there's just a thick dark cloud there. I don't know what happened between the both of you but please give him time. He's shattered, he needs time to fix things and even if you shout a thousand times, it won't change anything. Please he needs time. "

" We're sorry, I thought he was ignoring my friend and the baby. We will give him all the time he needs but be eat assured that this baby won't be aborted. "
Ruth Said. 

" Try as much as possible not to abort it. "
Desmond replied.. 

" We'll leave now. Thanks. "
Phina said and Desmond turned and headed back to the hospital. 


Queen was crying uncontrollably.. The pain was terrible. Just when she thought their lives could get better, it got worse. Gabi stood still watching her, unable to console her nor go Close to her. 

" Why Gabi? Why? "
Queen finally broke the silence in the room. 

" I'm really sorry honey. "
Gabi pleaded. 

" Don't sorry honey me! How could you! I never cheated on you even when I couldn't remember you! So why! How! "

" I was stupid, I was hurt, I thought you chose Desmond over me. "

" I tried stopping you that day! I called you to explain what happened to you but you couldn't hear me out! "

" I didn't mean for this to happen. Trust me, I will try to fix it. "

" When trust is broken, sorry can not fix anything Gabriel. I love you very much but to what extent do you love me! "
Queen cried. 

" I love you very much honey, I will give anything for you. "

" What about the baby? "

" I can take care of the mother and the baby during the pregnancy and take the baby when she gives and maybe pay her off.

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. I don't know"

" Brilliant! Can you hear yourself? Haven't you learnt already? Look at my sister Jessica, she almost got married to her own elder brother! And you are talking about taking a baby! "
Queen yelled at Gabi.. 

" I don't know anymore! "
Gabi scratched his head. 

" You should have thought about this first. "

They went mute for a while and Queen spoke up. 

" Gabi, I love you, I really do. "

" I do too dear. "

" My mind is made up "

" About?"

" I can't allow your baby have a divided home and start suffering the same way my sister is right now. So... Please get married to Phina if you can. "

" What do you mean by that? "

" What I mean is, I'm going on with the wedding plans. I and Desmond will be getting married in a month time. "

" What about us? "

" You killed us"

Gabi broke down and wept bitterly. 


Let the countdown begin!!! 

Less than five episodes to go... 

So...  One......... Lol

Happy reading... 


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  • Fabian Ibeh picture
    Fabian Ibeh
    O.P don't mean to be unrealistic about the situation at hand o. But can I ask one question, do you have problem with my namesake that you are punishing him so? Haba, have mercy on Gabriel nah biko nu, ejor, dan allah which language you wan make I use beg u again, eh? LOL... My namesake don suffer do abeg eh?
  • Oluwadare Mojisola picture
    Oluwadare Mojisola
    I can't believe this is happening
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    This is really bad, nice job
  • Jacob Toluwanimi picture
    Jacob Toluwanimi
    Eh Eh Queenie...Enoff of this suffering for Gabi now... Queen and Gabi must get married ooo. Otherwise sister, Hope u're ready for the fight sha?. Don't give me heart attack. Next episode Biko. More power to your elbow ma
  • Queen Allie picture
    Queen Allie
    @Fabian Ibeh, i've been looking at you since o... don't allow buhari to hear our case o....
  • Queen Allie picture
    Queen Allie
    @Jacob Toluwanimi, i wish i know how to fight, honestly, i for dey buhari back
  • Tochi Enyinnayah picture
    Tochi Enyinnayah
    Oh nooooo. Why naa? TeamGabi
  • Precious jewel picture
    Precious jewel
    Queen why now! Pls do something about it!
  • Fabian Ibeh picture
    Fabian Ibeh
    Antie Queen Allie na Buhari I go wan meet pour my vex on sef... BTW, nice Lips. *winks*
  • chisom Julia picture
    chisom Julia
    Anyways, has anyone thought about the DNA of the baby not being Gabriels but Michaels. Lemme come and be going nice work thou.
  • picture
    sure@chisom but team Gabi ooo he didn't deserve it, he was drunk
  • Witnezz Ahmed picture
    Witnezz Ahmed
    Sis queen pls dont let me nd u get issue o kos u reali brkin ma heart let gabi hav his tin which is queen mak phina no kom frm nower spoil evwifin o abeg ojere
  • carmen picture
    My swt Gabi am coming 2 marry u.... TeamGabi
  • Opeoluwa picture
    Queen make sure my gabi end up with d love of his life
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Gabi is paying for that little mistake of taking solace in alcohol, had I known? hmm!
  • Pat Kome picture
    Pat Kome
    Uh! uh! So painful
  • Lysah Palis picture
    Lysah Palis
    Oh no..... ??
  • Lysah Palis picture
    Lysah Palis
    Oh no..... ??
  • Sussnarlison Mat picture
    Sussnarlison Mat
    Awwwwwww so sad
  • Happy Godfirst picture
    Happy Godfirst
    Oh no Allie this is too much for Gab to bear
  • Happy Godfirst picture
    Happy Godfirst
    I have been keeping silence queen Allie hoping that you will do something positive at Gab's case
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    It is well!!!Gabi ndo
  • Abigail Amande picture
    Abigail Amande
    Oh noo....
  • Temmyluv picture
    So painful
  • Prince Andy picture
    Prince Andy
    Wao! I really feel for Gabi... This whole thing seems messed up already. But it wasn't his fault after all.
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