Love Crystal - Episode 3

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Sorry for the late post guys.. I ran out of sub... please kindly forgive and yes... I will make it up to you guys... and um... those asking how queen got to know everything that happened... she knows cause she's telling the story The Love Crystal

Gabi's POV

I was really heartbroken hearing those words from Queen. At this point, I don't even know what I feel or what to believe . Is she angry at me or she just doesn't remember me? I know how mischievous she can be atimes with her pranks but the seriousness in her eyes was more than just a prank... ## At the doctor's office My mom barged into the doctor's office "doctor!!" She shouted. "Yes madam, why did you barge into my office like that?" The doctor asked a little furious standing up from his seat and approaching her. My mom had to comport herself "I'm sorry doctor. Please can I see my daughter's report file. her name is Gift Williams, she was brought in here last night" she said calmly. "Oh! The patient in room 005. I was about going through her files when you barged in" he said walking down to his sit. "Can I have them?" She asked with pleading eyes. The doctor smiled facing my mom "madam you know....." before he could finish his statement, my mom interrupted him "sorry I didn't introduce myself earlier, I'm doctor Doris Williams of Aggrey Health Care Clinic LTD". "Wow!!" The doctor exclaimed

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. "Doctor Doris Williams?? It's a pleasure to meet you ma. I have heard a lot about you. Please sit" he said looking surprised. "I'm ok please can I have the files now?" She said impatiently. He handed the files over to her "of course you can".. my mom collected it and started going through it. "Oh my God!! Oh my God!!" My mom said almost falling to the ground but was held by the doctor. "What's the problem ma?" He asked keenly. "Have a look" mom handed the files over to him. "Woooo.... she has amnesia" my mom could not absorb the shock.. she just kept quiet. "In her case, there's only little or nothing we can do to help her but then I'll recommend a therapy for her and believe God will do something" the doctor concluded. My mom stood up without saying a word and left the doctor's office.

Some minutes later, my mom walked into my room looking very depressed. "Honey, what did the doctor say?" My dad broke the silence in the room. My mom kept looking at me but finally spoke up "let's talk outside" while she headed for the door. "Is anything wrong?" I asked cause I was beginning to feel that they were hiding something from me. My mom turned and smiled weakly "no dear, the doctor said I need bed rest but I didn't want you to know in this condition". "You need it mom! " Lucious said from behind me. She only nodded positively and went out with my dad and Lincoln who hasn't said anything since he arrived.

Meanwhile Gabi has been at the reception and the moment he sighted them, he rushed upto meet them. "What's wrong with her" Gabi asked keenly. Everyone stared at mom to say something and then she finally spoke up "she has amnesia and in her case, she might never remember the things she had forgotten" It suddenly hit Gabi like a bullet in the chest and he fell down to the ground. Immediately Lincoln rushed him "be strong my brother. It will all be okay" he said trying to comfort Gabi who had already busted out in tears. My dad seem to not have been able to digest the news. He was just staring at everyone with his mouth open still in shock. "Is there anything we can do to help her?" Lincoln finally broke the silence. "Yes" my mom said and everyone looked at her with high hopes. "We can only pray and hope on God that this nightmare passes quickly" she said dashing their hopes on the wall. Calmly she turned and headed for my room. Lincoln patted gabi on the shoulder and left while dad still stood there, I guess he was still shocked.

Gabi's POV

I couldn't believe what I just heard. How come one minute life is ok with you and the next minute, it drastically turns against you? I asked myself series of questions, the good times we spent together kept flashing in my memory, does this really mean she won't remember any of it?. I held my chest cause I felt my heart was about to explode. My emotions were crushed, I needed someone to talk to so I called my mom who picked up almost immediately like she was actually expecting my call. "Hello my baby. How are you?" my mom asked cheerfully. "I can't wait to hear all about last night oh" my sister's voice Cynthia echoed from the background. Hearing those words, my pains increased the more and I busted in tears again. "My baby, are you crying?" My mom asked with worry in her voice. "Mom, mom" I sobbed. "Speak up my son. Talk to your mama" she said a little impatient. "Mom is anything wrong? What's up with him?" I heard Cynthia's voice again asking my mom who was totally clueless and worried. "Mom, it's queen" I sobbed the more cause I didn't know how to bring myself to tell them that I'm at the verge of losing the love of my life. "What happened to queen? Please talk to me" mom said almost shouting. "She had an accident cause of me mom" I said in the mist of my sobs. "What!!" Mom exclaimed. "The worst part is that it resulted to amnesia and she can't remember me anymore mom" I felt my pain growing the more. My mom was totally speechless and I ended the call.

Few minutes later Cynthia called me back "bro where are you?" Was the first thing I heard. "Kekris health care clinic" I said more like a whisper. I don't know how long it took them cause at this point, time meant nothing to me anymore. I saw my mom and Cynthia. My mom rushed down to me and embraced me while Cynthia patted my shoulder. Mom broke the hug and asked "where's her room?" Room 005 by your right" l managed to say. Mom went down to queen's room while Cynthia stayed with me.

# At Queen's room Lucious was busy gisting me about the latest that happened at his school campus while I listened and laughed. The door opened and a middle aged woman walked in. My mom stood up and hugged her. "We heard what happened" the woman said. My mom only nodded her head. She walked up to me "honey how are you?" She asked like someone who had known me from the adam. "I'm feeling ok ma" I said calmly and turned to my brother cause I didn't actually know her, she must be one of mom's friends I thought. She turned to my mom "it's clear she doesn't recognize me too." Hmmm.. she exhaled. "Everything will be alright my friend. I'll take gabi home" my mom nodded positively and with this, she left my room. Gabi's POV I was deep in thought when I felt someone touched my shoulder. I turned to see my mom. "Bro, let's go home" Cynthia said. "Yes honey, let's go" my mom supported. I didn't want to follow but then I was too weak to argue with them. Without uttering a single word, I stood up and followed them.

When we got home, I walked straight to my room. Every step I took reminded me of her and when I finally entered my room, every single thing reminded me of her. My towel on the bed "hey dirty guy" she would say. I started hearing her voice in my head. No I can't live like this, I can't leave without her. How can I write, how can I do anything without her.. I thought and started crying again. "No! I must end this miserable life am living.

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. This is no life for me, even fate has betrayed me" I said to myself. I went outside, called the gate man. "Musa, go buy me acid and make sure you no tell any person. You hear? " I said in pigin giving him money. "Ok oga" he said and ran out. Few minutes later, he brought the acid, I took it to my room and locked the door. I sat down and wept bitterly. I prayed to God to forgive me and accept my soul then I carried the bottle of acid to drink it's content. I stared at the bottle and wept the more "if this is how my life ends then so be it. My love, in my next world I'll come back for you" I promise TBC What happens next!!! Is queen going to regain her memory the minute Gabi dies?? Is this the Romeo and Juliet of our generation? Find out in the next episode coming your way shortly.. and I'll like to know what you think..

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  • Abigail Edos picture
    Abigail Edos
    If she has amnesia which from your POV is permanent, how come did she recognise her parents and siblings instantly and if not instantly how was she able to blend easily like previous times? Nice concept though. Loving the story.
  • Happy Godfirst picture
    Happy Godfirst
    Chai so pity
  • Gracious Grace picture
    Gracious Grace
    @Abigail Edos Well, there are different kinds of the disease. Some people are remembered, while some are not. Buh seriously, suicide? Gabi ehn . Well done sis
  • Opeoluwa picture
    @Abigail we have different type amnesia,some might forget few years and y some will even forget their own name
  • Gregory Onome picture
    Gregory Onome
    This is not good for Gabi at all taking his life.No na
  • Prince Andy picture
    Prince Andy
    Hnmmm... Poor Gabi
  • damskid picture
    Gabi u cnt do diz 2 urself nw....nice pieces tho ride on sis
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