Love Crystal - Episode 47

The Reconciliation

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Sorry for the late update guys. Work really gat me busy and there's no light here o..It's  really frustrating but then, it's nice to be back... 



Staring at different women wears, gosh! I'm dead confused. Woman can really be something, imagine all they have to put on at once. 

" Oh! I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry Miss . "
I exhaled... I just bumped into someone. 

I looked up and saw a beauty in front of me. Heavens, she's gorgeous but hey! Don't think too much, I'm not crushing on her at all. I just bumped into her. 

" That's no problem Mr, try watching your way next time. "
She said all smiling. 

" Not like I wasn't watching, you are just too pretty"
She gave me this ' really ' look. 

" Hey! I don't mean to be rude, even the good book says we shouldn't lie. "

She smiled. " I'm engaged OK...? "
She pointed to the ring on her finger. 

" Wow!  That's cool, trust me, that guy is lucky but wait till you see my fiancee. "

She laughed " You are really funny

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. You're engaged? "

" Yea, I am, I actually came to pick something for her. There's some sort of a meeting at home and I thought about surprising her. "

" Awnn...  That's sweet of you . "

" I'm Desmond Manyika. Please, if you don't mind, help me out cause I'm going crazy. "

She laughed. " I'm Mimi Solade and you don't have to go crazy as long as you know what she likes. "

" That's true, how could I have forgotten! "

" What's that"

" Miss Salade, she's as pretty as you are! So please help me out.!"

She laughed " You are really funny, OK. Let's get on with it. "

After shopping, we went out together. I walked her to her car. 

" Thank you so much Miss. You are a life saver. "

" You are really funny. I bet she will always have a smile on. "

" Yea, if you don't mind, can I have your digits? So I can officially and properly invite you for my wedding. "

" That will be cool. Let me have your phone please. "

I gave her my phone and she dialled her number, it rang , she saved it and handed my phone back to me .

" So when's your wedding coming up? "

" In 3 weeks time... And you? " 

" You can't be serious! Mine is in 3weeks time too. "

My phone rang... 

" I have to take this.. " I said... " Hello sis "

" Desmond! Where the hell are you! Everyone is already here."

" Hey sis!  Chill please, I'm on my way already. I stopped by the mall to pick a few things for my wife to be... "
I giggled. 

" Please be fast. "
She dropped the call before I could say anything else and then, I turned to Mimi.. 

" Miss, I've got to rush off now.. Maybe I will call you later. Hope you don't mind? "

" No, not at all. It was nice meeting you. "

I smiled. I entered my car and drove off. 


Everyone was seated quietly with one lingering question in their mind;  why did Jessi call for this meeting? She invited the Hugines and the Richardson, along side her mother. She was impatiently waiting for Desmond cause everyone was already present, including Mr Chester Hugine, Gabriel's father. 
Finally, Desmond arrived. 

" Sorry I'm late "
He apologized, and handed the bag he was holding to Queen who hugged and kissed him slightly on the lips. 

" Dear, Everyone is here, we are here to listen to you. Please tell us why you called for this meeting. "
Mr Davis said. 

" mmmhhmm" Jessi cleared her throat. " I called this meeting because I want to know what we are going to do with Alice. "

" I don't think there's anything else so say about that. She must face the consequences of her actions. "
Mrs Helen said. 

" Yes, that is correct. She almost murdered you, if not for the intervention of your adopted mother. She shot Desmond, she locked your biological father up for 30 years and she almost killed Queen too. Honestly, I don't see a need for this meeting dear. "
Doris retorted. 

" She's been charged for attempted murder, kidnapping and she will be going to cut in two weeks time. My dear, there's nothing else we can do. She must face the law. "
Mr Davis said. 

" She's my mother but I think she will have to face the law. "
Williams said and Nessy buried her face in his chest. 

" I'm afraid none of these will be happening. "
Jessi finally spoke up after listening to what everyone had to say. 

" What do you mean? "
Doreen asked the very question on everyone's mind. 

" Alice!! "
Jessi called and to everyone's chagrin, Alice stepped out. 

" What! Aren't you supposed to be locked up! "
Mr Morris stood up shocked. 

" Yes Sir, she is but I dropped every charge filed against her. "

" You did what?! "
Doris retorted. 

" At some point, we all had to realise that we hurt ourselves and we are to blame but right now, we are pinning it all on her. " Jessi got everyone's attention. " please sit "

After a while, everyone became calm and she continued. 

" It's true Alice tried to kill me and that's what everyone sees but then, what and who is the root cause? " She turned to Doris " You and you"
She pointed at Doris and Morris. 

" Both of you are the root cause of the death that almost took me. I almost married my brother " her voice began to break " Who's the root cause?  You " she pointed at Doreen " You hid the truth from me. "

" Desmond almost lost his life, why? Because of you! And you! "
She pointed at Doreen and Doris. 

" Gabriel got a girl pregnant! Who is the root cause? It's you Williams!! "

Everywhere was quiet, no one said a thing... 

" It's true Alice did all she's accused of but she was only a tool of the evil we created! She was never like this but who made her so! " She turned to Morris " you! At this juncture, I'd say, we all created this mess and for what! Love! "

She paused and wiped the tears on her face. 

" Love is a two edge sword. When it is used wisely and selflessly, it gives life but when it is used selfishly, it kill, it destroys, it ruins. It's obvious that we used it the wrong way and even the innocent is paying for it. The only thing we can offer ourselves right now, is forgiveness and nothing more. Alice deserves our forgiveness and we also deserve hers. We shouldn't pin the blame on anyone cause if we should, this hate will grow from generation to generation. "

Alice couldn't stop the tears from flowing anymore. She fell on her knees. 

" All I wanted was love and my family. As a young girl, I lived a borrowed life, where I only have to obey my parent's orders. Finally, I thought I've found love in my husband but he cheated on me. I wasn't mad until it occurred to me that a man I dedicated my world to never loved me, he only used me to seal a family deal. I was in love and it turned to hate. I'm sorry everyone, mostly to my husband, please forgive me. Doris, Doreen, Queen, Desmond, my children, everyone please forgive me. "
Alice cried. 

No one made a move nor say a thing. The room was sober and Jessi got Mad. 

" No one is saying anything!? Why is it hard to forgive!! If there's anyone who has the right to be mad here, then it's me!! Mom! Mr Morris!! Doris!! You all ruined my life!! For heaven's sake, I slept with my brother without knowing!! I kissed him numerous times!!! And I will die with that guilt!  Have you thought of me! I'm trying to put my life in place and you have the guts to remain angry! For what! Doris, you don't deserve to be called a mother cause you gave me away like a piece of trash but then, I forgive you. Mr Morris, today I forgive you and I call you father. Williams, let go of the guilt and accept me as your sister. Let go of the hate!!"
Jessi broke down in tears... 

Gabi stood up " At every point, we are all wrong, there's no need accusing anyone anymore. " He went to Williams " Brother, I forgive you. " 
Williams stood up and hugged him, trying as much as possible to fight his emotions. 

Gabi went to Queen. 

" My passion, i'm sorry, sorry I made the wrong move. I'm sorry for everything." he turned to Des " Bro, I'm sorry for hiding the truth about us from you. "
Queen and Des stood up and hugged him. 

Doris stood up and went to her husband.. 

" Honey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. I love you very much and I need you. Please forgive me. " Doris bowed her head " Please find a place in your heart to forgive me, my life is nothing without you. "

Doris pleaded but Davis said nothing. Coln, Lucious and Queen went beside their mom and knelt down in front of their father. 

" Daddy, please forgive mom. We all need you, our family is incomplete without you. "
Coln pleaded

Jessi also knelt down " I know I don't know you too well and I also do not know if I have the right to call you father but then, if you see me worthy to be called your child then please daddy, forgive mommy. "
Mr Davis was moved. He stood up and raised his wife up. 

" I forgive you, I forgive you. Jessica you are my daughter and you will remain my daughter, thank you for forgiving your mother. "
They all had a group hug. 

Morris went down on his knees.. 

" Alice I am sorry for everything. Please give us a chance to be a family again. "

" Mommy please forgive us too.

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. "
Nessy knelt beside her father. 

" Let the moment give birth to a new life. Please mommy"
Williams added.

Alice embraced her husband and children. 

" Mom, I'm sorry I wasn't a good daughter to you. Sorry I didn't trust you."
Jessi apologized to Doreen .

" It wasn't your fault honey. I love you. "
Doreen hugged Jessi and Desmond joined them. 

" My daughter you have shown us today that maturity is not by having grey hair , it's not by getting angry at the worse sins, it's not by counting errors neither is it by age but the ability to let the past go. You have acted like a mother to us. Thank you for blessing us and yourself. I'm glad I witnessed all this happen. "
My Chester who have been watching quietly finally spoke up. 

Everyone seemed very happy and refreshed with smiling faces. 

" Now, is Alice still going to Jail? "
Jessi asked. 

" No!  "
Retorted Mr Morris and Davis in unison. 

" Thought you dropped the charges already.? "
Doreen asked. 

" No I didn't, I only paid her way out for a few hours and she has to go back. I want us all to drop the charges together. "

" Then, what are we waiting for? Let's get it done with already! "
Mr Davis said and everyone laughed. 


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    Adekanmbi Aderonke
    Hmm.... Welldone Queen.
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    Its nice but until my Gabi is happy there will be no smiling 4 me..... TeamGabi
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    Olaleye Adedamola
    Well-done dear, Jessica do d right thing about Alice issue we need to forgive ourselves for our mistake bcoz for Love.
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    Favour Abhatue
    Wow, wow, wow, so interesting. Forgiveness is d key. A lesson learnt
  • Fabian Ibeh picture
    Fabian Ibeh
    Not satisfied.
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    Fabian Ibeh
    Although sometimes the way life treats us is unfair, this story is more real than most. Real life hardly offers the 'Happy Ever After'. Good one Allie
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    Queen Allie
    smiles.. that's true.@ Fabian Ibeh
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    Queen Allie
    smiles.. that's true.@ Fabian Ibeh
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    Hmmmm! But Gabi gat to be happy again and is Queen really happy! @Queen u are d best kudos
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    Hmmm final the long awaited day is here well work. Please post one more episode today. Thanks
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    Precious jewel
    Nice episode! It's so touching forgiveness is the key! But what about gabi...........
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    Judith Marrieta Adzah
    jux sad for Gabi
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    Just like dat what abt gab....
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  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    its been a great journey dear, story well told and most of all, you've shown us to be patient and not judgemental, to forgive and not harbour pain in our hearts, it kills the soul. Well done dear for such a nice story, waiting for next episode,lol!!!
  • Opeoluwa picture
    Forgiveness is key but I still believe that gabi and queen deserves each other
  • Witnezz Ahmed picture
    Witnezz Ahmed
    Queen allie pls refresh me do u mean queens mom slept wit Williams dad to born jessi?
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    Oluwadare Mojisola
    I hope queen and Gabi can still be together
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    yea, that's true . part of a past mistake @ Witnezz Ahmed
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    Ayomide Huntress
    Nice one hoping phina Anderson's ex Mike I think is responsible for her pregnancy and then Desmond marry the guys fiance and Gab marry queen
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    U want 2 use dis whole 2018 2 finish love crystal
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    I wish you were a writer too and a worker... this is a work in progress OK? @Ruth Onyemauwa
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    lynnete barbie
    I would surely have loved Gabi ending up with Queen... ..Des n Salade......mike n phina
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    Sooo......sorry okey Is just that the story is so interesting n i dont like d suspence
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    Wao! Happy families again. Kudos Queen
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