Love Crystal - Episode 49

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Sorry sis, I didn't get mad, I felt boring but that's bad of me. Please, if you can, forgive me and I will love you as you do.. Lolzzz hope it's not too late to say sorry? If you stop reading, It will really hurt me. @Ruth Onyemauwa

A big shout out to everyone that have patiently walked this long with Love Crystal.. This is the longest episode so far so sit tight and read right.


Mimi's Point Of View...

Totally, tomorrow I'll be getting married to the one true love of my life . I'm feeling really nervous though but I think it's normal, at least my mom said it is. Everything was already set, my sim card collected and I was given a new one. Wondering why? I'm not supposed to see or talk to my groom till the wedding day. Lol.. Funny but I'm sort of enjoying it.
No matter how much I try to distract myself from think about tomorrow, I just find myself thinking about it and smiling sheepishly. My hands and feet are cold, from tomorrow, I'll be Mrs Mirabella Solade Edwin. Wow!!
I heard a gentle knock on my door.

" Come on in, the door is open.. "

The door opened, it's my elder brother Greg who just came back from the states to witness my wedding.

" Hey..

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. "
He smiled, showing those sets of white teeth. I didn't mention, he's got a killer's smile. Very handsome, wouldn't be mistaken if I say he's every woman's dream man but too bad, he's refused to get married. Always repeating this notion that we are already tired of hearing ' The right one has not come, when she does, I will grab her straight to the alter'. Shhhss.. Sick right?

" Hi bro... "

" How's the most beautiful bride of the season doing? "

" Um... I'm nervous but then, I don't expect you to understand. I mean, how would you know when you have literally turned all the ladies down.. "
I teased and he responded with a grin.

" Yea,,, go on, that's it. I'm getting married. I expected your kids to be walking down the aisle with me."

" You sound like our mother. I'm not surprised, like mother like daughter! "
He laughed.

" Hey!! Stop that! "
I nudged him.

" OK OK OK.. But then, how are you? "

" I'm nervous, I'm about taking a very big step and I don't know what tomorrow holds for me. I love Michael and I want to be his wife but I feel... I feel.. I don't know bro. "

" Sis, it's normal. OK, think back, the fist time you went for an interview, how did it feel? "

" Um... Almost the same. "
I bite my finger.

" But this is way more than an interview. It's a life commitment and it's way bigger. It's normal to feel the way you feel OK? "

" OK bro... You are really the best but then try hooking up with some girl perhaps today "

" You know I'm not the type that does that... "

" You are not getting any younger "

" I know but the right one has not come...."

" When she does, I will grab her straight to the alter "
I interrupted him before he could finish and we both laughed.

" And what's that noise I'm hearing? "
My mom said..

" Oh! Mom! "
Greg said.

" Yea, the door was open and I was hearing noises. Greg, why are you disturbing the bride? "

" Mom... I just came to check on her... That's all. "

" Yea mom, Greg came to check on me. "

" Both of you will never change but bad news, you can not gang up on me tonight. Greg to your room, it's already late and Mimi, you are gonna have a big day tomorrow so kindly go to sleep now. "
" But mom.. "

" No buts Mimi. Don't make me call your dad OK? "

" Alright sis, I'll see you tomorrow in that dress. "
He patted my shoulder and headed out with mom.

I couldn't sleep so I texted my new friend, Desmond.

" Hey! You're awake? "
I really didn't expect a reply cause it was late too but then my phone beeped.

" Yea, I am, damn nervous and I can't sleep. "

" We gat a big day tomorrow, a very big day.. "

" Mimi .."

" Yes Desmond.. "

" Nothing. "

" We just have to be strong, tomorrow will pass and we will look back at it and smile... OK? "

" You sound like a supper woman. "

" You're a supper man too. So go on, fly tomorrow. Goodnight. "

" Goodnight. "

Michael's Point Of View...

Tomorrow, tomorrow, a few hours from now, I'll be saying I do. Phina.. I'm really sorry for everything but what's the use when you now hate me. What's the use when she won't see me and her number is no longer going through.
Life can be funny sometimes but we just can't do anything about it. Reality messes with our dreams and we just stare at it without saying a word. I'm not proud of what I did but then, I guess fate wanted it that way.
I have to look out for tomorrow too.. Tired of all the numerous advice, ' Michael, don't hit your wife. Michael love her, ' . Michael this, Michael that.
Yet again came another knock on the door and it opened.

" Mom, you should have at least waited for me to ask you in first! What if I'm naked. "
I blurted

" Naked.. " she laughed. " Of course you can be naked but don't forget you were naked in my belly for 9 months. I saw you naked many times. So...? "

" Mom, I'm grown already, why don't you understand that. "

" Alright alright, you win.. Anyways, I just came to check on you and say a few things. "

" Yea, things like Michael your father never hit me once so don't hit her. Michael love her. Michael make her happy. Michael don't cheat. Michael make your home you first priority!! Gosh! Mom you guys are suffocating the living hell out of my life. I'm tired, honestly I am! I need to sleep. Don't worry, I won't screw up, the contract will be signed tomorrow and I will try to be a good husband OK? Now can I sleep in peace? "
Mom kept mute staring at me.

" Michael, what is it with you? "
She asked calmly.

" Mom, I'm sorry if I sounded rude okay but then, I need my space already, please leave. "

" I just wanted to bond with you. I know after tonight, I won't be able to ask you to sleep over, I won't be the one to come wake you up or prepare breakfast for you. I just wanted us to talk about us. The good times and the bad too. I just wanted to know your fears and also tell you mine. I just wanted to be your friend tonight. That's all but it seems you are not in that mood. "

Hearing those words from her, I felt really cold and guilt started building up in me. She came to offer what I needed perhaps, things might have gone better but I just insulted and turned her down..

" Mom... "

" It's okay, You don't have to. Perhaps, by tomorrow you will be in a much better mood. "

She said and walked out, shutting the door behind her.

Mimi's Point Of View...

" Arise and shine bride!! "
I heard my two best friend's voice.. Tracy and Karina
I stretched and opened my eyes as Tracy drew the curtain allow the ray of the sun find it's way in to the room.

" Here comes the bride 🎶 here comes the bride 🎶 "
Rina sang and danced with my wedding gown while Tracy drew me up from the bed.

" Hey guys! It's too early. "

" Of course not! " Rina retorted " Everything must be perfect and on time... So.. Let's get started. "

" Your makeup artists is on his way already so get into the shower already or do you also need our help soon to be Mrs Mimi Solade Edwin! "
They both cheered and laughed..

" Stop that already.. I'll take a shower now. "
I headed for the shower.

Ruth's Point Of View...

They always say that truth always wins and I hope today it does. Today Michael and Mimi are getting married. Queen and Desmond are getting married.
Heaven must have it's way today or else hell will break loose but I'm hoping for the very best.
Phina has been in bed since morning, refusing to come out. I know she must be crying herself out.
I walked to her door and knocked but she didn't respond, so I opened the door.

" Girl... "

" I want to be alone Ruth. Please. "

" Since when? Anyways, sulking here won't help you. "

" And stressing me won't help me too. Please leave."

" I will but I think I know what will help you. "

" What? " she turned.

" A confession, I know you are dying of guilt but I know what ever you are doing is for the baby's future and God needs to understand that and forgive. So let's go see a priest. Let's go to a church. "

" Thanks sis, i thought you were gonna lecture me again. I knew you'd understand but then, which church are we going to? "

" Saint Andrew's Catholic Church. Don't worry, his wedding is at Saint John's OK..? "

" Alright, let me go shower. "

Mimi's Point Of View...

" Hurry! We mustn't be late!! "
I heard dad's voice from downstairs.

Everyone was ready, they were waiting for me to come down.

" Hey girl... You look pretty. "
Tracy complemented and I responded with a smile.

" Let's go... We will be late. "
Rina said.

They helped me pack my gown and I headed downstairs.

" You look perfect! "
My dad said with a big smile on his face.

" Wish I was the groom"
Greg said..

" Let's go already.. "
My mom said.

We walked outside, everyone entered a separate car, except Tracy and Rina who rode with Greg.

Finally, I was sitting in the car in front of the church. Waiting for the priest to call me in.

" It's time. "
Mom Whispered and my driver opened the door for me.

The door of the church was opened wide and the instruments started playing that familiar song.
' Here comes the bride. '
The congregation stood up. My dad walked up to me and took my hand as I walked down the aisle.. When we got to the alter, dad handed me over to Michael.
Michael smiled and took my hand. He was looking so amazing.

" You are the prettiest I've ever seen. "
He whispered into my ears.


" Where's there so much crowd here? "
Phina asked Ruth.

" How am I supposed to know? We came together. Maybe there's a wedding here today. "

" Should we go back? "

" No... Of course not! " Ruth retorted " What's wrong sharing in their happiness and besides, you still need to see the priest. "

" Yea.. That's true.. "

They walked inside but to Phina's chagrin, she saw Micheal and his wife to be in front of the priest. She immediately turned to Ruth.

" You have to be calm. You can't run out girl, this is the first way to deal with that guilt. Watch him stab you and have a reason to do the same. "
Ruth held her arm till she was able to calm down.

" Let's sit. "
She suddenly said.

They looked for a sit and sat down.

The entire congregation stands as the couple takes their vows, declaring their commitment to each other.

"I Michael Edwin, take you Mirabella Solade to be my wife. I promise to be true to you in good times, in sickness and in health. I will love and honor you all the days of my life. "

"I Mirabella Solade , take you Michael Edwin to be my Husband. I promise to be true to you in good times, in sickness and in health. I will love and honor you all the days of my life. "

The priest then blessed the couple, joined their hands together, and asks,

"Do you take Mirabella Solade as your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?"

Michael looked at his bride and smiled.

" Yes I do. "

And the priest turned to Mimi

"Do you take Michael Edwin as your lawful Husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?"

Mimi turned and stared at the congregation and back to Michael and then to the priest. Her quietness was already causing panic in the congregation.

" Mirabella Solade, I will take it that you didn't hear me and I will repeat again. "

" No priest, I heard you. "
Mimi replied.

" Mimi? " Michael called and then turned to the priest " Please repeat, it's just that she's... Nervous. "
He stammered, obviously, he was already nervous.

"Do you take Michael Edwin as your lawful Husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?"

" I wish I could but I don't! "

" Mirabella!! "
Mrs Solade yelled and rushed down to the alter along side Michael's parents, her brother and father.

" What is the meaning of this Mimi? "
Her father yelled at her.

" I love you Michael but we mustn't do this for me or our families but for us. "

" What do you mean Mimi.

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. We've come this far.. "

" But you've already gone that far too.. Way more than we have. "

" I don't get. "

By this time, the whole congregation were already murmuring.. All eyes were on them.

" You don't get? Of course you will. Ruth!! Phina!!! "
Mimi called and the two ladies stood up. Phina was shocked to her bone marrow but she saw nothing like surprise in Ruth's attitude.

" It's time, let's go"
Ruth drew Phina along , Phina was obviously numb,


Would really have loved to make a comment but I don't know what to say.. Once again, shout out you all of you!

Fabian, the lord is going to be my strength for your sake.

My Ghana proof read editor.. The lord will bless me for your sake.

Carmen, I'll must marry Gabi for your sake...

For everyone else, the lord will give me strength to sleep well today...

Lol... Happy reading joor..

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