Love Crystal - Episode 48

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So far, what have you learnt? I hope this story wasn't just for entertainment alone.. I hope we learnt something. 



" How are you? "
He asked faintly perhaps, tired. 

" I'm fine and you? "

" Had a stressful day. Have you gone for check up? Is the baby okay? "

" Yes, I think she is okay but I'm yet to go for check up this week . "

" lol..  You already know it's a she? Um... Tomorrow, I will take you to the hospital myself. "

" No... Gabriel, you don't have to. I'll try, please go to work okay? "

" You and the baby are my first priority and besides, I'm a boss, I don't work for anyone. So don't be scared, no one will issue me a query letter. "

After hesitating for a while, I finally agreed. 

" Alright if you insist. "

" Okay, I'll be going off now. I need to catch some sleep. Please take care of yourself okay? And don't skip meals. If you need anything, please don't fail to call me. "

" okay then, thanks a lot Gabi

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. "

" Good night. "
I dropped the call.. 

Gabriel has finally taken responsibility for the baby and I. He's been caring, loving. I don't lack anything. He's been totally supportive toward the baby and I but then, I was hurting deep inside. Every single smile I see on his face hunts my soul.. I want to be happy but I see myself deep in depression. The doctor had once said that it might harm my baby but I can't control it. 

" Hey! What's that? "..
Ruth tapped me. 

" Oh! Ruth. "
I totally forgot she was sitting next to me. 

" That was Gabi right? "

" Yea, "

" He's been nothing but caring and supportive. Wish I could get a Gabriel of my own."
She nudged me jokingly but I only smiled. 

" Phina, what's up with you? Gabriel and his family did not reject you neither did they stop Gabi from supporting you. His mom always calls to check on you but then you seem depress. Are you not satisfied? What else do you want? "
Ruth sat up. 

" That's the problem girl. I don't know.. I think I'm doing something wrong. "
Phina struggled with the tears that were about to roll down her face. 

" This is serious, come on girl . Why would you think you are doing something wrong? Is it because his fiancee left him because of you? He's just at fault here. He saw a broken hearted girl and he slept with her. What was he thinking. Drop that okay? "

" You don't get Ruth.. "

" What is it I don't get.. " 
Phina bite her finger, and remained silent. 

" Wait! Phina... Don't tell me?... "
Ruth stood up. 

" Yes.. "
Phina nodded. 

" What do you mean? "

" He is not responsible for my pregnancy.. "

" How sure are you? You slept with both men in a space of 24 hours so how can you tell? "

" That's the thing, Gabi didn't... He didn't touch me that night. "

" What!!!"
Ruth exclaimed. 

" Yes, he didn't. Though we were drunk and I kissed him first and we rolled on the bed but he stopped and he started calling her name. He pushed me away and fell asleep. I was surprised when he woke up and didn't remember a thing."

" Phina!! Congratulations! You are now a certified home wrecker! How could you! Why did you pin it on him? Can't you see how much he's trying to support you? Can't you see how much he's hurting? His fiancee will be getting married his friend in a week time because of you! Phina!! This is terrible! You are evil!! "
Ruth berated her and she started crying. 

" Yes! Yes I'm evil! I'm a certified home wrecker! But then, can't you see things from my own perspective? What about me! Yes he's hurting but what about me! The father of my child is also getting married one week time and at least Queen's got another option and that's Desmond but what about me?!!! "
Phina yelled back. 

" This is pure wickedness in action Phina. Can't you see? You don't have to do this!! Maybe something else can be done. We have to tell Gabi. "
Ruth suggested. 

" Can you hear yourself? Tell Gabi and then what? The wedding is cancelled and Queen returns back to him and my baby daddy gets married, that's after denying having anything to do with me! What a happy ending for your best friend! Don't you ever think about me too? "

" Oh no... "
Ruth sank into the couch.. 

" Please sister, think of me too. I've got feelings. "
Phina knelt beside her. 

" But this is wrong and you know it! "

" And the world itself is wrong too. I'll think of something, maybe but for now, leave things the way it is. Please. "
Phina pleaded. 

" When's Michael's  wedding coming up? "

" Next week Saturday.

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. What are you going to do? "

" Don't worry, I have a plan. "


I've known Phina ever since we were in school. I love her like a sister. She's in a tight corner and she's doing something terribly wrong. 
I know she's not like this but she's considering herself and the child but how many will be hurt? 
It's fine if tomorrow Gabi decides to marry her for the sake of the baby which he doesn't know is not his. Desmond's wedding pushes through with Gabi's fiancee and the father of the baby marries someone else. 
What about the future? How many lives will be destroyed? How will she explain it? When Gabi finds out that the baby is not his? When Queen finds out that Gabi never cheated on her? How will the marriage be like? Will Queen be able to look at Desmond again? Will that love be there? Will Gabi for forgive Phina? What life will she have then? 
She will certainly be hated and heart broken. No I can't let this happen. She can't see the destruction she's creating for the future but then, how can I go about it? 
Gabi gets back his life and Phina's  is then ruined? No I have to think... 
I have an idea! I hope this works out! God please help me... 


Please, if you are bored already, stop reading . Please stop making nasty comments. This is a work in progress and I'm usually busy. I try to write mostly at night cause that's when I have time and because of the people who have been following this story patiently. 

If I'm sounding rude then I'm sorry but then, it's heart breaking when I try to post and get comments that weakens my spirit... 

Count down... Two more episodes to go... 

Happy Sunday... 

Happy reading.. 


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  • Marveyc Marveyc picture
    Marveyc Marveyc
    Nice one queen... I sure learnt a lot of lessons thanks to ur novel
  • Witnezz Ahmed picture
    Witnezz Ahmed
    Kudos to u queen we enjoyin it pls dont b demoralized by anyone comment
  • Patience Peter picture
    Patience Peter
    Nice one queen. Please continue
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    Nice one dear, happy Sunday to u too. I ve really learnt a lot here, ride on
  • Oluwadare Mojisola picture
    Oluwadare Mojisola
    You are doing perfectly well please don't mind them
  • carmen picture
    Nice one Queen, I told u guys my Gabi can't be responsible 4 dat pregnancy..... TeamGabi
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    Good Job queen, I know that gabi isn't response for phina pregnancy.... What WL happen now
  • chisom Julia picture
    chisom Julia
    Yeah this ain't Gabis baby. I'm so happy but Ruth you've to say the truth no matter what. Well work at queen
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
    Benedicta Osei Arhin
    Who is bothering my queen, abeg don't mind them dear, keep on with your good write up, good job
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    @Queen I doff my hat! As we sit tight to watch events unfold thank God Gabi will be happy again.
  • Precious jewel picture
    Precious jewel
    Queen u are doing very well! D story has so many lesson.pls ride on.2 more episode
  • Marthahills picture
    Hmmm Lemme guess, Gabi will marry queen, Desmond will marry d lady he met at d mall and Phina will get married to her ex...Ride on girl..thumbs up!
  • Jacob Toluwanimi picture
    Jacob Toluwanimi
    Thumbs up Queenie. The write up is perfectly okay... As jenifa used to say they are just jalous of u ni... Next episode Biko
  • Amma picture
    Wat a twist
  • Abigail Amande picture
    Abigail Amande
    Jesus!!! This girl is really wicked!!!! My Gabi must know the truth and that wedding must not hold. Nice one dear.
  • Akelinzia Mary picture
  • Ruth Onyemauwa picture
    Ruth Onyemauwa
    I no it's accepted...but i cant stop reading bcos i love ur story u are really an inspired writer u make me yearn 4 more..dats y i hate d suspence
  • Ruth Onyemauwa picture
    Ruth Onyemauwa
    Next episode please.........
  • Ekine Prudence picture
    Ekine Prudence
    I knew it, nobody can't cheat luv but phina should better know what she stands to lose with this lies she has created ooo
  • hollolarday picture
    Phina dont run away i will bring cane 4 you.More kisses 4 you Queenie
  • Queen Allie picture
    Queen Allie
    thanks for the comments everyone... you really gat my head swelling
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    Well done. The count down has began
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