Love Crystal - Episode 2

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I woke up but then I noticed where I was doesn't really look like my room and worst of all, I was feeling pains all over my body, a serve headache like the witches in my village were playing drums with my head, with bandages around head and my legs. I looked around to see if I could figure out where I am, I looked to my left and then to my right, I saw a lady probably in her late twenties putting on a white gown, "excuse me please, where am I?" I said in a faint voice. "Oh! You are awake . You are at the hospital" she replied calmly. "Hospital? What happened, how did I get here?" I asked very confused cause I couldn't remember anything or even how I ended up at the hospital. "Calm down dear, don't stress yourself. Let me inform the doctor you are awake" she said and walked out without replying any of my questions.

Was I attacked? Is this a dream? Where's my mom? My family, do they even know where I am? These questions kept playing and replaying in my head. Few minutes later the nurse walked in with a handsome young man whom I presume to be the doctor. "Hello, how are you feeling?" He asked with a smile. "I don't think I'm okay at all doctor

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. I'm having a serve headache and pains all over my body". " it's really normal to feel pains especially in the type of condition you were when you were brought here. you are really a tough nut to crack cause I didn't even expect you'd wake up by now but um.. anyways, try to relax and I'll prescribe some drugs for you that will help ease your pains ok?" I nodded my head positively and Then he turned to the nurse "report back to me with her test results so I can go through them and do well to inform the young man that brought here that she's awake", he handed the files he was holding to her . "Alright doctor, I will" she said and they both left the room. Meanwhile, Gabi never left my side all through the night. He couldn't stop blaming himself for what happened to me. It was indeed a tough night for the both of us, I was fighting for my life and we passed it triumphantly. He only left in the morning to inform my parents about what happened cause his phone was already down. he tried boasting it up with his charger and the moment it turned on, a call immediately entered his phone from a strange number "hello, who's this?" He asked. "Hello, good morning. I'm calling from Kekris health care clinic, please am I speaking with Mr Gabriel Hugine" a voice said from the other side of the line. "Yes yes, you are. Any news? Is she awake?" Gabi said with his hopes high, expecting to hear something good. "Yes sir, she's awake" the voice replied. "Thank you, I'm on my way" and the line went dead. "Oh God thank you. Thank you very much for hearing my prayers. Thank you for preserving her life" he soliloquized almost in tears and the happiness he felt could be clearly seen.

10minutes later Gabi arrived at my house, he horned at the gate and the gate man opened the gate. Luckily my parents were still at home. "Ah! Gabriel, it been awhile" my dad said the minute he saw Gabi. " good morning sir" he said in a very calm voice. After exchanging pleasantries with my parents, they were obviously curious to know why he came that early and why he came without me. Gabi explained to them exactly what happened and my current state at the hospital. My mom immediately informed my brothers what has happened. They all rushed down to the hospital. Meanwhile, I was asleep when they arrived at the hospital as a result of the drugs given to me. My mom was sitting beside me holding my hand. I woke up to see a house full of people and when I looked closely I recognized them. "Oh my daughter you are awake " my mom said sobbing. "My princess how are you feeling?" My dad said. Just like it was planned, at the same minute Gabi walked in and when he saw I was awake, he rushed down to my side "honey I'm sorry. Please forgive me I let this happen to you." He said with sorrow in his eyes but then I was confused at his words so i turned to my mom. "Mom, who is he? Why is he sorry? Like a flash, everyone started staring at me like lost puppies, they couldn't utter a single word. " oh! Now I understand, he is the bastard that did this to me right? He's the reason am lying down here right?". " wait, you mean you don't know him? You don't remember him" my mom asked with shock written all over her face. "No mom I don't. Please ask him to leave my room" I blurted out.. (i didn't tell you, I've got quite a temper). Gabi couldn't believe his ears, he stared at me with great shock unable to say a single word. My mom couldn't take it anymore, she stood up and ran out of the room straight to the doctor's office. My dad and brothers were totally speechless. " get the fuck out of here, you reckless animal" I yelled. "You mean you don't know me?" Gabi said.

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. This time I got so furious "I don't know you, I have never seen you before , now can you please get out?!!" Almost getting up from my bed.. "Sis please calm down" lucious said holding me back. My dad turned to Gabi "please give her a little space, we will sort this out". Gabi slowly turned and walked out. He couldn't control his tears no matter how much he tried. He really needed an explanation as to what was wrong with me cause I have never spoken to him like that before. Is she pretending not to know me as a way of getting back at me? Is this a revenge,?

Hey guys... what do you think? What is really happening to queen? Is she actually pretending? Does she hate gabi now? Or maybe there's an explanation to what just happened.. find out in the next episode and the comment box is for you... don't be a ghost reader.... goodnight

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