Love Crystal - Episode 34

Unraveling Mysteries

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It's been two weeks in this hell hole. I know everyone must have noticed that I'm missing by now. I don't know if my mom already knows but I pray Des hasn't told her. Desmond must be really worried and Queen, she might not stop blaming herself for this terrible mistake. 

No proper bath, no decent food to eat, just this two huge animals in human form. Always throwing insults, laughing, drinking and playing cards. 

Just looking at them alone disgust the life out of me... 

" Hey what are you looking at! "
One yelled at me and I clicked my tongue in disgust. 

" Leave her, it's only God that can tell how many years she's gonna spend in there . Very soon, she will get tired. "

" And cold too! "
The other said and they started laughing... 

" We will be here to help out with the fun... The old man won't be any fun at all.. "
They continued laughing. 

I turned to Mr Morris who hasn't said anything else to me after our last encounter  .

" Sir, how did you get here? "

" Same way you did. The only difference is the time

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. "
His ways of talking is sometimes annoying and never straight. 

" Who locked you in here? "

" Same one who locked you. "

" Williams?? "

" No, it's a she... Not to worry, she will soon visit. She likes games, do let her have the pleasure. Now please, let me rest. "

He concluded and backed me. 


The whole family were seated at the sitting room with frowning faces. No one said a word to each other. It's been two weeks already and their search haven't been fruitful. No leads or information as to where Jessi might be. 

The authority haven't been able to get any information from Williams since two weeks he's been locked up. Suddenly, noise was heard from outside, the door flung open and everyone stood up.... 

" I have to see her and you can not stop me. "
Alice shouted at the security guard. 

" Let her in!! "
Doris said and Alice came in. 

"And what is the meaning of this Alice? "
Doris flared. 

Immediately, Alice went down on her knees and started shading tears. 

" Please Doc Doris, please I beg you, drop the case against my son. Can't you see he is innocent? Can't you see that someone else wants to destroy the joy of my family?  It's been two weeks and my baby is still there. "

" And Jessica is still missing too! "
Desmond yelled

" Calm down bro... "
Gabi patted his shoulder. 

" I'm only but a widow. I can't fight you even if I wanted to. You have a son, please put yourself in my helpless position. Even if my son remains locked up, it's not gonna change anything. Williams and his sister is all I've got. Help me. "

" I think she is right! We need a joint force to fight this. We do not know who is responsible and we might be wrong about Williams. "
Mrs Helen said. 

" But what about the text message Queen said they sent to him but he denied that he didn't see it when everything is clearly in Jessica's phone but not in his? "
Coln asked. 

" That's  a more reason why we need him around. Keeping him locked up won't change a thing. He is the key to unraveling all these mysteries. "
Gabi said. 

" I hope we are not making another wrong move. "
Desmond added. 

" Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. That's the only way to find out if he's the enemy or not. "
Queen said. 

" Alright mom, call detective Julian and ask him to drop the case and let Williams go. "
Desmond said. 

" Thanks a lot everyone. I promise, we will do everything to join you in this fight. "
Alice said. 


Jessica could be seen lying down but the sudden laughter of someone from afar in the dark woke her up and immediately, she sat up. 

" The she devil is here. "
Mr Morris said... 

" The one who kidnapped me. "

" Apparently. "
Morris replied. 

The footstep became louder as the one came closer and so did the laughter till the face of the one became visible for Jessica to see.. 

" Alice! Mom! You!? "

From the look on Jessica's face, she was really stunned. 

" Jessica Jessica Jessica... Of course it's me... "
Alice continued laughing. 

Jessi opened her mouth to speak but she couldn't find the word to use. 

" Why? How? "
She managed to ask... 

Alice stopped laughing and turned with a quizzical look 

" Why? I should be asking you? Why didn't you die then? You know, it took me a lot of thinking and courage to plan that. Why did you come back? Let me guess, you wanted to know about the past? "

" You were the one who tried to kill me? Wait!  How were you able to do all these, you've been unconscious in the hospital "
Jessica asked. 

" Ah...  Don't be naive. OK... Let's have a very lengthy discussion or chat... "

" I considered you a mother! "

" shsss....  I know... Now listen... Indeed I was shocked to hell when I saw you alive. Gosh! I never expected it. True of course I really fainted. When I got to the hospital, I knew I needed time to plan things in a way I won't be suspected so guess what I did? I woke the next day but u waited till Williams was out before I went to the doctor. I paid him to lie to my son about my health condition and he willingly agreed. "

" You... "
But she interrupted Jessica 

" Oh shut up and let me finish! I heard everything Williams and Nessy talked about in my room, obviously about what happened between the both of you before I arrived at his house. He  was becoming too suspicious and over zealous to know the truth and I knew things were gonna get messy soon. J Actually thought my lucky days were over but then, Williams called Queen and requested to see you. I know you are the soft hearted type and you will agree to meet up with him, so I decided to stay cool. But then, I needed his phone to keep watch on him. So guess what I did? "

She paused and continued 

" I acted up, started jerking . Williams emotions blinded his eyes so he couldn't tell if I was acting up or not. In the process, when the doctor rushed in, I collected his phone without his knowledge. He waited outside as instructed by the nurse while the doctor sat inside with me, lol.. Come on, nothing is wrong with me, we were waiting for your call. You made it easier when you texted and then I replied and deleted the messages. That's how you got here... Wonderful story right? Please clap for me, I deserve it all. "

Alice started laughing again and this time, even more louder. 

By the time she finished, Jessica was already crying.. 

" What did I do? I loved you and your family. I was ready to share a life with your son.

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. I thought you loved me... "

" I did, I still do and that's why I haven't let my boys lay a finger on you. "

" Love, you say love?"

" yes love... I'm not a Christian but the Bible says that ' the fathers have sinned but the children are paying ' I don't know where that is even found in the Bible .  You did nothing Jessi. "

" Parents? What are you talking about? You didn't want me for your son cause of my background? Is it money? "

" No it's not honey... Oh! Forgive my manners, I haven't done a proper introduction yet!"
She turned to Mr Morris 

" Jessica, please meet my husband, Morris Richardson.. "

Jessica interrupted 

" Yes I kno..... "

" Shut up Jessi! Meet Mr Morris my husband, your father and Williams father. "

Jessica and Morris ' mouth dropped in shock

" Yes Jessi, both you and Williams share the same father. This bastard is your father!!"


Now I know who is responsible .....

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