Love Crystal - Episode 35

Unraveling Mysteries

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" No! I don't believe you at all! You are lying to me! "
Jessi yelled at Alice 

" Sh... There's no need to shout. Maybe you can ask that slot you call a mother. Oh! Forgive me, I forgot you won't be leaving here. "

" What do you mean by that Alice."
Jessica asked. 

" I meant you won't be leaving here forever. Oh!  He hasn't told you how long he's been here? "

Alice paused and laughed 

" 30 years Jessica, 30 years.. .  And he is not leaving anytime soon. I couldn't kill him same way I can't kill you cause I love him very much. He was the love of my life until he cheated. I didn't mind the maltreatment he gave to me, I endured but then he brought out the devil in me. " 

" Alice, I never knew you were this wicked... For 30 years, you have kept me locked up for this and now, even my daughter? "
Morris who has been quiet, finally spoke up. 

" Yea Morris, I never knew I could be this wicked but you, you caused it all. I wanted you to die alone in his this hole perhaps, you will feel what you put I and your kids through but unfortunately, life brought a partner for you. "

" Alice, you knew I never loved you! "
Morris yelled at Alice.. 

" Then why did you agree to marry me when your parents said so! I could have supported your decision cause I always wanted a man that will love me

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. I always told myself that I owe my kids the best dad in the world but you made me fail that promise!"
Alice yelled with tears running down her cheek. 

" Alice you have to let me go, this has nothing to do with me... Please I beg you. "
Jessi pleaded. 

" No baby girl... It has everything to do with you. Let me tell you why. When I gave birth to my son Williams, this fool left me and started partying. He never gave a damn about us, he never cared but he never failed to come back and have sex with me like a whore and beat me up, rape me when I refused. He continued with it and then he met your mother who never respected your father. She was having an affair with my husband and she begot you, lied to your supposed father that you are his. I didn't want to believe you were his cause I thought I could handle his maltreatment but not a bastard from another woman but when I saw the DNA test result in his bag, I was broken. Because of you, he abandoned his fatherly duties to search for your mother even after he knew she was married. What hurts the most was that you mother was already married to Wilson Manyika, may his soul rest in peace. "

" No No my mother is not like that! "
Jessi said and Alice threw an envelope at her. 

" Really? Look at that! "

They were photos of Morris and Doreen, Jessica's mother together in a restaurant. Jessica covered her mouth with her hands and cried bitterly. 

" Alice, I know I hurt you and our kids but you are certainly wro..... "

"oh shut up Morris. You are a bastard. You made my life miserable and what do you have to say, you deserve everything you are getting from me. The day you leave here, please be aware that it will be your corpse. "

" Alice our parents are to blame for all this, not me. "

" Always the Morris I used to know, looking for someone to pin his mistakes on... Our parents you say? Even if they introduced a girl to you as a wife they wanted for you, did they force you to say yes? Did they force you to convince me that you love me?  Did they force you to make me feel special at first?  Morris, it's all your fault. I told you that I wanted happiness and you promised you will love me."

" I needed to, for my parent's reputation. "
Morris said. 

" You should have told me and I would have spoken to my parents about it. There were so many guys out there! I had to quit someone I loved cause I thought you loved me and my parents love you too. Do you know how many times they asked me if I wanted to go on with  the marriage? I would have ended it myself but you choose to keep quiet, marry me and gave me hell for breakfast. " 

" Alice I am sorry. "

" Don't say that, it means nothing to me anymore. You will both die here. It's only hurts me that I love you Jessi but I can't keep you in the outside world. You never should have come back. "

" Mommy please let me go... I promise I will leave the country... "

" No! You are too smart... I don't know how you escaped the first time. Wait! I haven't told you how I planned it right? Now listen to another interesting story. "

She paused and continued 

" I never knew you were the daughter that my husband left us for.. No I didn't, until I saw your mother Doreen Manyika. 
At first I thought your uncle and aunt were your parents, I was busy planning the wedding. On the night I saw your mom, my heart was broken. I knew pretty well that such a marriage is an abomination and I already loved you like mine. I had to stop the wedding but then, I never wanted to break my son's heart or let anyone know about the truth. I tried thinking of what to do and then, an idea struck my head. "

She pause and laughed. 

" the wedding gown, I asked the designer to call you and ask you to come over and delay you too cause we wanted to surprise you, that was a way to lure you out of the house. Luckily for me, the heavens were in support, so they sent down rain. It wasn't an accident Jessi, I sent the driver that hit your car but you didn't die.. You were rushed to the hospital. I got the call before Williams did that you were at the hospital, I rushed down. I met the doctor in charge and enquired about your health. He said that you've got a big chance of surviving so I asked him to kill you but he refused. I wasn't in for any nonsense so I picked up the picture on his table 


" Doctor Frank Moyo , "

" Madam please get out of my office! "
He stood up and hit his hand on his desk. 

" That's your family right? You daughter looks cute. I think a gold coffin will suit her best! "
Alice smiled looking at the picture.. 

" What do you mean by that? "
Fright was already written all over the doctor. 

" What I mean is, if you don't kill that girl, I will kill your daughter in replacement. And oh! I'll be doing it tonight. Your wife looks too good to be alive too..

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. "

" Ma'am please... "
Alice stood up and left the office 

" I don't know how you survived it but I will sure lay my hands on that doctor. It's only a shame that he's out of the country but he will surely come back. "

" Alice please let Jessica go.. "

" No, I won't. I will be leaving now so umm.. Enjoy the reunion. Spider! Dagger! "

" Yes MA!! "
The two huge huge guys answered. 

" watch them closely, any wrong move, call me. And if they escape, I will kill you both.! "

" Nothing like that will happen "
Spider answer. 

" For your sake, pray so.. "

Alice replied and walked away. 


So far, what do you think? 

What do you think of Alice and her actions..? 

Happy reading folks.. Next episode coming your way shortly... 

Happy weekend... 

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  • picture
    So Jessica is paying for her mum's mistake... so sad .lovely plsssss
  • Benedicta Osei Arhin picture
  • carmen picture
    Now I get it, am sure it was dat doctor dat refused 2 kill Jessica dat Doris called 2 tell him 2 leave d country, its like he confided in Doris after Alice threatened him.
  • Adeoti Akindele picture
    Adeoti Akindele
    But this Alice is now something else that's an height of wickedness now! I doff my hat @ Oueen next episode please, this suspense can kill someone o
  • Abigail Amande picture
    Abigail Amande
    Yeah, am with you @ Carmen. Nice one.
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    Alice is wicked, I wish Jessy & her father survive Dis. Nice one
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    All parent to learn how to do good, Jessica is paying for her mother mistake in past... But Alice is too evil though what Morris do isn't good but at least for d sake for her kids. She should for given him 30years in that holes it OK for punishment... Next
  • picture
  • Queen Allie picture
    Queen Allie
    I think I totally agree with you@Olaleye Adedamola
  • Prince Andy picture
    Prince Andy
    Oh poor innocent Jessi is suffering for what she knows nothing about... I wish she survive it
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