Love Crystal - Episode 38

Unraveling Mysteries

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Queen's point of view 

On hearing the gun shot and seeing the gun pointed directly at me, I couldn't stand the fall. I fell so hard on the ground with Desmond on me. He rolled over, there was blood on me but I felt no pain. 
Oh my goodness! Desmond took a bullet for me. Immediately I went beside him

" Desmond!! "
He was bleeding profusely . The bullet hit his chest. 

" I'm sorry my love... "
He whispered.. 

" Why...?! "
I couldn't hold back the tears. I wished he never did it, I wish I was in his place. 

" I love you.. "
He said, I could feel life leaving his body. 

" Desmond, please stay with me..  Somebody help us!!! "
I screamed. 

" Calm down, the medics are already on the way. "
Inspector Julian assured. 

Jessica had already fainted. I felt my whole world crashing down on me. Alice Has been arrested and she's been taken to the police station. 

Twenty minutes later, the medics arrived. Desmond and Jessi were taken to the hospital while I followed behind with my car. 
I called my mom and told her everything that happened, she assured she was on her way to the hospital. 

Minutes later, the whole family arrived at the hospital including Mr and Mrs Alexander, Jessi's uncle and aunt who lives in Nigeria. 

" Good day.

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. "
Mr Alex greeted 

" Good day sir... "
I greeted absentmindedly 

" I'm Desmond and Jessi's uncle, the police called us. "

" Oh! Sorry sir, I didn't recognize you. "

" It's okay, how are they? "

" Desmond is still in the operating room and Jessi is been taken care of too. She suffered a very deep injury on her thigh. "

" How did this all happen? Oh my God! "
Mrs Alex started crying. 

" I did not know how it all happened. The only person in the position to tell us is Jessica. We have to wait till she's up."

" That's true. Her mother is already on her way. We have called her already. "

" Alright sir. I guess they really need her right now. "

Hours later, the doctor operating on Desmond came out. We all rushed to him

" Doctor, how is he? "
My mom asked. 

" He's lost a lot of blood and right now we need blood. "

" Then buy from your blood bank.. "

" We've ran out MA. We need a donor right now or we might loose him. "

" Alright, please take mine, "
I replied. 

" What's your blood group? "

" No doctor, please take mine. "
Gabi interrupted. 

" Young man, what's your blood group? "

" O negative "

" Perfect, follow me. "

Gabi and the doctor went down to another room. 


I was already becoming extremely worried. It's been two days and mom is not yet back. This is not like her, she might have called but her number wasn't going through anymore. 

I didn't know what else to tell my sister cause she's too soft and had already started crying... 

" Nessy, you don't have to do this, mom is no baby at all."
I tried to console her. 

" Bro, I can't help it. I feel something is terribly wrong. "

" You have to calm down... "

" But bro you know.... "

She was interrupted by my ringtone . It was a strange number. 

" Hello,"

" Yes, this is inspector Julian speaking. Is this Mr Williams Richardson? "

" Yes sir, that's me.. Hope I haven't done anything again? "

" No, you haven't but your mother has. "

I couldn't believe my ears. 

" Excuse me inspector! My mother has not been around. What are you talking about? "

" Why don't you come to the station and see for yourself! "
He ended the call. 

"Williams , who was that? What did he say? Where's Mom?"
Nessy asked. 

" We have to go to the station now. They have mom at he station. "

We left home immediately and headed for the station. 

" Welcome Mr Richardson! "
Inspector Julian said as we entered his office. 

" Inspector, why do you have my mother? What has she done?"

" Okay, it seems we got the wrong person when we held you responsible for Jessi's case.

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. "

" And what does that have to do with the question I just asked you?"

" It's has everything to do with it cause your mother is responsible. "

" You are joking, you are right"
Nessy retorted. 

" No I'm not. Your mother was actually caught in the act. Have you asked yourselves where she has been? "

I was too shocked to say anything. Why has she been? 

" She's locked up right now? "
Nessy finally broke the silence. 

" Yes, she is. "

" What act was she caught in? what's the case leveled against her?"
I asked. 

" She's been charged for kidnap and attempted murder. That is if the boy doesn't die but if he does, she will be charge for murder and kidnapping. "

" What! My mother?  Attempted murder? Kidnapping? Which boy? "

" Desmond Manyika, she shot Desmond on an attempt to shot Queen Gift Williams and she kidnapped Jessica Manyika, along side,  Mr Morris Richardson. "

" Desmond? Jessi? Queen? Mr Morris? No no no, you have to check again, Mr Morris Richardson is my father and he died 30 years ago in a car accident. "

Nessy was already crying uncontrollably. 

" No son! I'm not dead. I never died!"

I and Nessy turn and yes, it was my father. 

" this can not be! "
Jessi fainted in my arms. 


Happy New Week. 

Happy reading... 

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