Love Crystal - Episode 37

Echoes Of The Past

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This episode is dedicated to you all and especially, ( she's cute like that... Alice fan) ( she's been there from the start) 

Benedicta Osei Arhin ( my Ghana proof read editor.. Lol..) 

carmen( Gabi's number one fan) 

Adeoti Akindele ( I look out for her opinion) 

Abigail Amande ( Intriguing!!! She must comment. Thanks) 

Favour Abhatue ( she's always there on the roll, I must see her) 

Oluwadare Mojisola ( I will prepare zobo for you) 

Sussnarlison Mat, (she wanted to look for me on fb . Don't worry, I won't kill you with suspense.) 

And you too MA Ngozi Awagu( I will send Gabi your way) 

Thanks  a whole lot. You are the reason I've gone this far. You are the reason my ink keeps running. You are all noticed and I say a very big thank you. Even if I didn't mention your name, trust me, you are all noticed and God bless. 


Queen's point of view 

It's been weeks since Jessica's disappearance. There's no lead, no information, just nothing

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. Williams has been released from the from the police station. We've been watching his every move, even as far as tracking his phone but he seems clean and it all balls back to one fact, that we accused him falsely. 

It hurts more seeing Desmond the way he is. He has refused to tell his mother about the present state of things here. 
We don't know who is responsible or if she's still alive but I strongly believe she is. We've called all dad's contacts for help and they promised that they are doing their best. 

I've been in the room all day, staring at my phone. I was having this urge to be close to my phone. I wasn't expecting an call from anyone so it seems rather unusual and somewhat stupid but then, I still kept it close anyway. I heard a knock on the door... 

" Yes... Come on in. "
The door opened, it's Desmond. 

" Hey girl... "

I sat up immediately cause it's really been a while. We rarely get to talk except of course, if there's a meeting. 

" Wooo... "

" I understand, you are wondering why I came right? "

" Yes... No.. Not like that.. It's been pretty long.. "
I stammered. 

" I know but I just need someone by my side. Don't get me wrong, I've locked myself far too long and I might go insane. It's all getting too much for me to bear.. "

" You don't have to explain that. I understand perfectly well perhaps, if I wasn't so stupid and careless, Jessi would still be here. "

" Do you mind if I lay beside you? "

" Um... No I don't... "

He joined me on the bed and rapped his arms around me. He could feel it, I was stiffen. 

" Please Queen, just for today.. I need this more than you know. Life has stressed me too much but my mom isn't here. Please. "

He whispered. I smiled and hugged him. 


It's already dawn but Jessi and Morris haven't been able to find their way out of the jungle. Jessi was getting weaker and weaker as they pressed on cause of the injury on her thigh. 
The pain was so tense that she couldn't walk anymore but staying back was more dangerous. 

No one can predict what Alice might do if she gets to catch them so they pressed on. With Jessi's arm around Morris' neck for support.  The pain was becoming really unbearable for Jessi.. 

" I can't anymore.. I can't go further!! "
Jessica cried. 

" But we can't stop either. We have to go on or else you might die here and remember, you are no coward. "
Morris encouraged

" The pain is too much, I can't stand it. I'm weak, there's not even water. "
Jessi lamented.. 

" That's a more reason why we have to carry on my child. I've never had any reason or hope of leaving that place but you helped me and now it's your turn to help yourself. The longer we stay, the closer they get to us... So let's go"

" Wait!  The phone, let me call.. "
Jessi suggested 

" What will you tell them? We don't even know where we are. Let's look for a way out and we can get a proper address to give.. "

" OK..  You are right. Help me up. "

Morris helped Jessi up and they continued.. 


" Madam, we have searched all night, don't you think we should let it be for now"
Dagger suggested 

" Shut up!! I can't believe I left incompetent animals in charge of something as important as this . If I don't get them, i will certainly kill the both of you! "

" But it's your fault madam"
Spider argued 

" Oh!  Really? My fault that an injured girl and an old weakling had you both on the ground? How shameless!!
Get on the search. We must find them. "

Alice said and continued the search while they followed behind. 


I'm terribly worried. My mother has been out since yesterday and she's not yet back. I know she's not missing cause I heard her on the phone. It might sound stupid but I think she's up to something suspicious from the way she talked. 

" Gosh!! I'm now suspecting my innocent mother too? "
I muttered within myself... 

But then, who could she be talking to like that? What happened?  Why did she live in such a hurry? Why is she not yet back? Am I overreacting? Damn it Williams!! 

" Hey Bro.. "
Nessy interrupted my thought. 

" Nessy.. "

" Where's mom? I haven't seen her since yesterday and this is unusual. "

" I was thinking of the same thing but quite different. "

" What's up? "

" I heard her on the phone, it didn't sound like one of her business calls. She was really mad and somewhat anxious. She left in a hurry and till now, she's not back. "

" What are you thinking bro? "

" Doesn't that sound stupid? "
Williams asked 

" I hope she's fine.. I've called but she's not taking it"

" Me too "


Jessi and Morris walked till they came out to an open space. It was a road, More like a farm road. Yes, they got to a village. The thought of them arriving at a village gave Jessi so much hope cause she was already weak and exhausted. 

" Jessica, hold on a little longer okay? We've arrived a village. "
Morris said with smiles all over his face. 

" Which village is this, we need to make a call. "
Jessi struggled to open her eyes. 

" I don't know yet. Let's go a little further, we will ask someone. Okay? "

" Alright "

They walked for a while and came a cross a girl who seemed a little frightened when she saw them. 

" Please , do not run away. We need help. "
Morris pleaded and she stood still gazing at them. 

" Where is this place? We need to inform our people please. "

" Maya, go further, tell whosoever, that you are in Maya. The heart of Maya, they will locate you easily "
She replied and ran off. 

" Jessi, Maya. We are at Ikorodu Maya . The heart of Maya. "

They walked a little further and Morris helped Jessi sit. Jessi brought out the phone she collected at the hide out and dialled Desmond's number. It started ringing 


I and Des were still in my room when his phone began to ring but he ignored it. 

" Desmond, your phone is ringing. "

" Yes Queen, I know but I don't need anymore disturb. "

" Des, you have to, it might be important. "

But Desmond ignored till the phone stopped ringing. 

" Desmond, that's bad. "
I berated him. 

" If it rings again, please pick okay. I'm tired already, I love where I am. "

" If it... "

I was interrupted by the ringtone .

" Desm.. "

" Please pick up Queen. "

I was forced to pick up 

" Hello Desmond is... "

I was interrupted by a very faint voice

" Queen... "

I was shocked, I didn't know which voice I just heard. Am I hearing voices in my head? 

" Who is this...? "
I asked. I sat up and it drew Desmond's attention. 

" Jessica, it's me Jessi."
She said

" Jessica!! "

I shouted and jumped up and it got Desmond's attention. 

" Queen... "
Desmond called

" Listen, I'm badly injured. They are after us, please get the police and come for me. "

" Where are you? "
I asked already panicking 

" Maya, Ikorodu Maya. The heart of Maya "

" Stay put, we are coming to get you. "
The line went dead. 

" Queen, that was my sister."

" Let's go.. She said someone is after her. Call mom and ask her to inform inspector Julian immediately. "

We rushed out of the house immediately. Desmond called mom and other members of the family while I was on the wheel. I drove as fast as I could. 
Inspector Julian assured that he was right behind us. 


They arrived the village too. It wasn't a good news for Alice cause she somehow felt the good days were soon gonna be over. 

" Damn it! They made it out. We've got to find them before they get help. "
Alice said.. 

Walking along the road, they met a girl and Alice stopped her. 

" Please, did you see my husband and daughter? Um...  Sorry an injured girl and a man. I need to take them to a hospital in town. "
The girl stared at her for a while 

" They went that way, they've not gone far. "

Alice and her thugs went the direction pointed by the girl. 


The heart of Maya wasn't difficult for me to locate. When we got there, I called Jessi but a man picked and told us where they were. I called inspector Julian and gave him the exact address and direction on how to locate us.

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. We located them and immediately we rushed up to them

" Jessica!! "
We said in unison,
I and Des 

" Who did this to you? "
I asked. 

" They are right behind us, we have to leave immediately. "
The man with Jessi said. 

" We have to take you to the hospital sis. Hang in there. "
Desmond lifted her and went towards our car. I opened the door for him to lay her in but just then, we heard a gun shot in the air and we turned. 

" She's here. "
The man said

" Who? "
I asked 

" Where were you going to? "
A familiar  voice said and when I look properly, it's Alice Richardson. 

" Alice, what is this?? "
I was shocked. 

" Yes it's me. Sorry you have to see this.. I honestly hoped you were gonna be my daughter in-law but this has destroyed it right? "
Alice said. 

" Alice, you have been the one?"

" Yes and you are not taking her anywhere. None of you are going anywhere. You won't blow my cover, you will either go with me or you will all die. "

" Never! And who said you have the final say? We are leaving and please stop us! "
Desmond said and helped Jessi into the car. 

" Alice, if you think you can stop us then you are joking cause I will fight you! "

I yelled at Alice, ignoring the fact that she was holding a gun. 

" You've  got some guts!! Now, let the party start "

Alice raised her gun and pointed at Queen 

" Queen!!! "
Alice called 

" It all started when you came into the picture, the killing will start from you "

" No!!!! "

Desmond shouted and rushed to Queen but Alice pulled the trigger and Queen fell. 

" Queen! "
Jessi screamed. 

Just immediately, the police arrived 

" Your hands in the air! "

Inspector Julian ordered with his gun pointed at Alice . 


Happy weekend.. 

Happy reading... 

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    wow!this is more captivating. nice story queenie.please post another episode plssssssss
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    Thank God they are safe but I hope Queen will get better ooh. Nice one d Queen of d universe
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    Jez,I hate this suspense
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    Aww Queen, in fact my head is swollen but you will never kill me with suspense, great work you are doing, may God bless you and increase your wisdom so you can update us twice a day, lol!! blowing you kisses dear.
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