Love Crystal - Episode 36

The Fight Of The Strong

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The pain in my heart is unbearable. I cried all I could but it's not going away. I considered Alice my mother but when circumstances changed, she changed too. How wicked is the world. How terrible is the heart of man. 

The woman I love so much, the one I've called mother all my life was nothing but a slot. Look how much she destroyed someone's family, someone's life just for a selfish pleasure . My dad must have trusted her so much but she could only return his love with lies and betrayal. 

If this man sitting beside me is my father, then who is Desmond's father? Who else did she have an affair with?! 
For heaven's sake! Why does it have to be Williams, the only man my heart yarns for. The only man I've never stopped loving even with the hate I feel in my heart. 

I can feel my heart in pieces and I can't put it together. I don't even know if I'm ever gonna see daylight again. All this mishaps because of that wicked and heartless lying brute I call my mother. I curse the fact that I suckled on her breast. 

I laid and cried for hours, I couldn't stop, I couldn't comfort myself. Do I even have the strength to confront the world again? Will I have the strength to look at Doreen again? Will I ever forgive her? I pity my brother Des, how will he take this? Will he also look for his father? Will he have the courage to face life? I wonder what she is doing right now

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. Probably laying those filthy fingers of hers on my brother. 

I refuse to accept defeat and remain here, I need to find a way out. I need to leave here, I'm no coward to leave in fear. I'd rather die fighting than remain here for 30 years too. 
Just when I was about getting up, I felt a hand on my back.. 

" You've cried too much already. Please put yourself together."
Morris said and Jessi got on her feet. 

" What did you say? "

" I let you cry to ease your pain but it's enough already. "

" Don't you ever lay those things you call fingers on me again!"

" Jessica my child. "

" Don't you dare call me that again! Do you know what it means to have a child?! "

" I looked for you but.. "
Jessi interrupted him before he could finish. 

" Can you see what you have done to Alice? I can forgive her but not you. You are terrible. You looked for me and abandoned Williams and Nessa but for what? Alice is everything any man could want. Rather than letting her go, you and Doreen chose to destroy her life! Now look at what you have turned her into!! "

Jessi yelled at him with tears building up in her eyes. 

" Jessica you don't..!!"

Jessi interrupted him again

" Don't you dare pronounce my name with that lips of yours! "

" But.. "

" But nothing Mr Morris. I will never consider you a human not to talk of a father cause you do not deserve the life that you have. See what you turned an innocent woman into. Now listen very well, I'm getting out of here, if you want, you can go with me but if you don't then, please stay back!! "

" Jessica... "

" That's all I've got to say to you! "

I sat down for hours thinking of what to do. A batter plan to get out but nothing was coming into my head. Suddenly a plan hatched up in my head but it's a very dangerous one. I'm ready to take the risk. Life itself is a risk and I'm ready to die fighting. I stood up and went close to Morris. 

" I've got a plan"
I whispered into his ears. 

" OK... "
He said gesturing me to go on. 

" I will have to injure myself on my thigh, when there's enough blood, I will rub it on my wrist and make it look like I slit my wrist and then you call for help. "

" But that's dangerous, you might die in the process. "

" I'm no coward like you and my mom. I'd rather die fighting than die here a coward. "

" And how are you sure it's gonna work? "

" I know Alice better than you do. She loves me more than you can imagine. She will not let me die in her hands. " 

" OK then but what next? "

" Once the door is opened, I will slit the throat of anyone of them who comes to check if I'm alive or not. All you have to do is to attack the other and I'll help you. If we succeed, we go out and if we fail, we die. "

Morris thought for a while and shrugged his shoulder. 

" Alright... "

" Let's get on with it already. "

I took the plate that was used to bring food for us. I broke it and used a pieces of it to cut myself. Damn! It was so painful but worth it. Blood began to gush out of the spot. I used the blood to rub on my wrist and I laid helplessly on the floor. 

" Alright, it's your turn "
I said to Mr Morris. 

He turned and started shouting 

" Jessica! Jessica please get up! Why did you do this my child. Please help us! Help me! "

Immediately, dagger and Spider rushed down to the iron protector. I guessed they were pretty shocked when they saw the blood. 

" What happened to her?!! "
Dagger asked already panicking. 

" She slir her wrist after finding out that I am her father!!"
Morris said

" dagger what do we do!! We can't let her die"
Spider said to dagger. 

" We have to call the boss and tell her. "

" Alright then, let me call her immediately. "

Spider dialled Alice's number and she picked up

" Why?"
Alice asked almost immediately. 

" Ma'am, the girl slit her wrist and she's in a very bad shape."

" what!! How could you let that happen!! "
Alice yelled at him

" Ma'am she did it after finding out the man inside is her father. "

" damn it! How could i have not known that such will happen. Check if she's still alive and get her out. I'm on my way. "

" OK" 
The line went dead. 

" What did she say? "
Dagger asked 

" She said we should get her out! She's on her way"

" OK.. Immediately.

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. "

They opened the door and almost immediately, I could see the light. My fist was already clenched to attack. 

I felt a hand on me, I opened my eyes at punched him really hard on his throat and he fell down in pain, couching seriously . 
Morris attacked Spider, I got up and kicked him really hard on his manhood, so much He shouted and fell on the floor. I didn't stop there, I went outside and got a plank. 

I hit the both of them as hard as I could and Morris held my hand. 

" Stop, we need to get out, you heard them, Alice is on her way! "
I collected Spider's phone and we ran outside. I was seriously in pains but I have to bear it. 
When we got out, we didn't know which way to go, it was almost getting dark and I was still bleeding. 
We stood for sometime and then I turned to him 

" This way! "
I started running towards the direction. We ran as fast as we could but we still didn't see any road that leads out but we kept on. 


Alice got to the hide out and saw the main door open. With that alone, she sensed something had happened but she didn't want to believe her instincts so she ran inside. 
When she got inside, she saw Spider and dagger seated on the floor wincing in pain. 

" Where's she! "
Alice yelled

" They got away"
Dagger said

" Fools! How possible! Thought you said she slit her wrist! "
Alice was already boiling in anger. 

" They deceived us. There was blood but it wasn't her wrist"
Spider said. 

" Animals! Get on your feet, we have to find them. Jessica is injured and they might not have gotten far.! "

" OK.. "

" Don't OK me get up!"

They got up and went outside with Alice leading the way. 
She stopped in front of the bush 

" Jessica! You made a wrong move! I know this place better than you do and I will get you! And I will kill you. You wanna play! Let's play! "
She yelled
She turned to dagger 

" Give me a gun"
And he did. 

" let the game begin!! "

She shouted and dashed into the bush .


What happens next? 

What are your thoughts? 

Happy grooving and

Have a happy weekend... 

And um... Contact me on whatsapp, if you may


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