Love Crystal - Episode 22

The Beginning Of The End

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sorry for the late update guys. Work has been really stressful for me but I'll drop two episodes everyday by 7pm......  

Today is my birthday oooo... M really expecting your wishes o... 

Love that binds.. 


I guess the long awaited question will now have an answer. I will be facing the one who I once loved but ruined my life or perhaps, that's what I think. 

The excitement on Queen's face as she talked about him really made me remember the past . How much I boasted about him to my friends but how will she feel, knowing about I and Williams. 

" We are here sis. "

Her voice interrupted my thoughts. 

We were already at the mall, precisely where we will meet with Williams. 

" Don't tell me you are nervous sis. Williams is pretty cool and you might end up loving him. "

Queen said and I forced a smile. 

She didn't know what I was going through but I do look nervous and yes I am. 

" Let's go round first, I believe he will soon be here. "

" Really? Like he's never failed you before?"

Those words slipped out of my mouth.

" No SIS, Williams is a man of his words. "

She replied with so much confidence

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. Indeed, I would say same if we could go back in time. 

We went round, though we had fun but I couldn't get my mind off the thought of seeing Williams again. I don't know how I would confront him but of course, I sure will or maybe I will try. 

Queen got a call from Williams saying he's on his way to the mall. We sat down waiting for him. Queen was busy telling me everything about him actually, things I already know. 

" Sis, are you okay? I've noticed you have  been restless since we came here. Is there something you are not telling  me? "

I guess my anxiety is becoming too obvious and Queen seems worried. I had to say something convincing to calm her. 

I forced a smile and held her hand, squeezing it gently. 

" I'm fine. I don't know what Des is doing right now or if he's okay. I always want to know he's safe. "

Convincing enough, she believed me. 

" He's with Gabi so I believe he's okay and besides, he's no baby, he can take care of himself. Please loosen up okay? "

Her phone rang and behold, it's Williams. They didn't say much that I could hear but the only thing Queen said was ' Alright, we are inside. ' and the line went dead. She looked up and smiled. 

" Sis, he's here. "

Immediately, I felt a cold rush through my veins. I became tensed and if I stay longer, queen would notice. I have to figure out an excuse to leave and pull myself together. 

Think Jessi, think.... I muttered within myself. 

" Um...  Queen, let me go to the rest room, I'll be back. "

I quickly stood up. 

" Alright sis, be fast. You wouldn't want to keep the gentle man waiting. "

I rushed down to the rest room. 

Oh God please give me courage, I've suffered far too long. Am I doing the right thing? Will this put my life in danger? Is mom correct? 

Damn it! How come such thoughts are popping into my head now. Of course I'm doing the right thing or am I? 

Jezz, I'm now arguing with myself. 

Get the hell out of here, it's your life on the line. You have waited for this opportunity and you can not screw it up. A tiny voice whispered in my head. 

Of course it's time. I stormed out of the rest room ready to take the bull by the horn. I came out full of energy and rage. 

Charging towards them, I could only see Williams back from my direction. Queen didn't see me cause she was so focused on what they were talking about .

They were seated, talking and laughing like best friends. Watching Williams, my pace suddenly started slowing down till I couldn't take anymore step. watching them, the old memories flashed back like it all happened yesterday and then I noticed tears running down my cheek. The love I once cherished and the hate I can't help but feel right now. 

At this point, I was battling with my emotions. I felt like exploding, standing in the mist of a crowd like a lost child. Indeed I was lost staring at them and then, I heard queen's voice. 

" Big sis. " 

She beckon me to come. 

I knew Williams was going to turn and just like flash, my legs turned and ran away. I don't know if he saw me but I hope didn't. I kept crying and running to the exit, not watching my way, I bumped into a lady and everything she was holding fell to the ground. 

" would watch where you are going to Ms! "

She yelled at me. 

My head was still bent cause I didn't want anyone to notice the tears on my face. 

" I'm really sorry. "

I bent down to help her gather her things. After gathering them, i handed them over to her.

I was about leaving but she held my left arm. 

" What's your problem?"

I raised up my head. 

" Jessica! Jessica... Are you...? "

Terribly shocked, her mouth was moving but no word found it's way out.. 

" Nessa.... "

 I manage to say. Yes, it's Nessa Richardson. 

At this point, I'd say fate is terrible. I stared at her like a robot, not knowing what to say or do and next thing, she fell to the ground and fainted. 

I ran away cause that was all I could think of at that point. I was confused and there are so many people around to help her. 


 I've been noticing some strange attitude but Jessi told me she was just worried about her brother which I thought was normal but the way she ran off, I think all is not well. 

I told Williams I want to go after her but he suggested we go together. Almost getting to the door, we saw a crowd that drew my attention. 

" Excuse me MA, what's happening there? "

I asked a lady around the crowd. 

" It's a young lady who just fainted. "

She replied swiftly. 

" fainted? "

I guess this got Williams attention. 

He made his way through the crowd and I struggled to follow behind but suddenly, he shouted. 

" Nessa! "

I was shocked, it was his sister. We rushed her to the nearest hospital cause it's his relation so, he's not permitted to attend to her under such pressure. 

He placed a call to his mother who rushed over, pretty worried . We waited to hear from the doctor and finally he was out. 

We rushed to him with that familiar question 

" Doctor, how is she? "..

" She's fine now. "

He replied with a smile, relieving everyone. 

" She suffered a terrible shock that made her loss consciousness. Let her stay away from anything that will stress her.

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. "

The doctor replied. 

"  Doctor, Can we see her now? "

Alice asked, how worried mothers can be. 

" Of course you can. "

He said and went away. 

" Terrible shock? What did she see at the mall? "

Williams asked no one in particular. 

" Let's find out. "

Alice said and we headed to her room. 


She was lying on the bed, though the doctor said she's okay, she looks like a lost puppy. She didn't even notice our presence. 

" Hey Nessa. "

" bro, mom, queen, sorry I didn't notice you guys come in. "

" Baby what are you thinking of? What happened to you? "

Alice moved closer to her and held her hand. 

She was quiet, and Williams was getting impatient. 

" Nessa what happened to you? What did you see that made you faint in public! "

" If I should tell you, you might think I'm insane. "

" I think this is a family issue, I'll step out for a while. "

Not waiting for Williams to object, I left the room.. 

" Baby say something. Why would anyone think you are insane, of course you are sane. "

Alice said. 

" Would you believe me if I say that I saw Jessica at the mall today? "

Williams and Alice gasp in shock. 

" Yes, I saw Jessica Manyika, your fiancee that died years back Williams!. "


Happy reading folks... 

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    Rachael Nnanke Omini
    Gabi is the main guy, d rest are counterfeit ...Lol....Happy birthday dear, kip Queenie
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    Happy birthday Queen
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    Happy birthday dear..... Am telling u Richard, Gabi all d way. Any other man na counterfeit
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    Happy birthday lady Queen, God bless u richly. Nice job
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    Happy born day, age gracefully dear.
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    Sweety I nearly posted on facebook that you should be searched for. Thank God you came back to give me a NYC episode. Thumbs up. Happy birthday dearest. Missed you anyways. Do you know the writter of brothers novel?
  • Sussnarlison Mat picture
    Sussnarlison Mat
    Sweety I nearly posted on facebook that you should be searched for. Thank God you came back to give me a NYC episode. Thumbs up. Happy birthday dearest. Missed you anyways. Do you know the writter of brothers novel?
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    Happy birthday my girl, keep penning things down
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    Finally! They now know that she is alive after all. Good one dear #Queen. Lets see how it goes. Anyway, before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. #Age_with_abundance_n_wisdom
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