Love Crystal - Episode 21

The Beginning Of The End

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Love that binds 

The morning is pretty cool and refreshing. By my side is Des, ears covered with an ear phone and eyes closed. I guess he's already up. Honestly, the guy is some sort of a god or something. Not saying I'm gay but the guy is really handsome.

The fact that he's now my rival is something else. Thought Williams was the only one I've got but it seems I gloried too early and Queen is terribly awesome these days, cause you never know what she has up her sleeves.

Honestly, I don't know what to do anymore.  The more I try to forget her, the more my heart keeps craving and having hope simply because she's doing it all out of ignorance.

Sometimes, I feel love is terrible . It doesn't just die. Don't even know if I can go on without her..  Anyways, the day is still too young. 

" hey bro!  You're up"
Desmond said, drawing back my attention.

" yeah, I thought you were still sleeping. "

" nope, wanted to go jogging but I don't know the area and I don't want to missing."

" you should have woken me up. "

" yeah, considered that but brushed away the thought, not wanting to bother your sleep. "

" OK...  But it's  past time already

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. "

" yea! perhaps, tomorrow. "

" OK then, let me visit the bathroom."
I said and headed for the bathroom.

" alright man... " Des said.

  I turned on the shower, removed my cloth and next thing the door flung open. Immediately, I went for my towel.

" Hey guy!  You scared me, why are you here? "
I said to Des who was already laughing.

" Lol...  Sorry I scared you. I'm here to have sex with you. "
My face fell immediately I heard him say that.

" Excuse me? " I retorted.

Desmond started laughing.

" You didn't take that serious, did you? Lol..   Want to take a bath OK? And besides, you are not my Queen, I mean, I can't have her and go after guys. "
He said and continued laughing.

" Stop that guy, you are such a funny rascal.  I thought finally, a gay wants to rape me. "
I replied.

" Don't worry am not one and besides, I miss this. Hey! I mean bathing with someone. I attended a boarding school. "

" You are such a rascal man"
We laughed and continued bathing.

          Minutes later, we were done and about leaving the room. I called him.

" Desmond. "

" Yes Gabriel. " he turned.

" If you don't mind me asking, do you really love Queen?"

" Lol...  Man, that's like asking if Romeo loved Juliet. "
His reply was like a volcano eruption to me.

" Do you love her? "
Des asked me, pulling me off guard.

"Um.. Y..ou" I stammered .

" I see the way you stare at her. The care, attention...  I know you love her. I know you see me as a rival but I sincerely hope that you don't consider me an enemy cause I am not. I love her and here's what? "

He paused

" what...? " I gestured

" Let's compete fairly, whoever wins her heart takes her. I won't get in your way or time with her and please don't do same. If I'm loosing her, make sure I'm loosing her to you and no one else. "

He stretched out his hand for a handshake of agreement. I took his hand and he hugged me.

" I'll go downstairs now. " Des said.

" Let's go together and um... Hope you are a wrestling fan? " 
I asked on our way out.

" Of course. WWE is my best. "
We chatted till we got downstairs.


Mom and Helen were seated in the sitting room, taking hot coffee and chatting.

" Good morning mom, aunt. "
Gabi greeted

" Good morning MA, MA. "
Des greeted.

" Morning my children. " 
Helen answered.

" Hope you guys slept well. "
Mom asked.

" Yes MA, we did. "
Des replied.

" Desmond if you don't mind, please refer to us as mother. We aren't old women. "
Mom said.

" Alright mom. "
Des replied.

" Hope you've all taken your bath?"
Mom asked.

" Yes we all have. "
Lucious echoed from the balcony.

" And who said we all have? "
I echoed coming down the stairs with Jessi. 
Cynthy was already in the kitchen assisting nkechi the house help.

" And these are the posh ladies. "
Desmond complemented.

" Good morning mothers. " 
I and Jessica said in unison.

" Morning angels. Hope the night was peaceful? "
Helen asked.

" Yes MA. " Jessi replied.

The morning was fun filled. Des is such a comedian. Before I knew it, he already has the heart of everyone in the house, even as far as to Coln and Gabi. Mom won't just let him leave her side. He's damn lovable.

Not too long, breakfast was served. Mom asked Des to sit beside her. We don't talk during meals but mom had no problem with Des breaking that rule, in fact, she enjoyed it.

" Desmond, you are stealing my spot light. "
I lamented.

" Aw... Somebody is jealous. "
Lucious teased.

" Of course I'm not jealous Lucious. "
I fired.

" Don't worry baby, aunt is still on your side. "
Helen said.

" Thanks aunt. "
I replied with a smile.

" I'm also a fan of Des too. "
She remarked and everyone laughed.

" Even you too Gabi? Aunt you are officially out of my team. " 
I retorted.

" Some people will start buying players and fans very soon. "
Lucious teased.

After eating, we sat at the sitting room and had lots of fun. Later in the afternoon, mom had an emergency so she had to rush down to the hospital.

" So what are we gonna be doing? "
Lucious asked .

" Doing? Like what? "
I retorted.

" like going out to the movies, games or something. " he replied.

" Sorry honey. I and big sis have somewhere to go. "
I answered.

" I wouldn't go out with you sis, i go out with the guys. So Des you're up right? "

" Sorry bro..  Would really have loved to but I and Gabi already have plans for the evening. " 
Des replied. I couldn't hold back the laughter. I haven't felt that good in a very long time.

" Do not glory yet sis. Coln, let's go out. "

" Sorry bro. Got a date with Bethy. "
Coln replied. By this time, I was already rolling on the floor.

" This is why I hate it when school is out of section. "
He ran upstairs.

" Hey! Stop that Queen. It's not fair. "
Gabi said.

"What is not fair? Leave me o.

Read " Errors In Our Destiny " by the same author ( Queen Allie )

. I didn't buy fan or players, I'm alone on my team and this is already my greatest victory today. Sis, let's go and prepare. We've got somewhere to go."
I stood up and drew Jessi up.

" where exactly are you guys going to? "
Des asked.

" To see a very good friend of mine. "

" A friend I shouldn't know? "

" Don't worry bro, Queen only gat few friends and I guess it's no other person than Williams. " 
Gabi said.

" you guys can continue gossiping. "
Jessi said as we went upstairs. "

" who is Williams? "
Des asked Gabi.

" It's another rival. Just wait and see.. You are about to enjoy the ride. "
Gabi said.


What do you think about  Desmond? What's gabi going to do? how will williams react to this unknown surprise? Do you think he really abandoned jessi? or has he been feeding everyone with lies. who is after jessi's life or that is also a lie? Let's sail readers.  Happy reading folks..

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  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    I don't even like DAT Williams 4 anything, I kn he will b put out first bcos his secrets will soon b revealed. Thanks a lot
  • picture
    ummmm, really getting confused here ooo. nice one dear
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    I don't know yet but William will surprise bcoz dey tell him Jessica is dies. I can't wait for next episode
  • Queen Ogbonnaya picture
    Queen Ogbonnaya
    must you kill someone with suspence? chai, continue ooooo
  • Amma picture
    I don't envy Queen at all....3 handsome suitors, Chai! !!! great story dear
  • Euchaay picture
    Am losing my temper ohh somebody should tell the writer to continue this story naaa.... Before Buhari will start calling me a lazy Nigerian youth...nice story mehnn
  • Sussnarlison Mat picture
    Sussnarlison Mat
    Eeeerish Aden be b
  • Ngozi Awagu picture
    Ngozi Awagu
    Make una send one of the guys my way, I dey available. Writer Oya carry go make we know who will emerge winner
  • Gregory Onome picture
    Gregory Onome
    I like this story,suspence filled
  • Prince Andy picture
    Prince Andy
  • Tee MJ picture
    Tee MJ
    Hbd queenie.....WULLNP and more ink to ur pen
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