Love Crystal - Episode 20

The Beginning Of The End

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We all ran upstairs worried but Aunt sent everyone back except me. We knocked but mom refused opening the door. I just don't understand exactly what's happening with her. 

" Doris. " Aunt called her. 

" Aunt did I say anything wrong? "
I was really confused, maybe I said something I don't know about. 

"No my dear, I don't know what's wrong with your mother. "
She gently patted my shoulder. 


Wake up Doris, this might all be an illusion . You are over reacting ,the person you know is already gone. This might just be an illusion. What about the unnecessary drama I just acted now. Damn it! I'm just terribly unbelievable. 

   Few minutes later, mom opened up. Her anxiety was already gone.

" Doris. "
Helen called. 

" Mom. "

"I'm sorry my dear. I'm really sorry. "

" what happened Mom? "

" Nothing my dear. She looks so much like someone I used to know but she's already dead. I was shocked and I couldn't hold back my emotions. "

" it's OK

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. I understand and they will too. "
We went downstairs together. 

" I told you guys right? It's just a family welcome show, specially organized for you guys since you didn't meet the party. "
Lucious joked. 

Jessi and Des stood up immediately they saw mother. 

" I'm sorry if we've cause you any form of inconvenience MA. If you don't mind, we will take our leave now. It was actually nice getting to meet you. " 
Jessi mildly said. 

" No my children. I'm sorry for making you feel unwelcome. You really look like someone I used to know but she's passed on already and I couldn't hold back my emotions. Please forgive me. "
Mom pleaded. 

" It's okay MA, we understand. Please sit"
Desmond replied. 

" so tell me, how was your flight? "
Helen asked. 

"It was... "
Jessi and Des said in unison and laughed. 

" Don't worry, you can answer for us. "
Jessi said to Des. 

" Don't worry, I'll answer for me and you will answer for you. My flight was perfectly okay and how was yours Jessi? "

Des said amusing everyone in the house. 

"mine was awesome. It's been pretty long I flew a plane in Nigeria. "

" you have not been in Nigeria? "
Cynthia asked. 

" Yea, I just came back and fate blessed me with this sisters of mine."

We chatted for sometime before everyone retired to bed. Jessi, Cynthy and I slept on my bed. 


It was really nice feeling the welcome breeze of Lagos once again. The family I got to meet, I'd say they are awesome, loving and accommodating. At first, I was shocked at the way Mrs Doris stared  at me but it wasn't actually what I was thinking, it wasn't my past. 

Speaking of my past, every single step I make close to it, the more the courage I've gathered for five years disappears. I don't know if I can face it but I want to do everything I can to face it and move on with my life. 
I was still deep in thought when my ringtone interrupted. 

" Hello.. "

" Yes hello. Des told me you are in Nigeria. "

" Yes I am. "

" But I told you not to go. There are things you don't know, you just don't understand. You wouldn't like the path you are taking, you are putting your life in danger. "

" what danger?  The one you have refused to tell me about for five years?  For heaven's sake, my fiancee left me in the hospital to die on our wedding day. I never got married, I woke up outside the country. You have tormented me far too long with silence. I want to know why he abandoned me after claiming to love me. I fucking need answers. Who is after my life, you don't want to tell me. Just stay away and that's it? "

" Jessica, I know it's difficult but you have to listen to me. If you go on like this, you've got more to loose and more to hurt. "

" Am I that much of a parasite? "

" No, you have got to do what is right. "

" Yes and that's is me looking for answers. Good night mom. "

I cut the call on her for the very first time in my life. What am I to do?  I need answers and that is what I'll get. I don't know what has happened to my life, left in the dark for five years. This hate and agony in my heart, I'll make sure Williams gets a taste of it. 

  I woke up pretty early, feeling this unusual happiness. I went into the bathroom to freshen up. When I came out, Cynthy and Jessi were already up. 

" Good morning sis and happy weekend "
I greeted. 

"my dear, how are you? "

" I'm okay, hope you slept well?"

"like never before  little sis. "

" Good morning sisters. "
Cynthy greeted. 

" morning dear"
Jessi responded.

" Let me go to the bathroom. "
Cynthia said and headed for the bathroom. 

" Queen... "
Jessica called. 

" Yes sis, anything? "
I retorted. 

" Are you really serious with Des and the show you put up yesterday? "

" um...  Sis please freshen up, we'll talk about that later. "

" Please don't joke with his feelings, he doesn't easily get emotional attached but when he does, it's a different thing altogether. I love the both of you and I won't want any of you hurting. " 

" OK sis, i pick and hey, today is Saturday, how about we go to the shopping mall and yea! I want you to meet a very good friend of mine too. "

" Someone?  Who? "

" A guy actually. Liams. "

" Liams? Is he a Nigerian? "

" yea he is. His name is Williams but I call him Liams. He's a doctor and he owns kekris health care.

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. "

" Kekris health care? "

" yea,  Doctor Williams... "
Jessi interrupted me before I could finish. 

" Williams Richardson. "
She said to my amazement. 

" wow! How did you know? "
She smiled .

" For all I know Jessi, you haven't been in Nigeria so....? "

" I haven't been doesn't mean I don't read about my country. "

" Really? "

" yea and I'll really like to meet him. "

" OK let me give him a call. "

I picked up my phone and called Williams. He agreed to meet up with me later in the evening to see this big sis I've been talking about.. 

" Deal sis, 5pm today. "
I said to Jessi who has been listening and waiting for my reply. 

" Alright, 5pm it is then. "


The Sea is gonna get really rough, who is ready to sail along with love Crystal. I think this is certainly going to be a blow!  Lolzzz...  Thanks for the comments and predictions but let's see how it goes.... Happy reading folks. 

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