HUMMING ROSE - Episode 8

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This episode is dedicated to Ciara Jessy and the rest of my ardent readers. I appreciate you all! Love love!

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Dave has been with me since arrival and we were all checked in with the help of our assistant team leader and despite the fact that I was really cold towards him during the whole flight, he still stuck to me. He doesn't really give up, does he?

Each of us got a room to ourselves; which were superbly furnished, much more comfortable than I thought and instantly, I felt at home . My room was on the 35th floor while Dave's was on the 15th floor, I felt really good knowing this.

I unpacked my bag, took a bath then called my family; my elder sister and Mom to be precise. I was still going through my bag, checking out my outfits as well as accessories when I heard the door bell ring. It was room service; they delivered my food, a weird combination which I never got to touch. 

I sat quietly in my room feeling all lonely, I just had to go through my presentation, making final corrections till sleep came calling.


The Conference Hall was a really huge one; well decorated and super furnished. This is one of the biggest I've seen in a long time, the whole place was indescribable and I felt speechless as I stepped in

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. Every single detail spelt class and luxury! There were several people too and just like I thought, were representatives from other airports all over the country. There were men, women, young men and ladies trooping in and out, some uniformed ladies whom I perceived were ushers and waiters who were busy serving drinks, snacks and water. 

I walked through looking for my seat number which was written on my pin-up too alongside my country, conference code and name boldly stated. Finally, I saw it and sat down adjusting my ID card and laptop and almost immediately I looked up scanning the whole room as I noticed Dave seated at one end of the room; far from me again, I felt relieved. I was still searching for the rest of out team when,

"Good morning ladies and gentlemen. My name is Harrison Tyler and welcome to the annual FAWC Conference. It's my pleasure..." He continued.

The moderator was a young white man, average and well spoken. After his speech, we all took turns to introduce ourselves, then made an applause for his exit welcoming the first speaker of the day. 

It was tea break and we were advised to stretch ourselves, take snacks and return for the afternoon session. I was really looking forward to this as I was pressed and my stilettos were beginning to hurt too. I got up and walked hurriedly to the ladies room, and as soon as I got in, I bumped into a lady who was coming out and just immediately, I apologized...

I was still straightening out my gown when my phone beeped. 

"You look beautiful today. Let's have dinner together after this" Dave texted.

I totally ignored the bullshit and hurriedly left the room. Not now, chipmunk!


I walked to my room as soon as the conference ended for the day. I was totally wearied, my legs hurt so much and my stomach was rumbling too. I needed to get to my room as soon as I could. 

I rushed to my door and turned it open. I put my laptop, handbag, phone and file down on the table when I heard a knock. I turned almost immediately and standing there was Dave and the girl I sat next to during the conference. 

The girl introduced herself earlier to me as Vivian. Vivian, a chocolate skinned girl with an open teeth from Alhaji Garuba Yinka Airport; accounting department. She was beautiful and was well dressed. During the conference, I got to notice that she was a glutton too as she collected virtually everything that was served there, and at some point, I had to give mine too. I wasn't a heavy eater after all. One thing I admired about her was her total feminine friendly nature, it was really a breeze getting to know her. 

"Hey, hey" I stammered smiling, standing there I had so many thoughts running through my mind.

''How did Dave get to know her? We're they friends? How come? Was he stalking me?' I thought to myself. There was something creepy about him I coulnt understand.

"Hey Tee, going for dinner? I texted you earlier remember?" Dave spoke finally.

"No, Dave. I'm really tired and I need to review for tomorrow too" I replied calmly faking a smile.

"Just this night Thelma" Vivian said.

"No, dear. I really can't, I'm sorry. I'll make it up some other time" I insisted.

"Fine then" Dave said turning around as he gave me a questioning look.

They both left. I felt chills all over me, something wasn't right.

I locked my door, walked to the bathroom and had a warm bath. I reached for the landline and dialed room service, I was so hungry and I decided to eat whatsoever was on the menu irrespective of how weird it might look like.

My food got delivered in no time, and I hurriedly ate it. Luckily it was shrimp soup, grilled beef and white rice. I was satisfied as I took my laptop to start my review. I had barely gone through it when my phone beeped.

"Miss Thelma, please report to room 307 for a group meeting in five minutes" A text from our assistant team leader.

I reluctantly changed into a casual pink dress, black flip flops and carried my laptop. I sluggishly walked to the elevator and soon enough, I was walking down to the room. The door was open so I just walked in only to be welcomed by none other than- George!

He sat amidst some ladies, my assistant team leader and the rest of our team. Too many emotions flew over my head in split seconds, I had wanted to run back or even disappear. Damn! I was taken aback, I felt so casual and unattractive, this wasn't what I wanted.

"Thelma, come over here. sit," Ella said pointing to a space on the bed. 

"Good evening everyone" I greeted shyly.

"Hey Thelma" George called out and I just smiled.

I then went over to sit trying to recollect and comport myself the much I could. In all, I noticed that he wasn't even looking at me the way I thought. The meeting started and we were to make our presentations while he made relevant corrections, he was the team leader afterall.

Finally, it got to my turn,I sat up, faced him and started reciting from my laptop. I tried to make gestures too all in a bid to impress him when he spoke;

"Thelma! What exactly are you doing? Are you aware that this presentation is in few hours? Why are you being clumsy all of a sudden, miss!?" He shouted on top of his voice and I just felt like disappearing into thin air, it was so embarrassing. 

I buried my face in my hands as he spoke. He was infuriated and beckoned on me to start all over again. I started all over , reciting the whole thing again but this time it was worse. George became more infuriated.

"Is this how you'll disgrace yourself tomorrow? Do you want to let us all down? What actually have you been doing all along, and yet I was told that you were the best. Best indeed!" He shouted.

Enough of the disgrace, I stood up and ran out of the room. 


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