HUMMING ROSE - Episode 19

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Federal Government Scholarship (BEA) 2021-2022 Application Form


"Gooood mornnning biggie. Hmm... I've been trying your line since two days now. What's up dude? Wetin dey happen" 

"Annie? Did you change your number?" 

"No way, I didn't or you lost it already" I teased.

"No no no... ha!...I think it's not saved on this phone, maybe it's in the other one . I'm fine sha, how you doing? So nice hearing from you again"

"Yeah, I'm fine too. Just a bit stressed and tired." 

"Tired? Heyyy! What were you doing throughout the night? Don't.. wait.. don't tell me you're now a naughty girl. Who's that guy? Huh!?"

"O my goodness! Will you shut up Henry?" I said laughing

"Hahahaha... silly girl. How's Grandma? Heard she left your place already?"

"Yeah, the last time I spoke with Grandma, she was coming around, she's stronger now I think." 

"Oh! Hopefully"

"Yeah,so where are you now?"

"I'm in Lagos, flew back from New York two weeks ago; went for a conference"

"Oh, I've even forgotten that, it's true. How was it?"

"Pretty good."

"Fine, please, I want you to help me with something, Henry

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. I'm stuck seriously and I need your help yet again." 

"I knew it. What's that sis? Speak up"

"You knew what? Don't let me catch up with you ... Sha, I want you to track this number for me, like I need the whole registration details on it. It should be on the network system" 

"Again? Annie?? Which guy is disturbing you this time? You're always tracking, this woman. Are you a tracker???" He joked again and we both started laughing.

"No sir, it's not a guy abeg... Like you don't know I work for FBI now? You don't? Don't worry one day, I'll track you too if you're not careful"  at my last statement, Henry laughed out so loud that I had to shift my phone away from my ear for some seconds.

"O my God, you're stupid Ann. Very stupid! Oya, tell me, who do you want to track this time?"

"It's a long story Henry."

"How long? I'm not in a hurry you know?"

"No Henry, we'll talk about this later. Me,I'm in a hurry o," 

"So are you gon' do it for me?"

"You want me to say no to my baby sister? So that you'll drain my battery with calls"

"Hahahahahaha... Thanks alot bro. This means a whole lot"

"No thanks. You know what to do"

"awww... !! Yeah I do. Alright Byeeee"

"Take care, sis" and the line went dead.

Henry; my cousin who is much older than I am could be very playful. A man that just turned thirty two months ago was still as playful and  exactly what drew me to him. He was really tall, very handsome, chocolate skinned, always clean shaven and super intelligent. Unlike the rest of my cousins,he was very calm, caring and super nice.  I could remember the last time I visited him and how he almost chopped off my head for spilling sauce on his cooker; that was the first time we had a huge quarrel. He's neatness irks me sometimes, it was extreme.

His living room which was tastely furnished, his gym, lounge and entire house was always well arranged and cleaned out. Sometimes, he had to just let his housekeepers go and do the cleaning himself.

He wasn't actually fashion conscious but he had a taste in outfits. A very successful software engineer working with a multinational company at Abuja but most of the time, he shuttled Lagos and here due to meetings and conferences. 

His family has a high academic background that even his elder brother and sister had their PhD before thirty. Henry was actually the one person I could trust at a time like this.

I woke up and flashed my torchlight on my wall clock ; it was already 5:00am. I yawned and stretched, took short heavy steps to my balcony and switched on my generator. I changed into my sweatpants and a top, collected a towel and my water bottle and ran all the way to the gym few streets away from mine.

I wasn't in a hurry because I was not even planning on going to work so early. My shift was later on so I just took my time to make breakfast after my workout session. I settled for french fries, poached eggs and green tea; I just needed to get in shape. My weight was starting to skyrocket again; imagine having a huge appetite and a snail speed metabolism... It sucks!

I dialed Thelma again and for the umpteenth time, she didn't pick up. I perceived she was still pissed because of the last conversation we had so I just maintained my distance. I was a bit worried because of the growing friendship between her and Dave because right now; I was so unsure of many things. I ate my breakfast in silence and soon enough,I had dressed up for work.

Commuting to my workplace was another stress. My Uber  didn't show up on time and I was already running late. I had to trek two streets before I caught up with it; it was really annoying.

I hurriedly ran to my office and just as I thought; Thelma wasn't there anymore. She must have finished her own shift and left. I arranged my stuff on the table, kept my laptop and handbag and headed upstairs towards the managers office. I needed to see George urgently before he leaves for the day. 

"Good day George" I greeted admiring his outfit, he was indeed a mix of class and elegance. His cologne filled the air as I drew a seat opposite him.

"Good day Annie. What's up?" He greeted smiling .

"How are you? How's your Dad now?" 

"Ann, seriously I do not know what to do anymore. It's deteriorating with every ticking second and it's so painful seeing him like that"

"Fly him out, George."

"Exactly what I want to do. I'm preparing his papers already. Thanks Ann"

"It's well George, please don't ever give up and don't hesitate to call me whenever you need to" 

"Thanks again Ann. I'm grateful for this"

"You're always welcomed, George. Please take care" I stood up and was about leaving when another question hit me.

"How is Thelma?" 

"Ummm...umm..She's fine. Please George, don't misunderstand her for anything at all. Thelma is going through a lot right now. The whole act she's putting up, trust me, she's not like that, she's just going through a lot" I tried to explain. 

"Going through a lot, huh!? A lot indeed! Yes, she's going through a lot jumping in and out of Dave's car all over the town, right? Right Annie!?"

"Stop George! It's not like that. It's not what you think! Can you give yourself a break!!?"

"Get out of my office!" He barked.


"Get out Annie!! I need to be alone right now!"


"Yes please"

"I should get out now! I should? Fine! But Listen and listen real well!!! I understand you are friends with thelma but why are you not telling her your mind? Why are you suffocating your emotions!?  Be a man George! Be a real man!!! Why can't you go to her? Why can't you man up??! You're always hiding under the cloak of Annie, playing dumb stupid jokes on each other, hiding your feelings in roses, gifts, nonsenses! Why can't you tell her yourself? Exactly why Dave is better than you! You think I'm not torn between you two? You think I'm not getting hurt too? You think I'm enjoying all this myself? You think??well,  I'm tired of playing this games with both of you... From now on, I'm removing myself from this mess!!! Excuse me!!!!"


Without waiting for a response from him, i walked out and slammed the door behind me startling his workers too but I didn't even care.

Guys... Who else is as weak as I am? Annie! SMH


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