HUMMING ROSE - Episode 2

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Gregory OlaJumoke International Airport is situated at the central state of entry. It was really at the centre of the state and the biggest International Airport ever. It ranked the fifth top airports in the world and the best in the world of travel. This place was really meant for thr rich and sophisticated and sometimes I pitied those middle class who couldn't afford a seat in economy class talk more of first class. It was really expensive and the airlines too we're so exorbitant . Here was not a place for the faint hearted. The sight of the entrance alone sent shivers to anyone who was walking past foe the first time because every single corner spelt luxury at its peak! This is where I work, the customer service department of the airport. 

I could remember when I graduated from the University with second class honors in optometry, a course I had no passion for! I really went through the whole process just to make my dad proud because I earlier rejected the offer of medicine and surgery; my dad was an obstinate man who wanted me to take after his occupation. I refused any push and fell for optometry but on graduation, I refused practice totally!

Getting to work in such a huge firm like this one was not totally my dream too. I wanted to become an actress or a fashion designer

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. Coming from such a background gave me no chance at all to walk in that line and here I was neck deep in what I never dreamt of becoming! Here in my country, anything works, just anything as long as you have the right connection and my dad was a pro in drawing chains of them! He had friends from all walks of life and could enter into any highly placed organization or firm without a fuss. I had no difficulty finding a job unlike my mates.

I turned around and it was Annie. "Hi Annie!" I called out as she hugged me from behind. 

She was really a slay queen- a girl I would describe as not-so-pretty but with makeup, you wouldn't notice. She was fatter, had a skin that would have been chocolate save for the many products and lightening creams. Her knuckles were noticeably dark and her round face wasn't helping at all. One thing I loved about Annie was her soft heart and how humble she was. She wore a cream colored turtle neck top, a knee length black skirt which clung perfectly to her and a black Versace shoe. Her makeup was a bit heavier, her lips dripping of red lipstick. Her hair was packed in a bun and held in place with a cream colored bow. Like me, she was a fashion enthusiast!

"Hi Tee" she called out. "You're some minutes late, babe. What's up? and I hope you got me something nice today?" I just smiled. 

She was already blowing up bubble gums this early morning, I thought to myself. 

"Here Tee, some shrimp sauce and grilled beef, hope you'll like it. Grandma made it yesterday." She grinned. I laughed, collected the it and gave her the noodles I got for her. 

Amidstlaughing, chatting and joking, we strode to our office. On getting into the concourse, the hustling and bustling, to and fro movements, announcements and noise that filled the air made me realize how late I was! We hurriedly got into the elevator and soon enough we were walking down to our office. I wanted to open the door only for the door to fling open. This was a space I shared with only Annie. Standing before me was someone I never expected. Shivers ran down my spine, my eyes widened as we both drew back!


Okay guys, keep the comments rollin. Who do you think is that?

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