Hate Is A Strong Word - Episode 10

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Where do you live?; I asked her as I drove away from wilson’s house

Why do you wanna know?; she asked me with an adorable giggle.

Damn!...where the hell am I suppose to take her to?

You need to tell me your address Tonia, I don’t know where to drop you.

Don’t drop me!; she whined…..i don’t want you to drop me…..i wanna dance in your cozy car….. yippie!!...i am on top of the world!!!.

She kept shouting….waving at everything she saw outside the car window…

Well, I don’t have a choice than to take her home….i really hope mum and dad are asleep now….coz I don’t want any trouble…especially from mum.

Wait!; she whispered and I felt my heart knotted in my chest…..i thought she was gonna give me her address and I was terribly praying against it….coz I wanna watch her when she sleeps and this is my only chance…damn! I sound like a love sick puppy.

I don’t feel too good xav; she whined, snapping me outta my thoughts.

I immediately parked my car…and looked at her in concern….her unique eye colour  was dark grey…making me scared as f*ck….

I think I’m gonna puke xav….

Hearing that, I highlighted from my car and rushed over to her side to get her out….i helped her out and bent her on the grass beside the road while using my other hand to rub her back….

Her puking her guts out lasted for about five minutes…I took a bottled water from my car and helped her wash her mouth and face…..being close to her was making my heart race and I was trying to hold back from kissing her plump pink lips….what a toture.

The ride to my house was short and silent….i drove past the electric gate, and parked my car at the garage……I highlighted from my car and rushed to the other side to scoop her in my arms….she felt so good in my arms….fits perfectly as if she was meant to be in my arms…I ignored my racing heart and proceeded to take her to one of the guest rooms….

Honestly….i know I kinda have a little soft spot for her…but I don’t wanna give her something to think about by taking her to my room.

I placed her on the bed ……and wet one of the towels in the bathroom to mop and clean her body….still!, her cloth was still smelling of puke and alcohol…..

Don’t do it xav

Leave her xav

Ignore and go straight to your room

Your d*ck is hard already don’t make things harder by undressing her….u weren’t the one that forced her to drink.

My subconscious kept yelling at me but I ignored as undressed her and dressed her with one of my t-shirts ….i tried hard not to think about her huge round br*ast and chocolate ni*ples…..but I couldn’t …..

F*ck!.....what is all this?......will probably call sasha to ride me tonight….

The thought of sasha was a huge turnoff for me…..and suddenly I found myself comparing sasha with tonia…….

What is wrong with me?

After dressing her up, I kissed her forehead and told her goodnight…but she held my hand and said….’stay xavier’…..i blushed at the way my name rolled outta her sexy mouth…..i couldn’t resist….i couldn’t say no.

My legs moved on their own…and the next thing I knew  was pulling tonia to my chest and cuddling her to bed..

This is gonna be a long night



Sorry for the late update guys….had an issue at work….

What is happening to Xavier?

Will tonia get angry when she wakes?

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