Hate Is A Strong Word - Episode 12

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I looked at him as if he had grown two horns…

I’d have to do everything you ask for the next one month?; I asked in disbelief and he smirked.

Why the f*ck is his smirk so s*xy?

can you elaborate please?; I said with disdain

chill red; he purred while slowly rubbing my shoulders making me have goosebumps.

Red? Another nickname again?....woah!

The task is very simple……view it as being my personal assistant or if we’d be crude….i’d say my errand girl.

I gasped in shock as I hesitatingly peeled his hands off my shoulders.

I was really pissed…what kinda nonsense is this?

Listen here pretty boy….i ain’t doing shit for you….. so you can’t help your school mate in trouble?; I asked with my voice a little bit loud.

Only if I know I’d gain from it, which I am working on currently; he said with confidence and the silly smirk was still plastered on his face.

I am not doing this and there is nothing you can do about it….i am just being civil to you because of the help you rendered,….but if you are still gonna keep behaving like asshole…..i’ll leave before I become really violent….and trust me…you don’t wanna see my violent side; I sneered with shooting daggers at him with my eyes…..but upon everything….his facial expression shifted from a smug look to an amused look . Is he deaf or something? Why is he amused?


Are you done shouting?; he asked while the amused look is still present on his face and his hazel eyes screamed mischief ……that was when I knew he had something to blackmail me with.

I swallowed hard and nodded my head for him to continue what he wanted to say.

Do you remember the day you smuggled a pink hair dye into my hair shampoo?; he asked with a huge grin.

I nodded, unsure about where he was going with the incident that happened in the past.

Well, I might have gone to the security department the second day to collect the clip…..or don’t you know that there was a security camera there?......

The task I am giving you is really simple Red…..its just for a month…..listening to me for one month wont kill you

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. But if you are not interested in this deal, I’d have no choice than to show the principal…..and if I show the principal, you’d be in deep sh*t.

I digested everything he has slowly….he is blackmailing me with the prank I pulled on him at the detriment of my scholarship?...what an as*hole?....i don’t have a choice now, do i?


Fine! But I have rules…..

Bring it on Red; he slurred while biting his lower lip.

Why does he have to be so s*xy?

Rule number one: stop calling me red.

Rule number two: I am not one of your booty calls.

Rule number three: we do this at my own convenience, because I have side jobs to do.

Rule number four: no one must know about this.

He laughed out loud when I finished stating my rules……if not for my frustration, I’d have admitted that he looked 10times more handsome than he was before…..he pearly white teeth was sparking and his body was vibrating, making his muscle flex. ……tears were almost coming outta his eyes and I felt so embarrassed …..i think he noticed my uneasiness coz he stopped laughing when he saw my face.


You are one funny girl Red; he said with a serious face.

  1. I cant stop calling you red.
  2. You can never be my booty call.
  3. I wont inconvenient you, only if necessary.
  4. I cross my heart…..no one will know.


I released the breath I never knew I was holding and shook in hand.

Then it’s a deal; I said.

Indeed it is; he answered, but I noticed the mischievous glint in his eyes.

H*lysh*t! What have I gotten myself into?


I am sorry guys….but I can only post two episodes every Friday,….the work load in my office is much, pls bear with me.


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