Hate Is A Strong Word - Episode 9

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Xav?...my mum called softly as she knocked on my door.

I went to door and I opened it for her……sup ma?; I said with a wink…

She just smiled and shoved me away from the door.

Sit your ass down kid…I’m here to talk to you; she said while eyeing me suspiciously.

What have I done this time?. I sat down beside her on my bed….while rubbing my two hands on my knees….i do that when my mum makes me nervous…..this woman is dangerous, she reminds me of someone. Stop thinking about her!!!; my subconscious yelled at me.

What is it ma?; I asked when I noticed she was looking at me suspiciously.

She just smiled and said; whoever she is…I’d like to meet her soon…..it feels so good to watch you go all moody because of a woman.

My eyes almost popped outta their sockets….when did my mum become a psychic…I quickly covered my shocked expression with a blank face….what are you talking about mum?; I asked her.

She raised her eyebrow at me and me and gave me a knowing look....

Have fun at wilson’s party honey; she winked and walked out…..

That went well?; I sighed.



My butt was numb….i couldn’t move it…..

When u hear the name laura….you run…..this girl threatened to cut my boobs off if I don’t let her dress me up as she pleases…..i have been sitting down on a wooden stool for the past two hours…she wouldn’t even let me pee….she has used different electric stuff on my hair….one almost burnt my ear… . Laura has literarily been frying my hair for the past two hours and I feel like killing someone…..i am going to commit murder soon coz I am running outta patience.

Done!; she squeaked….and I glared at her…..the time was 9pm already…..thank God she has done her hair and makeup before she started on mine.

I turned around to look into the mirror and I couldn’t recognize myself….my red hair was curled into large curls….my face was smooth and beautiful…..it was caked like sasha’s own….it was divine…..the only thing on my lips was just lip gloss…emphasizing my plump pink lips….my eyelashes were longer and darker with the help of mascara…I hugged laura….and she cooed.

I wore the dress laura got for me at the mall and a pair of silver stilettos….the dress emphasized my curves and my huge double D cup b*obs and huge round ass….laura wore a red short down, that has little feathers on the right sleeve, she paired it with a pair of black suede heels.

Just as we posed for a selfie…the doorbell rang….

That must be Thomas; she said nervously…..are you sure he’ll love my outfit?

If he doesn’t love it…

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. I’d personally arrange his murder; I replied confidently.

My best friend just smiled and hugged me;..u are the best tony…

No; I replied….u are the bestest law.

We made our way downstairs, a maid has already opened the door for Thomas.

He stood at the entrance with a bunch of white and red roses…..he was putting on a black top, black skinny jeans and a brown leather jacket….his hair was shinny and curly.

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl; he said when laura got to his side…..he gave her the flowers and kissed her cheeks…..

I watched as he looked at laura as if she’s most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

Jeez, I hope I am not a third wheel o.

We made our way to thomas’ car and took off to the party’s venue…..

We got there in about 15minutes…wilson’s house was really huge….more like a mansion….

It was painted all white and it has a blue swimming pool….

Drunk teenagers were seen everywhere….some were busy shoving tongues down eachothers  throat….

And that was when I saw him……It looked as if he was searching for someone….and when his eyes landed on my……it darkened….



Michael forced me to go to the party earlier than we planned…..we help Wilson in arranging drinks and chops in the kitchen…we also helped the dj set up his gadgets. People started coming in around 8:45pm….since I knew my clothes will be messed up…I brought the clothes I wanted to wear for the party alond with me. I went into wilson’s bathroom to freshen up, curl my hair and dress up…all these took me about half an hour…..i wore all black….black roundneck, black jacket, black vans and black skinny jeans. There was no sign of laura, Thomas or tonia…….while lost in my thoughts….sasha came to meet me…she was wearing a transparent pink crop top and a bumpshort that didn’t even cover her skinny butts…her nipples were literarily on display,….normally a dressing like this would have turned me on…..but I felt disgusted just looking at her…..i politely left her there with the excuse of getting her a drink….

 I got into the kitchen and poured myself a whiskey…..i went out…and fortunately, sasha was no where in sight…I was looking around for Thomas when my eyes landed on a hotchick….she was putting on a leopard skin body con dress that emphasized her s*xy curves…and her red hair was in big curls….she was the most beautiful girl in the party……she was looking awfully familiar…that was when it hit me…..

I just admitted that tonia is beautiful and s*xy…..

I looked down at my trouser and I saw that I was getting hard on…..

Sh*t!....i made my way back to the house, into the bathroom to freshen up….it took me around good 30minutes to calm down…..how can she be so hot….what the f*ck!....i am suppose to hate her damnit!!....

She’s the only girl that has ever looked at me with so much hatred…..and I agree the feeling is mutual…

But why do I get hard on just thinking about her…she’s not the obedient type….she’s feisty and wicked….

I think she has enchanted me….yea…I am enchanted…and I am gonna break all the curses she has placed on me….just watch.

I came back out…..looking for the red witch when I saw her on the dance floor…grinding her hips on a guy I don’t know…..the guy was whispering some things in her ears and she was giggling...damn! she’s drunk…..seconds later, the guy tried to touch her butt and she stopped him…..then she went to the other side of the house where no one is…probably to receive fresh air.

My heart warmed at the fact that she turned the guy down…even at her drunken state, but my smile faded when I couldn’t find the guy on the dance floor again…my heart started pounding fast……my legs started moving on their to the direction where tonia went to……

And when I got there, my blood boiled at what I saw…..the son of b*tch was forcing tonia on himself…….i went there and punched him senseless….then I scooped tonia in my arms and carried her towards my car…..she has passed out……I texted Thomas that I have taken tonia home…..and I drove off.

No one touches what’s mine.



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