She's cool, innocent, kind and cheerful...she was his secretary

He's arrogant, ruthless, a billonaire, and extremely hot.

What happens when ice and fire comes up with a plan to bury their past.....will they get addicted to eachother in the process?

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    • Addicted - Introduction

    • Hello guys.... how are y'all doing? Well i need to say some things before i proceed with this story. If u know you dont like possesive male characters, matu...
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    • Addicted - Episode 1

    • KELSEY'S POV Where do i start from? my name is kelsey williams, I am 24 years old, i am from a family of 3; my mum, my dad and I. I graduated from...
      • Views (10,358)
      • Comments (15)
    • Addicted - Episode 2

    • GREG'S POV Hey greg,; she purred as she entered my office......she was putting on a short red dress.....showing her massive br*ast, red high heels and red lipstick......
      • Views (8,144)
      • Comments (6)
    • Addicted - Episode 3

    • GREG'S POV It's been 5days since i went to work...I have been thinking of getting susan out of my head....but its not working...I talked to my friend Charles...
      • Views (8,172)
      • Comments (11)
    • Addicted - Episode 4

    • KELSEY'S POV I have not taken my bath for three days now, my room is in a big mess, i am stinking and i like it that way. Now is not the time to heart is sh...
      • Views (7,805)
      • Comments (6)
    • Addicted - Episode 5

    • GREG'S POV I was so happy with her response.....i hope this works....i called my best friend charles, who is also a lawyer to meet me at a nearby restaurant. he dropp...
      • Views (7,861)
      • Comments (10)
    • Addicted - Episode 6

    • KELSEY'S POV I told Mr George to take me to the bank, i got there and met an old lady on the counter...i recognised her immediately...Mrs habibat, how are you?; i ask...
      • Views (7,607)
      • Comments (11)
    • Addicted - Episode 7

    • KELSEY'S POV I  freshened up and wore the dress...even i couldn't believe the way it brought out my was a sleeveless blac gown..with V-shape nec...
      • Views (7,800)
      • Comments (10)
    • Addicted - Episode 8

    • GREG'S POV It's been 2 months since kelsey and i started the contract...and to be honest, it going perfectly as planned...both susan and jack are nowhere to be fo...
      • Views (8,072)
      • Comments (9)
    • Addicted - Episode 9

    • GREG'S POV I got outta the gym and did a little happy dance...she likes me! she likes me!...whoa!.... I got into my bedroom and went into the bathroom....i ...
      • Views (7,853)
      • Comments (11)
    • Addicted - Episode 10

    • GREG'S POV There is something about kel...i cant just lay a finger on it...this minute, she's all quiet and all about the contract...the next minute, she's s*...
      • Views (9,491)
      • Comments (11)
    • Addicted - Episode 11

    • KELSEY'S POV His huge arm pulled my waist to his body....his eyes was filled with both lost and love...his normal hazel eyes were dilated...he really wanted me as muc...
      • Views (8,213)
      • Comments (8)
    • Addicted - Episode 12

    • GREG'S POV Last night was the best night of my life, i woke up seeing the most beautiful woman sleeping like a baby......snoring softly.....her head was on my chest a...
      • Views (8,533)
      • Comments (9)
    • Addicted - Episode 13

    • KELSEY'S POV we ate our breakfast and went to the bathroom to shower.....and well, our daddy here couldnt keep his hands off me.....we spent another two hou...
      • Views (7,660)
      • Comments (3)
    • Addicted - Episode 14

    • GREG'S POV I woke to the sight of the amazing goddess in my arms.....morning baby, i whispered while kissing her forehed...i hope she didn't hear what i blurted o...
      • Views (8,053)
      • Comments (16)
    • Addicted - Episode 15

    • SUSAN'S POV I went to a newly opened store beside the gucci boutique opposite my husband's company....i know gregory loves it when i wear red bikinis....i picked ...
      • Views (7,853)
      • Comments (8)
    • Addicted - Episode 16

    • KELSEY'S POV since greg proposed, we couldn't get our hands of know that moment when you have been bottling your feelings for eachother...but late...
      • Views (8,383)
      • Comments (12)
    • Addicted - Episode 17

    • KELSEY'S POV I dragged the b*tch to the basement where the girls were.....i stomped my foot on the ground to make them aware of my presence.  look what...
      • Views (7,351)
      • Comments (5)
    • Addicted - Episode 18

    • FIVE YEARS LATER GREG'S POV its been almost five years that i have been married to the love of my life...i wonder how i was gonna live if she had gone to ja...
      • Views (7,417)
      • Comments (14)
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    Welcome back Harriet
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    Hello Harriet,I am really intrigued by this novel,please let me know when other episodes are in....great job dear
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