they were madly inlove, but failed to admit it......lets see how long it will take them to realise how much they desire one another

shall we?

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    • Desires - Introduction

    • hello everyone my name is harriet and i love to write......this is my first story here and i hope u like it   show some love guys this ...
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    • Desires - Episode 1

    • TRICE'S POV I laid lazily on my bed, kinda scared to stand up, its 7am already and i have to resume work by 8am....shit! i dont wanna go to work; i said underneath my...
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    • Desires - Episode 2

    • TRICE'S POV I pretended as if i was bold.. so i was like bring it on...i'd answer any question u ask me (BELOW IS THE CONVERSATION BETWEEN TRICE AND THE...
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    • Desires - Episode 3

    • ALEX's POV I left work around 4pm......then I went to the mall to get some stuff and dinner. I got home around 6pm, I was trying keep myself busy with some assignment...
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    • Desires - Episode 4

    • ALEX’s POV  She came out looking all s*xy in her white crop top, I was thrilled, I hugged her and I felt her vanilla scent....she smelt delicious. She whispere...
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    • Desires - Episode 5

    • Hello guys, sorry for the late update......kinda down a little......but i'm better now......hope i'm forgiven?   lets continue THREE...
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    • Desires - Episode 6

    • Sorry for late update is stressing me out...... i promise to make this episode really two to three episodes joined together.........oya lets be...
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    • Desires - Episode 7

    • TRICE's POV i have packed all my stuff last night, everything!, except my bed though, lol, that b*tch should actually have something to sleep on...i'd get an...
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    • Desires - Episode 8

    • TRICE's POV For the first time in two months, i slept like a baby. Damn!the bed was so soft. i was still rolling on the bed when i got a whatsapp message from Jason...
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    • Desires - Episode 9

    • TRICE's POV 'I am going downstairs to make a call'- Jason said, almost running out of the kitchen......i wonder what was chasing him......that guy is so weird-.....
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    • Desires - Episode 10

    • JASON's POV I entered my room with the wh*re from the club.... i didn't even know her name........ i told her to freshen up in the bathroom so that we can get dow...
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    • Desires - Episode 11

    • JASON's POV GOSH! i have really overstepped my boundaries, a slap and bunch of insulting words because i kissed her?.........i am so, angry right now......i wish she was...
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    • Desires - Episode 12

    • TRICE's POV I was almost done with my seminar write up,......i was idle...and i hate being idle, being idle made me think of Jason, how soft his lips were when we kissed...
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    • Desires - Episode 13

    • TRICE's POV After getting what i wanted from the mall, i decided to get some A4 paper to print out my seminar report...i parked my car at the junction of the street beca...
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    • Desires - Episode 14

    • TRICE'S POV Put me down! i shouted... making him pout... he's so adorable. we ate dinner and i told him i'd like to take a shower again....i dont know why i f...
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    • Desires - Episode 15

    • TRICE'S POV It is my first day at work and i am super late.....beacuse i was making out last night?...great! you are the worst employee in the world trice; i scolded ...
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    • Desires - Episode 16

    • ALFRED'S POV i have been worried about jason since last night, been tryna call him but he has not been picking...what's up with this dude? i i picked my...
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    • Desires - Episode 17

    • TRICE'S POV Angela and i were both busy in the office till around 3pm, i wonder how she was cpoing before her dad hired me, she is also in her finals. thank God we...
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    • Desires - Episode 18

    • JASON'S POV THREE WEEKS LATER(AFTER EXMAS) Today is the d-day....the day we all are going to defend our project...its not pride, but i have this strong fait...
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    • Desires - Episode 19

    • ANGELA'S POV I woke up with my head banging and my eyes spinning...this place doesn't look familiar...and my headache was making it worse....just as i looked up, ...
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    • Desires - Episode 20

    • JASON'S POV I watched as they collected my phone from her and threw it on the ground before shoving her forcefully into the car....i ran towards the car with all...
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    • Desires - Episode 21

    • JASON'S POV I watched as alfred started pressing somethings on the computer,...i was getting impatient and i was constantly slapping his shoulder to be fast at t...
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    • Desires - Episode 22

    • TRICE'S POV I could hear distant voices...i tried to open my  eyes but they were too heavy....something in me was pusing me to try harder...and when i did....the...
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