Hate Is A Strong Word - Episode 13

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What have I done?!!!; is this how to win a girl’s heart?.....is this how to woo a lady?

Damn!...well, the deed has already been done…I just have to maintain the cover and win her heart….

My mum always says…when you know what you want, you’d go for it without hesitation.

She left like 30minutes ago and I already miss her.

Blackmailing her with the video was the only way to make her get close to me….

Even though her friend Laura is dating my best friend, she’d still avoid me like a plague…..i got the video clip from the security department and I bribed the guy to delete the original copy, which he did in my presence…..because if Principal James sees it, it’d be a problem for Red……my RED.


I decided to text her

ME: Come here by 7pm tomorrow, dress casual and classy.

RED DEVIL: What if I have to be somewhere?

ME: You don’t have a choice Red

RED DEVIL: I know, I’ll be there.

ME: enjoy the rest of your day.


I waited for her response but it never came….she must really hate me now.

Damn! I screwed up.



Anger is one of the worst feelings in the world……especially when you are trying hard not to get angry but people wont stop stepping on your toes. If the video is released my scholarship and self confidence is at stake……even though I don’t like robbinsons high…..i worked hard to get in…and my mum was so proud of me….she’d be shattered if I lose the contract…..i wiped the stray tears that was rolling from my eyes.

Steel baby, you are made of steel….you cant be broken

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. I inwardly recited my mantra till I felt slightly better…..if someone like sasha had done this kinda thing….i wont even blink…but coming from him made it hurt more….it hurts like hell, but that is life.

I wished I never went to that party with laura……I cant even tell what happened because she’s gonna keep blaming herself for dragging me to the party.

He said casual and classy…I don’t think I have anything like in my wardrobe …..

I called Laura who promised to borrow me some clothes.

This is gonna be a long one month.



Its been long we heard from sasha and tonia’s mum

Will feature them in the next episode.

See u guys next week.

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Love u.

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