Hate Is A Strong Word - Episode 11

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He was dressed in an all black outfit, his back was facing me…..i  was walking towards his coz he looked oddly familiar….suddenly he turned and started walking towards me…..i stopped to take in his features….the same hazel eyes, height, curly soft black hair, thick long eyelashes…and that crazy smirk……

He stopped right in front of me, his height covering me from seeing something else…..we were so close that if I mistakenly raised my head up…we’d kiss……he raised my head up with my chin….and I unintentionally put my hands on his broad…..he closed his eyes and groaned a little…as if he was enjoying it…I smiled at started placing light kisses on his chest…..he held my red hair in his hands…and looked deep into my eyes……then our lips were just an inch away from each other….i closed my eyes and pull him in for a kiss, but it didn’t come…I opened my eyes and found a shirtless Xavier in  front of me….he was putting on a grey sweat pant and he looked extremely s*xy……

I bit my lower lip and avoided his eyes coz I knew I have embarrassed myself…..

Don’t tell me you were about kissing me in your dream tony?

Woah, we’re on nick name basis now?

I wasn’t dreaming about you; I said in an unsure tone…I knew I wasn’t convincing enough and this  increased my embarrassment to the maximum level.

Where am i?; I asked to avoid his question and he gave me a knowing look but I just ignored him and looked at everywhere but him.

That was when all the events of last night started coming to me in fragments….and I shook my head in disbelief.

You are in my house; he said as if it  was the most obvious thing in the world….

Oh; I replied,

Thanks xav, for saving me lastnight and for bringing me to your house….

Nothing is free tony; he said, as he stormed out of the room

Breakfast in 15minutes; he yelled from outside.

That went well; I muttered to myself.

I stood up and saw my clothes from last night neatly packed on the chair beside the bathroom….

That was when it dawned on me…..xavier undressed me?.....

I touched my skin as if I wanted to feel him on my skin…

Instead of being angry, you are getting wet just thinking about his fingers on your body?

You are pathetic slut; my subconscious yelled at me.

I entered the bathroom…stripped n*ked…and used his masculine shower gel to have my bath….i love the way he smells….and the shower gel is gonna make smell like him.



I was humming to ‘or nah remix’ by ty dollar sign, wiz khalifa and the weekend, while making pancakes…..

The lyrics of that song is making think of what I could do to tonia’s body….how its gonna feel to be inside of her…..make her smile….make her squirm under me. I want her to be happy…I wanna see her laugh more…..her smile kills me in a good way….i said I hated her….but I am doing quite the opposite.

Come to think of it…she’s so different from other girls….so real, so unique, so beautiful, so…..

Hmm hmm hmm!; someone cleared her throat beside me…and I saw my mum….raising an eyebrow at me.

You are thinking about her again?; she asked with a wink.

Well, your dad, anna and I are going out now…..you have the house to yourselves.

Mum….i’d be home alone; I told her

Then a gave me a knowing look; I know u brought her home last night xav….just becareful…..dont hurt her.

We might not meet her by the time she comes back…so invite her for dinner on Sunday night; she said and stormed out.



Just as she went outside…..tonia came into the kitchen wearing one of my white shirts and my briefs…..which she had to roll like twice coz she was petite

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. Her red hair was wet from the shower…and her eyes were mixture of different beautiful colours…..

Your mum is beautiful; she said in a very low s*xy voice.

Yes she is; I replied her…..

Come on….lets eat

I set some pancakes and caramel syrup on her plate with a hot chocolate drink and orange juice…….

As we were eating, she asked; why did you undress me?

I was caught off guard but I immediately comported myself……well, you were drunk and smelling like puke…I couldn’t allow you to stay like that…I explained everything that happened last night to her except for the fact that I slept on the same bed with her…I wanted that memory for myself alone.

What can I do to repay u xav?; she asked while looking down at her plate.

Well, nothing is free tony;…..

Do everything I ask you to do for the next one month.



Have a nice weekend y’all

Love u

. .

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