Firesparks - Episode 23

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Sara's p.o.v 

I went downstairs wearing baggy trousers and a top when I sit down... and see a plate of Food placed at my seat.

it looks very different so I just sit and takes a bite maybe it would make me forget the eyes drilling holes into me.
 I ate the food so fast and I felt tears come out of my eyes.
"Pepper!"I brought out my tongue.
I drank a soup that I don't know... and I felt worse.
"Here"Dayne said handing me the water and I gulped it.
"It was bound to happen she rushed the chicken chettinad"His aunt said.
I started coughing....
"She needs more water!"Dayne said.
"Sorry.. . it's spicy"Poooky said handing me a glass of milk.
"It'll make you feel better"
I gulped it too..
feeling more better.
"Is there anything I can eat here... that won't make me get killed."I groaned.
"Well there's Rotties...."
"No...oroes... peanuts....No...

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. potato chips.

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. M and M!!"I groaned.
""What's that?"
"I give up."
I yelled cleaning my hands with the towel and storming upstairs.
"What was that?"Dayne asked.
"Try eating something for Dinner"
"Dinner! you call that Dinner...they added all the pepper in the whole world to make that and you expect me to eat crap!"I said.
"Yunno...they made that food with so much love... You should just appreciate it!"He screamed and stormed out.
"Dayne!"I called but No reply... Dang it!

***Winter's p.o.v
Mooomy just shouted at me and she's never done that before.She must be really angry... I won't hurt mommy anymore..I will try to be a good child...I will....
I cleaned my tears and hugged Wendy.
"Mommy hates me but you don't hate me you?"I wispered to my stuffed animals.
and I hugged it.

***Aisha's p.o.v
"How do you like this dress?"My friend asked as she placed it on my body.
"It's perfect .. it's perfect for the wedding....."I smiled.
"I can't believe you're getting married to Remy!!"She screamed.
"I can't either.."I smiled.
"Show me that ring again"She said and I flashed it.
"It seems...Rare!"She said.
"I Know it's not much... but all I want is Remy"
"What's that encrusted on the ring?"She asked peering closer.
I hadn't noticed I looked closer and I saw it...
carefully written...
He had proposed to me with her name on it..with a ring meant for her! I groaned.
"What's Sara?"She asked.
"Hummmm... it's a name... Remy... likes to gives me such pet names"I smiled.
"So sweet!"
My phone started ringing and I excused myself to pick it up.
"Remy has been in a terrible accident"He screamed.
"What!"I screamed dropping the phone in shock.
My stomach hurt and I felt so sick ..
Not the baby!!!

***Aisha's present p.o.v*
I opened the door and was welcomed by the opening breeze.
Strange...No one is here...But I could have sworn I just heard a knock... maybe it's my imagination but while closing the door...
I had a feeling someone was watching me and I didn't feel safe.
Kumon...Aisha ..stop Hallucinating...
who could be probably out to get you?

Winter is just a kid who feels unloved and is Aisha really safe
stay tuned...stay safe


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