Firesparks - Episode 30

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Winter's p.o.v
"What the darn is wrong...with you...why did you hit the kid so hard?"I heard a voice and I scratched my head... slowly waking up...
I was in a dark room..
and just towards the door..they were talking.
"I had to convince the mom...she was hell bent on taking the kid"He said.
"I am not a cruel Man...treat her like a princess will..."He said and walked close to me.
"How are you doing princess?"He asked bending and touching my cheeks.
"Who...who .are you... where's my mommy"I started crying.
"My little.. . know when you watch those cartoons... and there's a bad...guy...Tsskk..Tskk... I'm the bad guy now" He smiled
and I screamed.
"I want to kill your mommy...but I need your help... princess you see I could not succeed years this man had to bring you you want a lollipop?"He said sitting on the chair.
"No you're evil......I want to go home"I said.
"Take it easy... princess do you want a story?"
"Yes! yes! stoory.... mommy never tells me story"I screamed excitedly.
He smiled and stroking his beard said.

" Then....If you love flashbacks you're in for a treat!"

***Aisha's p.o.v
"K...Ken!"I screamed horrifying looking at him... unconscious..
"Ken!"I screamed.
When a lady suddenly came out and shot all the security.
"Move away from the boy"She warned.
"He's my son...Mrs and you're going down"I screamed.
She wanted to shoot..
but I ran to her and we struggled with the gun and it shot the roof.
I kicked her and took the gun...
after she rolled on the ground.

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. step! Away...step away from my son you better tell me who sent you or else..."I screamed.
"I will..I will tell you everything just bring the gun down"She breathed.
"Ken..honey are you okay?"I asked him...he was slowly opening his eyes.
He burst out crying...
"My head hurts!!"
"Ken... go wait outside let me talk to this lady..."I said.
"Mommy... she's.... she's bad"Ken suddenly shouted.
"She helped that man...

Read " Fell In Love With A Bad Boy " by the same author ( Lo is )

. take winter and the security are in cohorts"He said.
"Damn! I'm mad...
and someone better start talking before I blow off their brains"I screamed pointing the gun at her.

**Sara's p.o.v
"So this is the car plate number...."The inspector asked not flinching.
"Yes..."I said.
"Well...we know it would be a waste of time...but even if we track this car... what's the assurance they haven't ditched it at a road... or burnt it"He said.
"You're a freaking...Cops and you should do your job"I said.
"Madam... this Is Nigeria...if you haven't noticed...things don't go well here"He said.
" I supposed to to give a fucking hoot....Go do your Job...if anything! anything happens to my daughter"I screamed.
"Madam... just drop small thing for the ministry"A low voice said.
"So I should do....your Job... this Is wrong! let me call my lawyer"I angrily  picked up my phone , when i saw I had 21 missed calls.
Treasure! She must be so worried.
I rang again and I picked it.
"Hello Bae"
"Sara what is wrong with got me worried"She screamed at the other end.
"Right now babes eh...I'm frustrated... apparently before I pick... Winter she's been kidnapped"I groaned.
"Chimo...I thought the school security was air_tight."She said.
"I'm even wondering" I said
"Unless...The kidnapper was working with security"She screamed.
"It's true! I need to go..Babes...all the security must be interviewed...pronto"I said and curt.
"So.."the police inspector asked looking more bored.
"Do I have to Job... you're interviewing all the security...till we find out where my daughter is!!!"

***Remy's p.o.v*
I heard a gunshot.. immediately I entered and saw people rushing out.
Gosh... there's a criminal outside
and one here!
I heard a scream...
I should probably one of the classrooms.
I ran when I heard a voice...
it's like Ken...
Oh my God! there's a gunshot and he's here.
I walk closer when I see Aisha holding a gun and ken...pointing the gun at a woman
I'm about to warn her..
when the woman..
suddenly touches the ground and throws sands into her eyes.
"Aisha!"I screamed.
The woman took the gun and pointed it at me....
"Take a move lady and kiss your lover goobye!"She screamed.
oh...why did I come to pick Ken todayyy.

***Cliff's p.o.v
I've been waiting for that lady to leave that building but she hasn't and when I heard gunshots.
I jumped out holding a gun.
"I'm coming beat it!!!"
I screamed running inside.
Being stamped on by worried kids and parents...
but I got up and continued running..

You didn't see that coming right(Wink)

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