Firesparks - Episode 29

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Winter's p.o.v*

"Let me go"I screamed trying to free myself from the ropes.

"Stop the kid from crying...give her a candy already"The driver growled.

He gave me a sweet and I kicked it away....

He removed the tape from my mouth.

"I don't know who you are...but guess what my mom will find you and ruin you..."I screamed.

And I received a slap across my mouth... spitting blood.

"You do not know my boss.. . he's very cruel.... and you think he actually wants  to..

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. kidnap you... you're a bait to get to your mother"He said.

I gave him a kick and screamed "Someone help me!"

"No one will hear you"He groaned.

When we heard a sudden crash and as the driver pulled the brakes...

we galloped....

and I hit my head hard.

"Frankincense!!"The man beside  me hissed

"What was that shit for?"

"As crazy lady just pulled up at our front and I had to stop instead i would have crashed her"He said.

I looked at the window and I saw mom outside looking very determined and angry...

"Let my baby go!"She screamed and people started  gathering.

I closed my eyes when my captor held my hand and dragged me out.



**Aisha's p.o.v

"Ken?"I screamed and heard no reply..

am I hallucinating...

I decided to turn back but I heard a sneeze and bless me.

"Is anyone there?"I turned sharply and tried opening the door but it was firmly locked.

I heard a there..

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. someone Is here!!!

"Ken!"I screamed response.

"I know you're in there.... just come out!"I said

but heard no more sound.

"Ok... since you choose the hard way... security!!!! Security!!!!!"I screamed.

"What is the matter?"

"You called ma?"They rushed to me.

"My son is in there I know it seems locked but I heard a sneeze and bless you"I gesticulated.

"Break down this door!!!"I yelled.

"Go and get the tools...."

"No need for tools"One of them said and he was already jamming his foot into the door.

One...he kicked

two! he kicked.

The third time the door fell apart.

I was covered by dust and I covered my nose... peering into the darkness, coughing and using my fingers to ward off dust.

I screamed

"Ken!! Ken!"




Sara's p.o.v

"I refuse to let you go anywhere with my daughter"I screamed standing in front of the car..

when the captor wearing a mask dragged...Winter out and let her fall flat..

"Mommy"She cried.

"Winter"I wiped my tears and wanted to walk to her when a gunshot reverted the air.

"You see that! I can do so much more...that was a warning shot"He screamed and picked Winter up and pointed the gun to her brains.

"Any move from you... and I'll shoot her freaking brains off"He screamed.

"Winter!"I screamed but another shot got me on my feet.

"All of you....lie facedown...any wrong move and you're dead!"He screamed to everyone watching and they complied.

"Mommy..."Winter screamed and she was given such a brutal knock...

she fell down.


"You think this some Romeo and Juliet comedy...lie facedown...if I see your eyes ..I shoot"He warned.

I closed my eyes...

Trying to make out movements but I heard nothing till the car drove away.

"Winter"I screamed running after it but it had dissapeared....

"My daughter!!"I sobbed rolling on the dust.

"7....I got it! I think I got the plate number of that car"Someone screamed happily..




**Remy's p.o.v

"Buddy.... where are you....."I screamed.

I didn't see him.. probably left with his mom.

I entered my car and started driving home when I noticed all the cars were reversing back.

"What's happening up Front?"I whined down my car and asked the man driving past me.

"A crazy man got a kid...

and he's got the mom...

and everyone there at gun point"He said.

I don't want to have an experience with a criminal

I held my breath and released it...

 With only one thing to do...i reversed back to the school..




Do you think even after the gun point...there was a way Sara could have saved winter...

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