Firesparks - Episode 24

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Winter's p.o.v
I watched every other kid in the class play together. I want to play with them... but they're all scared of I just watch.
"Hey look at the Tiger... my mom bought for me!"A girl cried out.
"Cool...I got an octopus!"Another said.
"Here's my Elephant.. mommy helped me put glittering earrings on top!"

"Hey I have a teddy bear.. . that says..I love you"I said.
"We didn't ask you ... you're so rude and mean"One of them snapped.
I folded my fists... ready to fight....when..I remember my promise to mama.
So I sit back...I don't fight and I don't make trouble. Mommy didn't even talk to me when dropping me off. 
She..she.. just made me breakfast and lunch.
I ate breakfast and she packed lunch and Immediately....I  got to school...she dropped me and  drove off without a word.
I'm facing the consequences of my actions!!

***Ken's p.o.v
"Remy...we are not taking this child to the school...."Mom screamed angrily.
"What is wrong with you? He has to be a man and face defeat!"Daddy replied.
"You aren't listening to me... you'll make me look like a fool...I have already told them..

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. that he's not want me to be all talk and no action"
"I don't care what anyone thinks... Kennedy is going to that school to learn and it's final!"
I closed my ears....irritated... could the adults have their argument.. anywhere but here...

Finally...we got to school.
"Be a good boy"Dad called as I got out.
"Ken enter this car right now"Mom called.
"Be a good boy...."Daddy said kissing my forehead and I walked away.
I turned back and saw Mom ranting just as Dad.. drove away.
I hope everything is going to be okay....
They've been arguing as of late....
I closed my eyes and entered into the class and glared hatefully....
she pushed me  down and made people to laugh at me on my first day.
She turned and I gave her THE glare ..
she looked away.I sat down... Today's gonna be interesting...

***Sara's p.o.v
I stared an anxiously at the restaurant... Trust her to ask me to meet her here. Everything here looks so expensive....I doubt I could afford anything else... the only thing I can afford water...Water! and I go down the memory lane. When I think of water...I think of someone else.

I had a quiet shower that evening. I kept thinking of Dayne and how angry... he seemed... maybe I was rude a little... ok I was rude but so what! I'm so homesick.
why does it matter I even care.
The door creaked open.
"Mom said you might eat this."
"You're supposed to knock before entering"I said.
"I listened long enough to know you were well dressed"Pooky sat down.
"Hey!hey! I didn't say you should sit"
"But you didn't said I shouldn't"She smirked.
"If I have one of this sweets will you go away"I groaned.
"You know I've never seen him so angry"She said picking up a sweet and eating it.
"Sorry?"I ask.
"Uncle.. Dayne... he's always smiling..but today you made him angry...he made so many effort to make sure Dinner was special...He was like a lunatic"She laughed.
"I...I didn't Know"
"You know in life we all face something but we just have to forget the past and move on... I've seen...the way he looks at you...He adores you ... I totes thought you guys were a couple when you arrived just give him a chance."
"I....."I stammered.
"Everything happens for a reason and if Dayne was just there for you...when you needed him... Maybe he's your guardian angel"She smiled.
"I... don't Know..."
"Mom says when everything seems hopeless...your heart has an answer."
And just like that she was gone.
For a young child she seemed pretty smart and if Dayne had really gone through all those efforts...
I need to apologise.
"Hey Dayne...."I rushed into the room.
Remind me to knock next time and close my eyes!!!!!!

"Hey....why does she always get stuck in the imagination world."
"Babe"I got up hugging her.
"You miss me"Treasure winked 
"Are you kidding me...."

****Aisha's p.o.v
"Remy stop this car now!"
"You seriously had to fight in Front of our son!"
"Our son...I feel like I'm the only one who cares"
"Don't ever undermine my love for him!!"
"You don't act like you love!"
"I love Ken.... and I care for you!"
"But not enough"
"I married you out of responsibility... Aisha..."
"If I can't have one will!"
"Stop this car!"
"You have to ..."
"Remy stop this car right now!"I screamed staring at him angry.
He stopped.
"Where are you going to?"
"I'm sorry but you don't have to CARE..."
I walked out angrily voices echoing in my head.

"What .. what... happened"I gripped Fred.
"How did you get here so soon..? you're bleeding"He screamed.
"I had a little... accident... where's REMY"I screamed.
"The doctor is attending to him...."
"What happened to him!!"
"He was drunk and driving!!!"
"Drunk...WHY....we have a wedding next week"I screamed
"I don't know"He said.
"Where's the Doctor!!! Where's the doctor!!"I gripped him angrily.
He pointed and I followed his hands.
"How's Remy"I screamed at the man who just came out .
"He's...a bit sick...mam but he's awake"
"Awake"I screamed running Inside.
" can't see him now...."He held my hand.
I brought out a gun. .
"Kneel....kneel and I one will stop me from seeing Remy"
"You can go in..."He stuttered.
"Maniac"I screamed pocketing my gun.
"REMY...are you okay"I held his cheeks.
He turned away briskly..
"It's okay... Aisha.... You don't have to be worried about....The wedding....I Will be fit for the wedding"He groaned.
"Remy ..

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. listen to me"
"Aisha...I'm getting married to you...but that doesn't give you the right to come here"i said.
"Where's my nurse!I'm ready for my injection now"He called loudly.
"Ok...Fuck yourself"I said walking out.

I walked angrily... cursing him... calling him a Jerk looking back when the horn of a trailer woke me up and I'm back to reality!!!

***Remy's p.o.v
Her voice...
Her touch...
I miss everything about her and a day without her is driving me crazeee
The first day I set my eyes on her...I knew I would love no one else...she would be my forever.
Yet... Fate pulled us apart and I'm stuck Marrying Aisha....who I don't love....who is pregnant with my child!!!
I took another gulp as I turned the steering.
You must be screaming at me Don't drink and drive
but to be honest...
I'm beyond Caring...I want to die I don't get married.
so I don't care....when..
The car...swerved off a road and hit a tree...I just want to die!!!!

***Winter's p.o.v
The boy I pushed has been looking at me...By the way his name is Ken...I found out... when the teacher called him.
I think he hates me but I don't care right now ..I just want to go home so I zone out till I hear a closing bell...
till I heard a car honk.
I know it anywhere..

*Ken's p.o.v
"You mean your mom feeds you ice cream and cake"ASHLEY asked surprised.
"She sure... does...I'm a mommy's boy"
"And that girl that pushed me...I'm gonna deal with her!"I smile 
"Her name is Winter"
"And she speaks to the air!!"
So her name is Winter... She's so fair and beautiful with long hair...
I hate her but not her Blonde hair ..she had to be a half caste.
"Sorry to go.. my mom's here"
I said running away.

"Mooomy"I screamed bumping into a strange head...we both fall and getting up holding my head...
I scream
" again!!!!"

***Winter's p.o.v
Mommy came to I'm running when someone rushes from the corner and brushes me off my feet.
I get up dusting and look...
It's Ken..Is he stalking me.
"You've got to be kidding me!!!Not you again!!!!"





The last episode was short... so I tried making this long... hope you loved it...

This story isn't getting simpler
who can guess where this going...
still in for a twist.

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