Firesparks - Episode 22

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Winter's p.o.v
Mom arrived... home....late...
well... Not like literally late...late....but late!
She didn't even acknowledge me.
She kicked her shoes off her feet and threw it angrily into the shoe rack.
She took off her jacket and walked into the kitchen and made some hot tea.
I watched her every step... hoping she'll talk to me because her silence is very dangerous.
She boiled some spaughetti....
and placed a plate in front of me.
"'ve actually eaten..."I said.
She didn't ask me what I've eaten.She just walked into her room and slammed the door...
geeze.. . Louieeze... mom must be really mad.

**Sara's p.o.v
it's all his fault..They couldn't do anything right... Darry!!!
now we've lost our investors... it's just a matter of time before...we go completely bankrupt.. and then... what happens.... how will I 
take care of....Winter...I closed my eyes.

"No..Aunt.. she's my Friend"Dayne smiled.
"It can't be...."She gasped........
"You came to the way to India with her... and you're just friends ..I smell something fishy..."his aunt said.
"Aunt there's nothing fishy ...she actually came for a operation"Dayne said.
I avoided all eyes as she stared at me and asked
"Is she the one?"
"Sara"Dayne cleared his throat...
"I think it's go and freshen up."
  "Your room is at the left upstairs"His aunt said and I immediately walked to my room.
Shutting the door...

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. shutting prying eyes before me.
What was I doing here in India? what if I don't survive?
Depression was back and I groaned sobbing at the pillow.
I heard a knock.
"Who's there..."I muffled.
"It's me... poooky"that was long hair.
"What do you want?"
"ummnn Dinner Is ready and we usually eat together"She said.
"Ok...I'm coming"I mumbled getting up.
it's just Dinner.... Food shouldn't be different even though I'm in india.....I was soooooo wrong.

"Moomm..."The door creaked open.
"Winter what are you doing here"I snapped.
"Mom you're crying"She moved closer and wiped a falling tear.
"I'm sorry"She said.
"Sorry for what... making a scene at your new school after being expelled from eight others? pushing a boy at your first day of school? insulting your principal? threatening your classmates to submission.... which?"I screamed.
"All... that!"
"Winter.... I've tried everything to give you the best as a single mother but I guess it's not working...I wash my hands off you...if you want to get spoilt or be a nuisance to the society....I wash my hands off you now get out!!"I screamed.
I got up, pushed her out and locked the door sobbing intently.

***Aisha's p.o.v
"Just take a good look at your son and see the damage"I fumed.
"Lemme see"Remy said eagerly putting on his glasses.
"Aww.. Daddy it hurts"Ken screamed as his Dad held his hand.
"See.." I  fumed.
"But i actually see no damage...your hands looks fine"Remy said.
"Is that all you have to say that...our son was pushed down and you're saying no damage"I screamed.
"Take it easy...Dear but look at his arms...look at it injury"Remy said.
"But Daddy it hurts"Ken cried.
"Haven't I warned you to be a man...this little scratch and you're already crying....I don't want to raise a fragile son"Remy screamed.
"Mooomy"ken ran to me  sobbing.
"What is wrong with you... Remy did you just shout at our son...Ken wait for mooomy upstairs"I screamed and he ran up.
"I need some fresh air!"Remy muttered and walked out.
I collapsed on the chair...downcast.

"So soon..."Remy's mom said when we told her of our intention to get married.
"Remy... aren't you just seventeen years!"His Dad thundered.
"Dad it's my decision...I want to marry Aisha"He said.
"But do you love her?"His mom stared anxiously..
"What about Sara?"
"I Don't want to hear that name"Remy squashed the glass in his hand.
"you're bleeding....."I said trying to wipe the blood with a handkerchief
"Stay away from me!"He screamed angrily....
"I'm getting married to Aisha and that's Final!"he fumed.
"If the guy wants to be married...let him be"Fred smiled.
"But at least wait a year when you become an adult"His Dad muttered.
"But Aisha is pregnant with his child..."Fred blurted out.
Then I saw it....the same helpless feeling...Remy displayed.
This wedding will go through and the realization of that ..made a grin spread across my face


A huge sound Jolted  me to reality.
"Who... is knocking at my door...." I screamed.
No reply...but insistent knocking...
"I'm coming"I adjusted the bra in my dress and picked up the key...
walking slowly to the door....

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