Firesparks - Episode 28

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Winter's p.o.v
I listened intently for a while and don't hear any other noise...
"Are we already outside?"I panicked and heard a tumble.
"You're so careless... just place her in this Trash truck and I'll do the rest"I heard a whisper.
I felt as if I was being carried then dumped carefully....

"Ok... Drive safely.. . remember don't draw security attention to yourself....."
"I know how to do my Job!!"That was a grumble.
"Am already outside....I wish I could see from the paper bag then I would have seen mom who I found out later...was just opposite me and I would have screamed.
"Good day"I heard a voice and beeping sound.
We're at the gate.
I shake vigorously... trying to scream but I was tied... pretty hard...the more I tried...the more trapped I became...
I tried shaking more and more and the security... remarked
"Something in this really trying to get out!!"
"Ahh.. it's my pet...MONKEY... brought it to the school for Know he's particular about places he's kept in..."the voice said.
Great! I'm turned into a pet
I roll my eyes and the security ask...
"Can I see love monkeys?"
"Not really....he just got his medications"He said.
"Ok...then let's get that animal can walk right through"He said giving way and the kidnapper took me away... while I was struggling.
I don't Know what happened but I slipped out of his grip and fell out and the guard on duty saw me falling out and screamed
"Stop there!"
The bad man raised me up and started running...towards a car.
"I'm about to shoot....drop her down"Security warned and shot blindly but the shot missed us and I got holsted into the car.
"Mooomy..."I screamed.
He entered, shut the door and drove off..

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. just before the security could reach them...but I heard the security  officer say
"Just what are you doing here.... follow....that car!!!!!!!!"

**Ken's p.o.v
I watched the man closely till he went to the gate...
and I wanted to run to the security when I saw Mrs From earlier
"There you are .. I've been looking for you all over"She said.
"I just found him...the Kidnapper and he's taking.. Winter out the gate..."I screamed.
"Take it easy...where was he? Show me little one"she said.
"But winter..."
"I just told the security to search Anyone...I will text him right now..."She said and texted furiously.
The security looked up... smiled and gave her a thumbs up.
I ran to the room and she followed and I said
"She was right here! He took her... right!"I turned and by now she was holding a pestle.
"It's Good to be curious... little one but you've become too curious..curiosity kills the cat"She smirked.
"But satisfaction.. brought it back... that means you're working with the security and... some other work with the kidnapper"I screamed walking backwards.
"You've got it figured and guess..what I'm not really a teacher"She wispered.
"Mommy..."I screamed attempting to run out..
when I feel weak
and suddenly fall down...


***Aisha's p.o.v
"You one pulls me down and gets away with it"I screamed pulling her hair and taking off her wig.
She was a kicker and I was a puncher.
"You're so rude"She kicked me hard and I fell down..
"You!!"I got up.. and gave her a punch that left her falling flat...
She got up,dusted the dirt and kicked me hard...
I felt like my feet have been dislocated..
then the security came and separated us.
"Stop fighting mam"
"We are looking for the children and this is no time to fight!"
"Ok"I screamed dusting and giving her a hostile look
when I heard a scream
"Did you hear that?" I turned.
"Heard what?"The teacher asked.
"I must be hallucinating but I think I heard Ken scream my name"I said.
"I think i heard it too"The girl's mother said.
"Let's go see..where did you hear it?"She asked.
"I don't know but I do know something...our children are still in this school but in grave danger!!"


I looked at the bottle of sniper and closed my eyes..
Such a neat and simple death...
Goodbye Remy... cause I can't have life without you.
I was about to gulp it when someone pushed me away and I felt a sting...from a hard slap.
"How dare want to commit murder?"Mom said looking into my eyes.
"You don't want me to marry my dream man."
"Aisha! he isn't the man for you"
"I love him"
"And you can't see he doesn't feel the same way?"
"He does...mommy.. give him time"
"Aisha you deserve so much more."
"You stopped me today...but I will keep on trying and trying till I succeed in suicide"I threatned eyes bulging.
"I wanted to prevent you from ruining your fulture...Baby...but since it's what you want...then face the can marry your man but I will not be part of this madness"mom said and walked away..


"I think I heard the sound this way"I said looking at a big space.
I walked closer screaming
"Ken...are you here?"

Sara's p.o.v
"Ken are you here?"His mom asked and I was about to follow her when I heard the security guard yell
"Just what are you doing here... follow that car!!!"
"Winter!!! Winter!!!"I screamed running to the gate.


I entered the hospital...

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. closing my eyes.
Here goes nothing..
The real reason I came to India...

"She's so sick..why wasn't she brought earlier"The doctor wispered.
"It was recently.. diagnosed..."
"No problem...I will give her some...things to take first and then in a month's time she should be all set up for the operation"He said.
"Ok...thank you doctor
"And ohh... your wife  is so pretty..."
"We're just friends"Dayne said.
The doctor just walked away... and I looked at Dayne eyes..pleading..
I don't want to die!!
"It's ok Sara .. nothing will happen if you take your medications"he said patting my head. I closed my eyes at his touch.


"Madam..we found your daughter... some man had her tied up but we're on his trail"He said.
"My daughter...who would even kidnap her... she's so young"I screamed.
I entered my car and asked
"Which direction did they go?"
I drove out in a frenzy..
"My baby...mommy will save you!!!"


***REMI's p.o.v
"You...Wre....."I screamed banging at the  car angrily and the owner raised down the glasses.
""I asked.
"Remy...Is this you"He screamed.
"It you're looking fresh..."I whistled.
"You don't look bad yourself...."He said.
"What just dissapeared like that.."I asked.
"Went to the feels fucking awesome to be back"He breathed.
"Let me get your digits ..."I said and he called his number and I entered my car and drove off in time after the traffic cleared up.

A crazy lady bawling
"My baby... momma will save you"nearly drove into me..
I nearly escaped cursing under my breath.
I parked the car and calling in my friendliest tune
"Ken... Daddy is back!"


***You people should watch out for VET
he's going to be soooo much trouble...
and if Remy had come a minute earlier...
he would have seen Sara

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