Finding Solace - Episode 6

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Nick and Fiona got along.
We know he lost his family in an accident and an attack by a wild animal
It was very dark, then there was a ball of light.
In the light , I could see the car swerved out of control. The two non-coming cars tried to avoid it but they failed . Both of them hit in a three-way head on collision.
There was an explosion, a ball of flame and a fist of gray smoke…
I was far , but I could hear their screaming. The smell of blood hit my nostrils and I was filled with a power I never knew before…… I was flying.
Then I was running. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see something sharp…and pointy, yellow eyes coming towards me. I was paralysed. I was running with all my might but I was stuck at one point. I could only see the eyes…getting bigger and bigger as it howled...
“Fiona,Fiona. Wake up!”
I opened my eyes.
Nick was sitting beside me, his hand on my arm. I could still hear my heart pounding. My pillow was soaked and I was sweating.
“Are you okay?” He asked me.
I stared at him and slowly nodded. 
“What happened?” I asked quietly.
“I..urm…you were groaning, or howling or screaming, I don’t know what to call it but I figured it was a bad dream.”
I exhaled.
“Yea. It was

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. I am okay now. I am so sorry I disturbed you Nick.”
“Don’t apologise, the doctor said it might happen so it’s okay. Did you remember anything?”
“No, it was not a memory, it was just a bad dream.” I replied.
“So you are okay now?” 
I nodded.
He pulled the blanket over me.
“Go to bed okay.

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. You need all the strength to start your cooking work tomorrow.” 
I smiled. “It is too early to tease me Nick.”
He smiled back and just walked out of the room.
I exhaled as loudly as I could after he left.
What the hell was that? That could never be a memory. It was too terrifying. I closed my eyes once more, praying. I could really make use of a nice dream right now….

When I finally got back on my bed, I exhaled.
Everywhere was quiet once more.
I had woken up earlier to rehearse how I would tell my girlfriend about Fiona staying with us. I really needed to rehearse that. I couldn’t believe I have not even said anything to her.
Last night, I had debated on probably getting an apartment for her but , this that just happened just changed everything. If she would keep having such nightmare, who would be there for her?
Besides, It felt so good to have someone to joke with in the house. I tried to analyze her atleast, the little I have figured out about her-Funny, calm, playful and quick to blend in. 
She would need more friends in case I wouldn’t be around. Tomorrow, I would introduce her to some of my friends.
But now, I would need to start rehearsing again…..
Nick always make me laugh. That guy really has girlfriend issues….
What do you think could have triggered that dream Fiona had?
Do you think it’s a dream or a memory?
Well, we will find out soon.
Thanks for reading.

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