Finding Solace - Episode 13

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To those who wanted Noah’s POV, we will read it in this episode and for those who do not want it, do not worry, it’s just a little part like I said, it won’t ruin the story line. I promise.
I waited patiently for Nick as he disappeared into his room. We were back at home now and I must say , being here again gave me so much comfort other than Noah’s. I recalled the night I had showed up at Noah’s door step, he was  surprised of course, the rain had bitten me as I was looking for which house was his . Then he had taken me in, given me a clean towel and prepared some hot tea without asking anything. Later he had asked and I was compelled to tell him. There was no way I wouldn’t have told him. He felt sorry for me actually but he didn’t ask anything further. His house wasn’t quite big as Nick’s. With the look of things he wasn’t through with the furniture arrangements and he still needed lots of things. However, I had slept in the guest room and the following morning, we were just hanging out before Nick found us. Noah never told his profession and I never asked.
“Fi, sorry for keeping you waiting.” Nick apologized as he came out of the room, followed by the lady. She was looking more beautiful than the last time.
“Babe, meet Fiona, Fiona, this is Yvonne my girl friend

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. I figured if the three of us would be living in this mansion, we need to get along. Also, Yvonne is here to tender an apology.” Then he turned towards Yvonne, giving her a ‘go-ahead’ look.
“Fiona, I am sorry for the way I had addressed you that night. Kindly forgive me and it will not happen again.”
Her expression was so blank and unreadable. I couldn’t tell if the apology was genuine or fake.
“I am sorry too Yvonne, I understand how this can be quite uncomfortable for you. I promise to get better soon so I can be out of your hair .”
She gave me a weak smile and I did the same.
“Well, that is settled then.” Nick concluded.
“Alright, baby, I would need to start my yoga in the other room.” Yvonne said, kissed Nick passionately before leaving.
Well, that made me feel uncomfortable but I would get used to it.
Nick came to sit beside me, folding one leg on the couch.
“I promise she doesn’t bite, she is just somehow hot-tempered.”
I chuckled as I adjusted to face him.
“It’s okay. She is a woman and I quite understand.”
“So, anything I missed while I was gone.”
I thought for a while and nodded. “You know the way she talked to me that night reminded me of a similar experience. That night at Noah’s I saw flashes of light and a woman’s voice shouting that I didn’t belong there…I don’t understand but I think I have ended up somewhere I wasn’t wanted before.”
He shrugged. “Wow! That was just a fragment, maybe you should start entering people’s houses so they can keep shouting and chasing you and maybe you will finally remember, well that is if they do not beat the hell out of you first.”
I stared at him, he was trying hard not to laugh, so I knew he was teasing.
“You are such a goat Nick!”
That was when he started to laugh and the sound of his laughter sent some warmth down my soul. I have really missed our times together and was it just me or within the two days of being gone he had just ,magically become more fresher and handsome…I couldn’t keep my eyes off…
“What is going on?”
The voice snapped me out of my thoughts so quickly .
“What is it babe?” Nick asked.
“You are disturbing me, Nick, you need to keep the laughter down.

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. Geez! When last did you even laugh like this?” Then rolling her eyes at me, she disappeared again.
I pressed my lips together as I and Nick exchanged glances and surprisingly, we both burst into laughter like two children trying to find mummy’s trouble.

This would be difficult than I expected. 
I was looking at them from my window side through my binoculars and the way they were getting along was just pissing me off.
I had intercepted Nick’s message to the lady that was supposed to come so she didn’t get the message and somehow, when I had thought I could gain Catherina’s confidence, that idiot managed to have her back.
I sighed. I would need to change my plans. I had never expected these two to get so fond of each other. How could Catherina not feel anything when she saw me or when she looked at me. Could her memories be buried forever?
I rammed a hand into my hair. This was just becoming impossible! What happened before must not happen again!
I left the window side and clicked a button on my laptop. They were still talking and the way they were both looking at each other made my stomach turn.
I would need to restrategise-This time must be different and I must not fail again! However if all does not work, I know the thirteenth of next month would bring things to light, whether she is prepared or not!
Well, Let us just prepare for one big house drama but not like BB naija lol. So that was a little about Noah, like I promised, the suspense will still be there. We managed to understand he could have been Fiona’ lover or an admirer but  we do not know yet.
Confused about who Catherina is? That is Fiona’s real name. He just revealed he has known her all along. Do you remember he has been spying on her ever since she moved in with Nick? 
Also he gave us a date…on the 13th…don’t you just wonder what the date is all about?

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